She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


41. Dinner

When class was over, I was forced to stay for another two hours for rehearsal and let me say it was not fun. Especially since I was practicing my scene with the nurse, and Louis was on the other side of the room with his 'fellow montague.' Occasionally he'd look over and smile at me. But we didn't get to talk whatsoever. He sensed something was wrong with me, but I was trying my hardest to hide it so he didn't worry. I don't think it worked. And as the time got closer, I had to walk home, to get nervously ready for dinner tonight. I wasn't prepared at all. Right when I walked into the house, I set my cell and bag down on the dining table, peeling off my coat to head upstairs. I sighed, peeking through my closet so find something a little bit more formal than what I had been appareled in already. Sliding on a short white dress that wasn't too formal, I sat at my mirror to fix my frizzy hair before applying a tad more mascara to my tired eyes. I rested my hands on my cheeks, and looked at my reflection in the vanity, when a little note caught my eye. Picking it off the corner of the mirror, it read,


'be careful today babe, and don't be too nervous. it will go fine. You're beautiful and I love you.. -lou xx'


I smiled, and powdered my cheeks one last time before slipping on my grey toms, and heading downstairs to wait for my father to pick me up. My phone buzzed on the table, so I picked it up and seen it was him saying he'd be here within five minutes. I texted Louis a quick 'I love you, wish me luck' and headed out to meet my dad in his usual police car. He pulled up as soon as I walked out of the house, and I climbed in the passenger side sinking into the uncomfortable seats. He looked at me with widened eyes and asked,


"You ready to go?"


"As ready as I'll never be." I sighed. He took an annoyed breath, and turned the light above the dashboard on to look at me.


"What?" I asked sounding completely sarcastic.


"You need to behave." He scolded me as if I was five.


"Dad. I'm being good, aren't I?" I snapped.


"I did tell you this was a formal dinner... right?" He looked at my dress and shoes. Clearly not pleased. What was he to say? He was in his stupid sheriff uniform still that was utterly ugly.


"No, you didn't."


"Great." He mumbled as we drove off to his 'girlfriend's' house. It took about fourty-five minutes, and Dad was quiet the whole time trapping on his steering wheel to an unfamiliar oldies song. My head was buried in my cell phone the whole time. And my nervousness didn't end as we pulled up to the large copper gates of a home. Excuse me, it didn't look like a home. It resembled more of a mansion or where millionaires lived.


"This. Is where she lives?" I asked, my mouth hanging agape in awe.


"This, is where we live." He said, rolling down the window to punch in a code for the gate to open. The driveway must've been a mile long, of stone and green grass filling the yard beside it. I mean the home itself was probably four stories, and at least a million dollars. It was definitely accurate for everyone to say Chelle was a spoiled brat. From the looks of her house it said a lot. The house may have been nice, but the family inside may have been the complete opposite. We stepped outside of the car, and Dad led me to the huge wooden double doors.


"Please keep your cool, okay?" He whispered.


"Dad I'm n-" I began until the doors opened up by a lady who I'd presumed was Martha.


"William, this must be El yes?" She greeted us inside with a red stained, lip gloss smile. It was odd, her calling dad 'William.' Only his work called him that, otherwise it was just 'Bill.' And with me, I wanted to correct her and say, "um no miss. My name is Ellie. I don't like you, so don't call me El. Bitch."


"Ellie. We were talking to you." Dad shoved my shoulder a little bit. And I came back to earth.


"Sorry. What?" I asked, faking an obvious nervous smile. Martha giggled, "oh I was asking, did you just get home from school or work? You looked 'busted' as teens would say these days." She checked my outfit, head to toe. I know she didn't just insult me. I straightened my dress out, and pretended to care,


"I'm sorry. Is this not formal enough for you?"


"Ellie." Dad snapped. "William, it's fine. We have to finish getting prepared ourselves anyhow. Michelle will be down in a minute. El, come in and make yourself at home." Martha frowned and walked my dad up the 'royal staircase' so finish preparing. I looked at my dress and shoes. There probably should have been a heads up about dressing more formal. My hair was as straight as a needle, and my dress I guessed could have been a little nicer. Along with my toms. But hey, I wasn't trying to impress them. At all. When she said to make myself at home, I didn't. I just stood there on the marble floor, rocking on my heels, waiting for everyone to finish pampering themselves. My gut was still twisting with nervousness for when Chelle came down. I was scared she was going to pounce me and slaughter me right there on the perfectly polished grounds. That wouldn't be a lovely sight. A galling twenty minutes later, dad and Martha came walking down hand in hand. And again my jaw dropped at the sight. She was in a red gown that matched her lips, with elegant heels that went with as well. Dad was in a suit and tie. The only time I'd ever seen someone so dressed up was.. oh yeah never. It was just a stupid meal. Come on. But still, it made me feel like crap. And my confidence dropped like a brick as they made there way to me. She smiled, but looked worried as we were moved into the dining area.


