She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


12. "Just shut up and kiss me"

I didn't know if this was some kind of sick joke or something, but Louis Tomlinson asked me to the bunny burn. And I was going to go. With my biggest crush. As of right now my life had resembled a really good lifetime movie. I was ok with it.


After school mom picked me up, grumbling on the phone to dad on how she wanted a divorce. They'd never go through with it, it was only said to hurt one another and it worked. I ignored her, and didn't bother to grasp the subject on getting asked out to a school event by a boy who's incredibly sexy.. and incredibly four years older than me. I'd be grounded for life of she knew. So I needed to make an excuse to escape my hell hole of a home tonight. With much difficulty. Apparently the universe was trying to stop me from going.


"Mom I can't watch the girls tonight I refuse." I stomped my foot cold on the floor, objecting to her demands.


"Well Ellie it's not up to you. I have an important meeting and dinner to attend so you need to babysit for the night." She applied her red lipstick in her vanity, as I angrily paced back in forth across her room. I couldn't tell her what I was doing tonight, she'd murder me with her bare hands. Brutally. But there was no way in heck I'd miss out on this.


"Can't dad watch them? I'm not their mom. I have plans tonight mother." That's when things got serious. I called her mother.


"Don't back talk me. And no your father is at an important outing with the rest of his field. Where are you suppose to be tonight anyhow?" Mom dabbed the corners of her lips with a napkin whilst examining her reflection in the mirror. How was I going to tell her where I was going? I had to make up a believable lie, and not that I was going somewhere with Summer. Everyone's known about my not liking to her lately. Its only been obvious.


"I'm just hanging out with some friends, mom that's all." I shrugged my shoulders. She sucked in her breath.


"Will there be boys?"


"Mom yes but only because it's a school function. I've been invited by some friends." I sighed and took a long breath before she responded.


"You may go. But I pray those boys love their manhoods. If they care about it that much they won't touch you or I'll personally rip it off myself."


"Oh my god mom ew." She threw a stern look at my reaction. "But thank you mama so much!"


I kissed her cheeks and spoke with my baby like voice. Soon after the sun was starting to set, the girls had all left. My sisters went to my aunts house for the night thank god. Outside I could tell a small breeze was approaching, so I slipped on some tight dark blue skinny jeans, and my black wool sweater that was a bit low on my neck line revealing a tiny hint of chest. It was cute, but if mom witnessed me wearing it I'd be thrown to the wolves. So I hid a larger sweatshirt over it until I arrived at the football field.


After adding small curls to my hair, applying a hint of makeup to accent my blue eyes, and sliding on my Tom's, it was about time to go. A never end of butterflies were invading my tummy still.




My phone went off. A text from Louis.


'hey El, u ready? xx'


'yeah on my way(:'


'alright see ya there(;'


Oh my god he texted me a winky face. I ran downstairs to mom who was waiting to drop me off at the school, before arriving at her business dinner. A short ride later she dropped me off a street before the highschool, and shouted to me before driving off,


"Remember what I said about those boy's manhood's Ellie!" I chuckled and pulled out my cell.


'Louis I'm here, where are u?'


'I'm in the back of the school, come meet me xoxo' My stomach did one of those front flips again. Slipping off my sweatshirt, I trailed to the back of the highschool as the sun set even further down the horizon. The breeze picked up as well. Making my way around I spotted a group before the back of the of the schoolyard. Louis was there. I called his name, he didn't notice me. "Louis!" I tried again. No answer.


The group was all laughing and joking around. I paced a little closer. Louis was in a deep conversation with Jessica, giggling and badass looking Jessica. She hopped on his back screaming and chuckling. I stopped in my tracks. Jess kissed him on the cheek as he swung her off. She screamed,


"Louis I'm gonna kill when we get back at my place jerk!" Going into a fit of giggles as he pleaded in a joking way,


"Come on Jess I love you!" He loved her? Back at her place? Huh?


I took a deep breath and felt tears in my eyes. I thought he liked me. That's what I get for thinking I guess, right? Proceeding to run away I heard Louis call my name. I ignored him. He called again, but I let the tears fall and didn't respond. Continuing to run away he caught up.


"What Louis?" I yelled through tears.


"Why are you crying?" He gripped my wrist turning me around.


"It's nothing just go."


"Come on." He dragged me by my wrist to the other side of the school.


"Where are we going?" I managed to say through stifling cries.


"The bunny burn." We walked to the far side of the field, I could see the faint bunny being lit by fire.


Louis took me nowhere near the burn.


"Look you don't have to take me all the way here to explain I kn-"

I cried but he cut me off. He cut me off by slamming his lips into mine. My first kiss. Louis' lips were pressed into mine in the most remarkable, beautiful way. We pulled apart slowly. I gave him a puzzled look and parted my lips to say something. Nothing came out.


"Just shut up and kiss me." He smiled. My fingers snaked around his neck pulling me up to him more. Our lips barely brushed making me smile. Louis' hands gripped my waist as we endured another kiss. It seemed to last forever, it was just as perfect. Like I melted feeling his lips pressed to mine. Slow, passionate, tender touching. Something I'd never imagined to be drawn to so much. Something I wanted more of. I never thought I'd oblige to him, but I kissed because I think at the moment -Not knowing now, but if I look back I'd say I was shortly falling in love with Louis Tomlinson - And I was in love with the thought of being in love. Because that moment was ours. Nobody else's.


It was perfect.

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