She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


30. Felt good

Trying to ignore just wasn't helping any longer. A week had passed, nothing was better. Mom constantly bitching me out about Louis. Dad screaming and threatening to lay a hand on me again. My sisters running to me asking what a "non pweservative brat daughter" was. Overwhelming and I was so done with it all.


Still, every day or night Lou and I saw each other.


Behind everyone's back, it'd be different every time. Whether it had been behind the school after hours where no one could see, sneaking him into my bedroom to hide under the covers, or meeting in the drama room after class to practice our Romeo and Juliet roles. Stealing each other's breath continuing rumors didn't come between us.


Walking down the hall to early lunch, I was pulled by some hands from behind me into the suply closet.


"Hey!" I shouted afraid of who had grabbed me.


"El it's me." Louis spun me around so I was guessing I faced him now. Stil hard to tell with the lack of light in the closet.


"Louis why are we in here?" I whispered.


"sssshh." I felt his hand carress my cheek.


"Lou we're going to get in trouble." I panniced completely nervous we'd get caught by a teacher or the principal.


"I know but I wanted to kiss you..." mumbling I giggled at him. My fingers felt to where his lips were, so I leaned in and pressed my lips softly to his. I felt him smile as I pulled away.


" we have to go Lou." I murmered.


"if we must." He pouted. I chuckled and creaked the door open to see if the hall was crowded yet or not. The bell coincidentally rang the second the door opened so as the crowd sped through the hall, it was easy to blend in escaping the closet with no one to see. Or so I hoped.


"What were you doing in there?" Summer stomped up to me rolling her eyes and now dressed as if she were one of the senior sluts. That one slut I pushed in particular, I'd learned her name was Chelle. Nice name, not.


"Nothing to your concern." I snapped.


"Is she giving you attitude?" Chelle trotted beside her like her freakish other half.


"Yep." Summer spat.


"When did you two become friends?" I asked, completely baffled.


"Since you became out." she said coldly, following Chelle's out of hand remark or question or whatever.


"So how is he? Louis, is he good?" She winked.




"You heard me, Ellie. How is he?" Chelle got in my face.


"Louis and I... we didn't d-" Summer cut me off as I tried to retort.


"Oh shush El you sound stupid."


"Why would Lou date her anyhow. She just barely got her training wheels off." Chelle chuckled.


"He'd rather be with one of us.." Summer giggled.


"You're the same age as me Summer." I mumbled.


"What's that? I thought you said we shouldn't mumble. Louis doesn't like shy and quiet girls Ellie. In fact he doesn't like you  at all. Unless he wouldn't hide you when he's with you.. pathetic." Chelle flipped her hair off her shoulder.


"Are you going to cry, Ellie?" Summer laughed pointing to me.


Then honestly I wasn't going to cry. I felt like punching one of them severely in the nose doing some damage. It was hard to hold back, being more angry than ever with what they were saying.


"Why are you being so cruel?" I snapped.


"Oh you want to yell now?" Chelle shouted, and a familiar crowd formed around us.


"Get out of my face." I spat the way they were towards me. Chelle brought her hand up and brushed a tear roughly from my cheek. I didn't even know I was crying at the moment. Slapping her hand off my face Summer jumped in.


"Don't slap her!" She yelled.


"Don't act like that!" I yelled back.


"God Ellie that's why I sent the rumours around crybaby. You are such a b-" Before Summer could even finish an unknown strength and anger left me. Pummling my fist straight into her petite now bloody nose. Everyone cooed and yelled with excitement of the current drama. My hand was shaking and it hurt. The feeling I held was dissapointment, sad, angry, nervous, sick, and plain horrible. But when I punched her in the face like that I let out an unwilling laugh, rubbing my sore knuckles and mumbling at the sight,


"Felt good."

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