She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


34. "Documenting our love."

"I think I've fallen in love with you." Those words. Those eight words played through my mind every night still shifting butterflies in my tummy at the thought. It was perfect. That night was incredible. And yet still hard to believe.. but it was real. I had the the proof mentally stored in the back of my head. A smiling and giggling thought. And then I had the little reddish pink mark below my ear, on my neck,  that was physical proof from our heated kiss after that embrace of words.


If I said before that Louis and I had become official previous from that night, I might have been wrong. Because, now saying something other than "I care about you." it was more real. Most people think, that we would only say "I love you" to in away calm the arguing, and heal the pain and sooth the jealousy. Well they're wrong. It felt right when I said it. And not in a million years would I regret it. I love Louis. And he loves me. But saying something so deep, and so for the emotion, I knew it would cause a riot. Eventually. Maybe not tonight or tomorrow, but nothing would ever stay gold. I don't know if I was fully prepared for that fight that was going to arise as soon as I said I'd truly fallen for him. But like most lovers, we'd fight for each other. We'd hide for each other. And still people continue, to get so angry at the thought of two complete different individuals to be in love. Society has always believed that. Whether it be age difference, height difference, race difference. If you are in love, then you cannot help it whatsoever. I know it is frowned upon, and no matter how wrong it may be, its so right at the same time. People just don't think or spectate on how it may actually be, until it's actually happening to them. To me. And now I sat, in my bedroom, alone, going through random things, and smiling at our I love you that happened probably a week and a half ago. It still felt like it was last night.


"What are you doing?" Louis smiled, sitting behind me on my wooden floored bedroom.


"Just going through my things.." I crossed my legs, only in a sun gown, sat at the floor of my bed rummaging through old items I'd long forgotten I even had underneath my matress. I was bored, and Today was specifically warm for september, so Louis came over while mom was attending another recital for my sisters. She made me pinky promise not to have Louis over while she was gone. But as life goes on, promises are broken.


"What's that?" He pointed to a construction board beneath my bed, beside my old jewelry boxes and dusted aged books. I slid it out, shrugging my shoulders. Not quite remembering what it was, since it had been so long from the last I'd went through my keepsakes and old belongings. And then I remempered it was my old collage. Filled with what seemed like ancient polaroid photographs of my family, my ex bestfriend Summer and I, and my childhood memories. I missed it. When those times seemed simpler. I smiled at one picture if me doing a cartwheel on the beach, and some ballet shots of my toe touches and acrobats. The smile on my lips then was innocent and uninjured. I hadn't done any of that in so long, it seemed like forever ago.


"Wow.." Louis mumbled, running his fingertips across the pictures. And then stopping at the blank, where the photographs slowly faded to stop into a plain area of the board. There must have been honestly two hundred pictures, overlapping, side by side, and then I just ended it. Like that.


"This was a long time ago Lou."


"Why did you stop?" He asked, curious.


"I don't know.. things just got hard and I never really felt like it anymore.." I said as Louis scooted closer to me from behind. "But I've always wanted to make another another one. But I haven't got around it." I added, glancing at an image of me flipping my hair over my shoulder, it was a caught off gaurd moment, but my charm bracelet showed dangling and shining off my wrist. I had always loved that thing. As I'd said before it made me feel at home.


"I'd love to finish it, but..." I trailed off, sighing.


"But what?"


"It's nothing." I mumbled. He was now resting his chin on my bear shoulder, his hair trickling my neck. I giggled a bit at the feeling. He noticed the goosebumps forming on my arms, and attatched his lips to my shoulder. And then gradually moving his kiss to my neck, lightly sucking. I whimpered beneath him. He grabbed the back of my neck laying me down and hovering over me. Still peppering kisses to my jawline. I grasped the nape if his neck moving his lips to my own. Our lips parting together repeatedly. Closing my eyes as we pulled away and he whispered, "you know what we should do?"


"Hmm?" I smiled softly.


"we..." he pecked my lips again lightly.

"should..." he did it again.

"do..." and again.



My eyes fluttered open and my breath skipped a beat. "W-what?" I stuttered.


"We should do it. Finish the collage. Together." He smiled, lifting me up. Thank. God. I thought he meant we should have se-


"Soooo?" He poked my arm snapping me out of my thought.


"I don't knoooooow." I dragged out my words. Unsure if I wanted to. "Please?" He pouted his lip out at me.


"What, like documenting our love?" I giggled tucked my hair behind my ear, and looking into his eyes.


"As corny as it sounds... yes." He chuckled. I laughed at his remark and pulled the last remaining box from under the bed. Pulling out the dusty black object I haden't used in years.


"Is that it?"


"Yup. I just have to get all this dust off.." I mumbled cleaning the lense of the polaroid with my thumb.


"Come here.." Louis stood up holding my wrist. I nearly tumbled into him at the speed he yanked me from the ground in. He took the camera from my hands and held it up. Before I could protest he slammed his lips into mine snapping the picture instantly, the flash nearly blinding us. The photo fell from the bottom, and I gasped my breath in from the sudden kiss.


"What was that?" I asked, shocked at his silly actions. Louis smiled and held the picture from the ground into his hand, fanning it out. "Like you said.. we're 'documenting our love.'"

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