"El, please sit wherever you'd like." Martha motioned toward the long table. I smiled back at her, and then shot dad a death glare before taking a seat. Purposely, I sat behind one of the many center pieces. Mainly to hide my identity from Chelle that would be showing up in moments.


"Michelle should be showing up in a moment." Dad mumbled.


"Ah, let me go check on her." Martha stood up and pranced upstairs like an elegant deer in her high pumps. She was a nice looking lady I sadly had to admit. But I bet it wasn't her looks that made my father fall for her. It was most likely her money. Because it was obvious she made bank. Sitting there awkwardly, Dad dabbed his forehead with a hanky while we began to hear screaming.


"Michelle get down there!" Martha shouted.


"No, mom! I don't want to see her. I don't want to be seen by anybody when my lip still looks like this!" Chelle cried at the top of her voice. I coughed a little to cease the tension as Martha pranced back to the dining table folding a napkin over her lap.


"I'm sorry about her." She muttered.


"What's been the matter with her anyway?" Dad raised an eyebrow.


A lump formed in my throat and I tried to drink it away with some water.


"She isn't taking the divorce well. She think's as odd as it sounds it's El's fault. And on top of her home life, a girl hit her in the face with a door the other day. I heard she's been bullying Michelle. Pushing her on the bus too.. And Michelle has been having teenage love issues as well.." She trailed off sipping her expensive wine.


"A bully? Hm.." Dad grunted. He always did that.


"If it were me, I'd stop that little girl in her tracks whoever she is. Her parent's need  to raise her right, other than hurting my poor Chelle."


I nearly choked on my water, and I mumbled, "Dad? Can I talk to you in private?"


"Ellie not now." He shot.


"Dad, I don't think I can meet Chelle.." I blurted out. And martha whispered in his ear, "Insecure issues maybe." And he agreed. Oh my god I couldn't do this. I was about to make a run for it, when Chelle stomped down, tears staining her blushed cheeks as she slammed herself down in a chair across from me. I hid my face behind the center piece even more, as we were forced to shake hands. She still hadn't noticed me thank the lord. Dinner went on, and we were served red wine with some leaves scattered on a plate that I pretended to eat all up. No one said anything, until Dad spoke up while we began to clean our dishes from the area.


"So, I heard you're the lead in the school play?" He asked me.


"Yeah." I replied quietly. Chelle's head remained down, as she stood up with the rest of us. She still didn't make eye contact.


"What is it, dear?" Martha questioned.


"Romeo and Juliet." I smiled a tad.


"Oh, so you are Juliet." She grinned back.


"And who is Romeo?" Dad asked, while his eyes were on Chelle swirling her wine around in her glass.


"um... Louis tomlinson...." I mumbled.


"WHAT?!" Chelle's head jerked up.


"Michelle calm down!" Martha scolded.


"No, mom. Why are you here Ellie? Huh? Is that just you're thing, ruining and hurting other people constantly? GET OUT!" She spat.


"what's going on between you?" Dad yelled.


"She did it! She hit me! Look at my lip!" Chelle still cried holding a finger to her not healed lip and side cheek.


It kind of happened quick. I was being screamed at in all directions. And then in a split movement red wine was dumped all over me. I didn't even remember being kicked out of the house, and having to walk home alone in the cold. Drenched in tears and red wine. Another death threat was planted, and my dad promise to never speak to me again. Tonight I'm afraid was something no one could fix. Besides Louis who I'd be with all day tomorrow. It seemed like I couldn't wait though I had too. Because he was all I needed at the moment.



hi lovelys. i have a few more craziness that is going to happen coming up so don't unfavorite or anything, like some people are doing. unfortunately, i feel this is going stale and people are losing interest so it wont go on for much longer. that is, after all my crazy things happen. don't worry, we still have revenge and more to come so holla :D lol


but guess what. i am making a sequel.



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