She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


54. Explanations

"Dad, what are you doing?" I hissed, as he shut the door behind him.


"Why are you snooping?" He shouted.


"What do you mean? I was just trying to find a glass of water." I wasn't lying, I seriously needed some liquid, to moisturize my poor dried throat. I didn't know what it took to find a simple staircase to the kitchen around here.


"And by finding a glass of water you eavesdropped into Chelle's room." He folded his arms over his chest, grunting of aggravation.


"Yeah, so what if I eavesdrop? She's crazy!" I yelled, throwing my hands in the air in distress.


"she is crazy." He stated.


"Why does she take medication?" I asked, resting my arms on my sides attempting to chill down.


"Michelle has had a past... she's bipolar, depressed, and has a slight personality disorder." Explaining, he slumped into his leather chair furrowing his facial features.


"You're just stating the obvious." I snapped.


"No, ellie. She has serious conditions. So serious it's put her and others in the damn hospital."


"W-what do you mean?" I was flushed at the thought of her putting people in the actual hospital, I mean I knew she was crazy, but to that physical extent was kind of unfathomable.


"Chelle overdosed on some pills last year, nearly killing herself." And again it hit me unexpected... but why was I so surprised? Before I asked anymore I assumed dad knew my nervous pacing around his small office was me just trying to take it all in. Which was a lot. It was obvious Chelle was a psychopath, but never in a million years would I believe she literally tried to kill herself. Reason number two I have such a strong belief against self harming. I didn't want to end up like her, overdosing on pills or cutting my own wrist. The thought of the medicine chasing down my throat, slowly shutting my body down, and a blade tracing a clean cut across my canvassed wrist seemed so painful. I walked slowly to the other side of the office, where three displayed daggers that held a pattern of rubies across their gold frames were mantled on the wall. It caught my eye, mainly because they resembled the very dagger juliet uses in the scene I was to be rehearsing tomorrow, and another reason it took a hold of my distraction was the empty mantle, a weapon missing.


"Where did you get these?" I asked, one of my hands clenching around my throat in an attempt to clear it, and my free hand raising up to trace the red and green jewels along the swords.


"It was a gift." He said quietly.


"Why is there one missing?"


"I don't know..." A load of thoughts filled my mind that very second. But with my finger still on the blade I got right back to the point of our conversation.


"What did she do? In the past?"


"As you know, last year Chelle dated Louis right?"


He began and I nodded. "Well... Lou was seen with some girl Jess or Jessa -whatever her name was, and after weeks of him and the girl hanging out, Chelle realized how jealous she was getting, seeing Louis that comfortable with another female." Wait, who? I didn't know a girl named- Jessica. His cousin. ooooooooh. But I didn't interrupt, letting him continue. I was just too intrigued, and oddly drawn to the subject to say anymore. "So, anyways, Chelle confronted Louis about the situation, and believed he was lying about how there was absolutely nothing going on between he and Jess. Chelle broke up with him out of anger, and it made her tick,- she had sort of an obsession you can see- so she drove around town searching for the girl, when she found her with Lou's little sister Daisy crossing the street to the café on waterman boulevard. After revving the engine up, Chelle went flying through the crosswalk, hitting Jess immediately almost killing her."


The car didn't see her, because as if on cue the rain began to fall, and it was a blur for I'm sure most everybody. The windshield on the truck was foggy through the storm, and though I screamed for her, she didn't hear me. The driver didn't hear me. And I tried. I fell down with my hand covering my mouth, silent with shock.


I jumped at the reoccurring memory, pricking my finger on the tip of the dagger with blood seeping through slowly. Dad didn't notice, as he was caught up in explaining, and I was taken over by another cloud of realization through all of this. Bringing my hand up to my mouth, I held my lips over my finger cringing at the irony taste the blood left. "Can you go on, please?" I mumbled, wincing at my cut. Hearing him shift in his leather seat, he spoke again.


"Jess was put in the hospital, ducking the car last minute with Daisy. And after that, Michelle was diagnosed with all of her anger problems, so Louis, Daisy, and Jessica were permitted to leave their friends and family at the private academy downtown, to attend the highschool you all go to now. It was to keep them safe. And Lou waited two weeks for everything to be in the clear. After those two weeks, everything went back to normal.. until now that is."


My eyes widened in curiosity, "so.. why does Chelle go to our school now?"


"She was kicked out of the academy over summer break due to use of unauthorized pills in the girls restroom. There were no other choices in schools for her." My focus was still partially on my wound, and putting puzzle pieces in my head as to why Louis left, the missing dagger, and Chelle's will out to murder me.


"Did you just hear me?" Dad snapped his dry fingers, causing me to flinch back to earth.


"What?" I turned around, hiding my hurt hand behind my back.


"I said... 'do you understand why nobody wants you to be with Louis?'" He repeated his question which I hadn't heard even the first time he asked, I was way too zoned out. And dare I say still in very much need of some water. My tongue moistened my lips slowly when I answered in a 'question type' tone. "um, no?"


"It wasn't about your age differences. I just want you to think about it when you go to sleep. But let me ask you something..." I nodded, raising my eyebrows still in confusion.


"louis did leave, didn't he?"




"For your safety?"


"If thats what you want to call it." I shot sarcastically.


"And, when is he going to be back?"


"Two weeks."


He stood up, ushering me back to my bedroom to go to sleep at the late hours of the night. And I happily obliged, tiptoeing out of the room hearing dad whisper, "think about it Ellie." When I made it back to my bedroom, well, the guest bedroom, I noticed the door was already opened and it made my stomach feel uneasy. My fists balled up prepared to hit Chelle or an intruder, but as I was fully into the room I noticed there was no one at all in there, except for me. The only sound coming from my distraught breathing. My gaze turned to the glass of water, placed on the nightstand beside the bed, with a note attached that read

'here love, from martha.'


 Sinking down into the sheets, I gripped the glass finally letting the cold water soothe my sandy throat. And before I could realize what was going on, it all hit me. Nobody cared about our age differences. Nobody. It wasn't really a secret that Chelle was crazy and had severe mental problems, that most likely explained why we got odd stares when Louis and I were seen together. Because people probably worried about my safety. Chelle didn't want Louis and I together because she was jealous. Just like she was when he was hanging out with Jessica. And if I think about it.. it was much like my jealousy when I first met Lou. Chelle went psycho, and afterall dad didn't want me with Louis, because he was worried I would get hurt. But not by him, I'd get hurt by that psychopath who hit Jess with a car, and basically chased Summer into the street two days ago. My thoughts went way back to when I was sitting on the ledge with Daisy the day after the Bunny Burn, when she warned me about Louis' exes not taking a liking to me. It was because she was with Jessica when they almost got killed. This completely explained my unresolved questions. Two weeks. Two weeks it took for Louis to leave and let everything go back to normal, to let everything be safe. And then, I knew he was right. He was doing the right thing leaving me..

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