She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


45. I can't tell you

It was monday, and after my long weekend, I had dreaded going back to school for multiple reasons. Mainly from the riot that unraveled during friday's dinner, and seeing Chelle wasn't going to be a lovely sight at all. Then I had saturday and sunday with Louis. For some reason, it just seemed too perfect. And it wasn't in a good way. Because with me, nothing could stay beautiful for more than twenty four hours. That, was what I was use to. I was walking to class, with my books held heavily in one arm and my bag slung over my shoulder. People were still snickering and making remarks about me, but I held myself together as best as possible. Not really paying much attention, my gaze was on my shoes padding down the hall, until I was rapidly slammed into the lockers by someone.


"Its funny what you pulled friday. Remember, revenge is a bitch." Chelle spat before trailing off into the crowded group of cliché's. I was pushed farely hard. And an unknown strength I had no clue Chelle even held, with her perfectly manicured fingernails. I sobbed and struggled to keep my breath as I continued to first period.


Trevor walked up beside me wrapping an arm around my shoulder, "hey el. You okay? You're looking pale."


I fanned myself with my hand and gestured for him to go, "not now, trevor please."


"What? I'm only trying to help." He gasped.


"And I appreciate that. Just please.. go." I begged, still struggling to keep my posture from being brutally taunted.


"Fine, but from the looks of it you aren't going to make it to class in one piece." Trevor chuckled letting go of me.


"Haha you are hilarious. I can make it fine." I snapped sarcastically. Standing up straight, and attempting to walk normally, my back threatened to give out and I made my point wrong.


"See, you need help." Trevor offered a hand and I almost unwillingly took it. But I needed help, at least for a few seconds. That wasn't bad, right? I gave in, and he held an arm around my shoulder guiding me to first hour which I almost forgotten we shared. "Thank you.." I mumbled planting down at my desk with soreness.


"No problem, and I really meant when I apologized to you." He sat directly behind me as usual.


"Its forgotten." I quickly ended the conversation and began to work on today's lesson with equations.




I didn't want Louis to know about my encounters with Chelle earlier. Or even that Trevor had his arm around me. I mean it wasn't like I kissed him, or deliberately wanted him to touch me. I was in pain, and in need of help, so in doubt it was strictly business. Never was I an expert at relationship rules, so I didn't quite know what qualified as cheating. But I'm almost positive what happened earlier wasn't cheating. That would be ridiculous. And besides, never in infinity would I hold even the slightest grain of likeness for Trevor. He's negative, and immature, and gross. He wouldn't dare like me either. It's not exactly a secret to the world that I'm dating Louis. Everyone is in knowledge of that, because of all the rumors and gossip spread constantly. It wouldn't take me by surprise if the kids that attend the private academy downtown even knew about my relationship. News spreads fast, unfortunately.


"Ellie." Louis chuckled, waving a hand in my face jokingly, snapping me from my all too familiar trance I had often been in.


"Oh, yeah. Sorry." I stuttered, opening back up my script for drama.


"Are you alright?" He sat he raised his brows, sitting on the corner of the stage in the theatre. This is where drama class was promoted to for our upcoming practices of Romeo and Juliet. We had only three months, so Gilmore was instructing us to be working non stop until December. I was just tired. And I yet still hadn't wanted to participate whatsoever.


I nodded, "I'm fine. Just tired." Which wasn't a lie.


"Alright, its your line."


"Where are we?" I asked confused.


He laughed and pointed to the bold print, "Act three, scene two."


I coughed reading from my book, and then making eye contact to memorize my words. "And when I shall die, take him and cut him up in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will fall in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun."


Louis just sat there, scrunching his face in concentration on the script before him. I bit my lip questioningly, "was it bad?"


"you... nailed it." He smiled, stunned.


"Really?" I shouted, obviously excited from my progressing grade in the play. Even though I hated it, I was rather good in the subject, and it made me happy when I actually got something right.


Smiling along with me, he confirmed. "It was perfect."


"Well thank you." I smirked hopping down the stage with pain. "ooouch." I mumbled under my breath, mentally thanking christ for louis not noticing.


"Is your mom back yet?" He asked, jumping down after me. "No, not until at least wednesday to friday. Her flights been delayed." I reminded him of the lack of presence my parent's had  around me. And not to mention the fact that my dad has been igoring my every breath I take since dinner. Grabbing my bag from the ground, I had troubles slinging it over my shoulder, and that was what Louis noticed.


"Whoa, you okay?" He gripped my hand.


"yeah, it's just heavy." I murmured, lying through my teeth.


"here, weakling. I'll carry it for you. Let's go home." Leading me outside, I pretended to be offended at his remark. But my stifling giggles gave away instantly. He drove me back to my house when drama practice was over, and the whole car ride consisted of my whining on not wanting to play the suicide scene in the next act of our 'Tragedy.' I wasn't looking forward to faking a death like that. It was just uncomfortable. We parked into my driveway, and Louis just sat there staring at me.


"What?" I giggled


"You're too cute." He chuckled, leaning in to kiss my cheek.


"I am not. This is serious Louis! I don't want to take part in this play anymore. I'm starting to get a bad feeling about it.." I blinked in frustration.


"You are too. And you have to, there isn't any turning back. Besides, if you hate it so bad, why are you so good at it?" He made a point. But it was had to explain. This whole revenge situation was really starting to bug me on a whole other level.


"I hate when you're right.." I mumbled opening the car door.


"Hey," Lou shouted, "Don't be angry. I love you."


"And I love you..." I moped into the house sluggishly as he followed behind. Before I could finish opening the door, his arms wrapped around me kissing the corner of my lips. "Louis.." I sighed walking into the living area.


"What, I can't do this?" His hands cupped my cheeks and kissed me again. Until I pulled him awau and whispered, "you have to catch me first." And with that I darted upstairs hiding in my closet, covering my mouth with my hand to mute my heavy breathing. I closed my eyes tightly, and jumped almost a mile high when the door was swung open and I was scooped into his arms. "Caught ya.." He muttered laying me on the bed kissing and me carefully. I turned around and crawled to the foot of the bed until he shouted, "What's that?"


"what do you mean?" I asked frightened.


"On your back! Come here." He grabbed my waist pulling me towards him.


"It's nothin..." I begged for him not to look. I wasn't in the mood for arguing or questions.

His fingertips lightly ran up my back, lifting my shirt gently to expose the new bruise I held at the bottom of my spine. "Did I do that to you?" He whispered.


"God Louis, no." How could he think he hurt me? He'd never physically, and why would he even assume? There was no way I was going to tell him Chelle did this to me. I was tired and drained from the chaos. I wanted a break.


"Tell me who did that." He demanded, his voice stil soft and with hurt probably being sure not to give me a fright.


"I can't tell you." I whispered under my breath.

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