She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


14. Feeling different

Nearly fifteen minutes late to class I arrived to drama. Everyone had eyes peeled on me, as if I'd commited some crime for being late. Gilmore excused me so I made my way to my seat. I looked at Louis in a shy way, unable to say anything. He smiled, comforting and nice. Smiling back I could tell he was about say something, when Gilmore interupted us by again quoting Romeo and Juliet.


"Love is heavy and light, bright and dark, hot and cold, sick and healthy, asleep and awake- it's everything except what it is!"



She chanted proudly, my eyes were on hers in the front of the class, though I could feel Louis' eyes burned on me. I didn't dare to look back. Partially from nervousness, awkard tension from our 'makeout sesh' as Summer would say, uncertain feelings about the whole situation, and the fear of breaking into a fit of the urge to pounce him and kiss him all over and never let go. Back to reality though.


"Congratulations, class. Very good news! Our first opening play to the season will be set for December, classic Romeo and Juliet as I've said. Everyone will audition, I'm really hoping the lead roles show true emotion this year. Keep up you're best! Auditions tomorrow."


And with that, Gilmore sat crooked back into her wooden stool drooling over the play writes leaving us to mingle. I seriously wondered what it required to be a teacher these days. Moving my hair from my eyes, that kept falling like a veil over my face in an annoying way, I finally made eye contact with him. Louis and his beautiful emerald orbs pierced through mine, his were a lovely shad today. Must've been floresence.


"Hey." He talked lowly, almost shy.

"Hi." I smiled, attempting to make the awkward die down. It didn't help that well considering my pink cheeks were noticable and tinted.

"You're blushing." He chuckled.

"I know." I looked away emberassed.

"Do I make you nervous?" Louis searched my eyes. All his smart remarks, sarcasm, funny buissiness seemed to fade at the moment.

"Yes.." I blurted out.

"Don't be nervous. I won't hurt you, Ellie." He grabbed my hand.


It wasn't him I was worried about hurting me. It was the air that felt different, the look in our eyes, the people around us, all wouldn't accept us. Our age, our differences, everything. Suddenly the thought of being with Louis was not only filled with desire, and that kick in my stomach when I'm around him, but as well I felt fear. Unwanted cold hard fear.

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