She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


29. Let me be with him

A kiss shared with him actually did make me better, and it proved me wrong. Eventually after sitting under the stars with Louis, stealing kisses, and whispering to each other for about three hours, I had to go inside before we got caught. Climbing up the grape vine again I begged,


"Lou don't look at my butt."


He laughed, "I'm not! But nice undies, pink polka dots. In trend."


"Shhh. Shut up! They are so in trend." I giggled, still moving up.


"Goodnight Ellie." He smiled.


"Goodnight.." I whispered back blowing a kiss.


Closing my window quietly, and crawling into bed with a smile plastered on my lips, it seemed as soon as I closed my eyes my alarm went off. And by alarm, -since it was currently crushed in the corner of my room- I mean mom. Already being able to tell this was going to be a rough moring. I heard dad take the girls to school extra early, and that was a bit scary because my mom was acting like a total biatch already. She stomped into my bedroom only for a split second.


"Get up." She stated before walking downstairs.


I pulled on my clothes, and finished getting ready and sat at the dining table. Sipping on some juice nervously mom snapped.


"You were with him all night."


So much for being careful, right? There was no way to lie myself out of this.


"Mom I wouldn't say all night.." I said under my breath.


"Practically all night." Her face was blank, as she sat at the other end of the table.




"Do you love him?" She asked.


A simple yet heartfelt unknowing question. Did I love Louis Tomlinson? I mean, when we first kissed it seemed like love. But was it just the high I felt daring those sparks between him? Love was such a big word. And I know why I shouldn't have been dissapointed when he only said he cared about me. It was all a lot. So many questions, how do I answer?


"I care about him."


"I don't like it." Mom shot.


"I'm not going to stop seeing him." I said confidently.


"Oh you're not?" She laughed.


"You can't make me not be with him." A tear escaped my eye and all confidence and hope dropped off the face of the earth that second. She sounded evil, possesed with hurt and sadnesss and betrayal. It wasn't all my fault. I hardly did anything to anyone at all. Was it so much for the universe to let me care for him and stay with him?


"Mom I'm going to continue being with Louis. You cannot stop me." I sort of repeated myself.


Her sarcastic giggle sounded through the dining area giving me a fright again. She replied.


"Watch me stop you Ellie."


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