She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


47. Lying, and another excuse

My mom was comimg home today. And I had to say it wasn't the most exciting news I'd heard all year. She wasn't suppose to be back until at least tomorrow due to the flight delay, so I had to wake up extra early from my long night of 'not getting much sleep' to hide any evidence that Louis was over at all since she'd been gone. That mainly consisted of washing my sheets and pillows that still held the scent of his colonge, and securely shoving my collage along with loose polaroids safely under my matress. Other than that I'd say I was safe.


About Louis last night, I'm pretty sure we were okay again. No, I'm definite. We were good. He had a fair right to be upset when he seen the picture, considering how hurt I was when I witnessed him and Chelle locking lips. Though I wasn't technically doing anything to betray him, and I explained that to him. But I didn't go into detail.. I might have missed a few things. Like how I was brutally slammed into a pair of lockers by queen Bitch. He would be too worried about me, so I couldn't let him know. I just said, "I tripped, and I needed help, and trevor was there" It was a simple explanation. But with, came questions.


"Why couldn't you tell me then?"


"Because I didn't want you to be mad. And I thought you'd be jealous. Which you are." I was thinking quick and pulling it off quite well.


"I'm not."


"Are too."


"Ellie. I'm not jealous." He sighed, with a smirk plastered on his lips to portray his 'I can't be mad at you' look.


"Shut up." I giggled kissing him gently. Just as I finished loading my blankets into the dryer, my mom and sisters all walked in. "Ellie!" The girls squealed. I chuckled picking up Nicky in one arm, and squeezing the other two with my free one.


"El, it's so early why are you washing your covers?" Mom asked, bringing seriousness back into the air.


"I just wanted to wash them." I mumbled, letting Nicole down and watching them run off upstairs to their bedroom.


"Ellie you've never been one to do chores." She spoke in her stern tone, and which was a complete lie. I always did the cleaning around here. Well.. aside from laundry. She had a valid point.


"Mom I don't want to tell you." I whispered still trying to make some believable lie up. It seemed I was doing that a lot lately.


"Did you wet the bed?" She muttered. I quickly nodded, and held a finger close to my lips whispering not to tell anyone. Nice save.


 "Ellie peed the bed!" Lily screeched up in her room, with all of them in fits of giggles making me blush to the maximum. I didn't really pee myself, but let's just say I've had a problem in the past. Years ago. Its all behind me now. God.


"C'mon, you'll be late for school." Mom said flatly ushering the girls and I downstairs to the car. The three were dropped off at the elementary/preschool before I was, so I was left awkwardly in the car to silence. Breaking the ice I asked, "Sooo.. how was the trip?"


"It was great. The girls got caught up on all of their assignments and color sheets, while I was at the law firm working for that raise." She tapped on the steering wheel, and adjusted her sunglasses over her eyes.


"Did you get it? The raise?" I kept my gaze on her, though she didn't even look at me.


"I'm not sure yet. But chances are high." She sighed.


"Well thats g-" I was cut off. "So how was your time without us?" Now looking at me, I sort of flushed.


"It was alright.. boring." I shrugged my shoulders and then turned my focus on my charm bracelet praying she didn't notice the missing key.


"I'm proud of you, for not having him over." She smiled at me, and a fog of guilt surrounded me. I honestly felt bad for lying, and as of today I don't think I could have kept it up much longer. But that didn't mean I was going to tell her Louis and I had sex. There was no way in hell. While pulling up to the school, I mumbled goodbye and hopped out before my word vomit came up.


"El!" Summer shouted, walking up to me in the main hall. "Hey," I smiled feeling a tad awkward since the stares I'd been receiving. It was obvious, the sight of Summer and I within the same presence of each other wasn't what most were expecting. I still hadn't classified us as 'besties' or 'friends' again, because there was still trust issues I had with her, and the emotional hurt she put me through.


"How'd it go?" She tucked a curl behind her ear walking beside me.




I forgot she knew about Louis and I sleeping with each other. I probably should have thought about it more before I told her, because of the trust problems, but it was in the moment and I needed someone to talk to. "It was great. We're good now." Nodding, I held my bag up over my shoulder, ignoring the glares. "That's great. Well I have to get to class, I'll see you?" Summer waved and walked into her biology room a few doors ahead. I just continued my pace to geometry, until I was again pulled into the suply closet completely caught off gaurd. It didn't feel like Louis, so I attempted to scream until a hand was held firmly over my mouth.


"ssssh. shut up!" They hissed. I squirmed away, still trying to find out who it was.


"Louis?" I mumbled into the person's hand, and it was barely even able to be heard from my heavy breathing and suffocating mouth.


"No, its Trevor." He whispered. I instantly yanked his hand from my mouth and tried to barge out if the closet in disgust.


"No! Stay here!" He shouted pulling me back.


"Let me go Trever please!" I cried failing to break away.


"Ellie be quiet! I'm trying to talk to you." He held me sterdily in front if him so I couldn't run away.


"What do you want?" Tears of worry and fear started pooling over my eyes. Why was he doing this? "I want you to listen to me. I didn't send that picture around, okay?" Speaking fast, I nodded lightly shivering from the coldness of the tight space I was in. And even though Trevor was the same age as I was, I still felt overpowered by him. "And you shouldn't be friends with Summer." He added, beginning to breath a bit louder.


"Why are we hiding in here, just to tell me that? And I'm not even friends with her, really. Just leave me alone!" I turned around gripping the door knob only to be spun back to Trevor who was frowning at me.


"You told her something." He locked his fingers around my shoulder, as I flushed and turned away.


"That's none of your business." I spat.


"As much as I've seen like a dick in the past, I honestly don't care what you do with your life."


"So let me go."


"I can't."


"Why not? please Trevor."


"I don't want to see you with Summer or making any bad points with Chelle anymore." He sighed.


"You are not to tell me what to do."


"Ellie listen to me. They are planning something, that's very bad. You need to be careful." I gasped and broke free from his grip running out of the closet before he could grab me again. I wasn't paying attention to wear I was going to go when I escaped the small area, and I was out of it until I crashed into Louis landing straight on my butt. "ow.." I muttered rubbing my lower back before I stood up. Expecting him to ask me if I was okay, he did the exact opposite. "Who were you in that closet with?"

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