She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


49. Keeping you safe

A/N for the next following updates, don't be mad. Because a lot of stuff's about to unravel.


 Everything had gone too far, as the police cars and ambulance's piled in through the now roaring rainstorm. I was screaming at the top of my lungs, "No please! Let me go!" While Louis struggled to make it over the yellow taped line to hold me.


"Ellie ssssh." He pulled me close to him, being escorted away from the scene. I was soaking wet from rainwater, and I never thought I'd cried so much in my life. "Get out of the way, move!" He yelled pushing through the crowd of students and faculty. I stared blankly at my feet, still finding it hard to fathom what I witnessed. As my gaze wasn't paying attention to where we were walking, we suddenly stopped in front of a girl. Her eyes were black with makeup soiled on her flawless skin. Louis squeezed me tight with his arm to protect me, sniffling and trying to get by. It took me a minute, to realize who the girl was. Until I noticed the bleached hair. I instantly pulled away from Louis, screaming through a hoarse voice. "This is your fucking fault Michelle! Its all gone too far. Because of you!" screaming and crying my hardest, I felt a hand grab mine but I flinched away.


"I told you to back away. And leave Louis. You didn't! This is not my fault." She bluntly screeched at me.


"You ran her out into the street with that cell phone. You have to live with yourself, knowing you did this.." I spat, beginning to shake and shiver some more at the weather. Turning around to grab Louis' hand again, Chelle gripped my shoulder. "My only friend is now dead, so you're going to be the only one who doesn't live with yourself. I'm going to promise you." She whispered coldly into my ear, only to turn and be lost in the sea of crowding media and worried friends of Summer's. Most didn't even know she was killed. Because of how packed the area was, only few seen what actually happened. "I'm taking you home." Louis locked his fingers between mine, leading me out of the way to his car on the other side of the quad area. A couple familiar officers showed us a way to get out of the commotion, and let us through immediatly, obviously recognizing who I was. The sherrif's daughter. They nodded their heads to the slightest, of condolences and sympathy. To my surprise not even stopping me for questions on the accident or even my presence with Louis. I didn't honestly think twice about it, I just wanted to get out of here.For once in my life that's all I wanted to do, was to go home. The drive was silent. And, I stared out the window the whole time watching the rain dropping against it roughly. Everything was going through my mind, playing back what had happened, and I didn't think anything could have gone more morbid, or horrible than what my own eyes had seen. This, was more than a pety revenge now. I knew when Chelle said I'm the one who won't be able to live with myself, I'm more than positive that she meant it in the most literal way. In the state of shock and melancholy I was put through, I wanted to do nothing but die. Though I wasn't the one who forced her into the street to taunt me or hurt me some more, I still felt guilt overwash me, like the showers raining down outside of the vehicle. I felt it was my fault. As if he were reading my mind, Louis whispered, "It isn't your fault."


But I didn't answer, I just sat there with my soaking wet hair giving me chills, biting my lower lip to suppress my sobs. My gaze had risen to the sky, which it's clouds resembled me in the most odd way. They were grey, and from the amount of rain the poor things went through, they darkened to almost a black colour. Much like the grey sweatshirt I had been wearing, that from my tears drenching it, practially turned black as well. That was all I was, a sad storm cloud.


Louis sighed, bringing me back to the reality of the situation, "We need to talk, Ellie."




"Stop the car." I said blankly.


"What?" He asked.


"I said, stop  the car. Now." Immediatly obliging, the car pulled to the side of the road, and before Louis could say anymore I got out, walking alone in the rain not  wanting to have this conversation at all. I heard the door open, and exactly what I didn't want to happen, Louis followed me.


"What are you doing? It's pouring."


"I don't care." I shrugged, turning around to look at him frowning.


"Why are you mad at me?"


"Because I know what 'We need to talk' means, I'm not stupid." I was finding it  hard to breathe, as his whole face changed completely.


"I'm sorry.." He stepped closer to me, locking my fingers softly between his.


"please tell me that's all you were going to say." I searched his eyes, as he brought my hand to his lips kissing the palm of it slightly. He shook his head.


"Don't you think I've had enough? Did you see what just happened?" I screamed, my voice becoming hoarse intensly.


"You heard Chelle, as long as we're together you're going to get hurt." He reminded me.


"Who cares! What about fighting for each other? And protecting each other?"


"That's exactly what I'm doing Ellie! I love you so much I'm doing whatever I can to keep you safe. Can you not see that?" He shouted.


"So what does this mean? You're breaking up with me?" I cried, waiting what seemed like eternity before he answered.


"It's over."


I couldn't let it settle that the even more horrific scenereo had just happened, until we kissed before he left me, alone In the rain. I felt stranded, and betrayed, and so hurt it was almost unbarable. Like a hole was punctured through my heart, and I was screaming but no one could hear me. He couldn't leave me. Not now. I'd had enough. And it was hard to describe the feeling of sting pulsing through my brokeness, this is what it was like. To love someone so much, and to give them your all. Your everything. Only for them to walk out of your life for 'what's best'. Only he didn't know, what was best for me was for him to kiss me and hold me and tell me things were going to be alright. Not to leave me torn apart. Louis' lips were pressed into mine in the most remarkable, beautiful way. We pulled apart slowly, as I gave him a puzzled look and parted my lips to say something. Nothing came out. It was just like our first kiss, only this.. this was our last.

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