She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


18. Close call

I shook Louis, to wake him up.


"Lou," I whispered in his ear.


His eyes peeled open, and his lips parted to speak when I seen it. Red and blue flashing lights from outside. A police car.


"Louis that's my dad!" I whisper shouted sitting up quickly.


"What? Your dad?" He shot up as well.


"He's probably been looking for me, oh my god he is going to kill me! Especially now that I'm with you." I shouted, but low still.


"You're dad is a cop? you're not aloud to be with a boy?" He turned around to peak out the window.


"He's the sheriff. And no, not at all. I didn't mean to fall asleep. What do I do? He's gonna murder me. Or you." I stood up, looking out the window. Dad was on the phone with someone, getting out of the car.


"Me? Why me?" Louis shouted making his way next to me.


"Because you're way older than me! And I'm not aloud to date until I'm eighty years old." I cursed under my breath.


"Okay. I have an idea. Stay here."


 Before I could protest he left. My eyes stayed peeled on the car outside. Louis caught my eye, running from a room across the way of his, returning in here with a pair of girl pajamas and a tank top in his hands. I got wide eyed.


"What's that for?"


"These are my sister's clothes. Change, hurry." He tossed me the articles of clothing.


"I'm not changing in front of you." I protested, crossing my arms.


"There's nowhere else now come on I won't look. I have to change too, hurry up." Scattering through his drawers he pulled out some jammies as well.


"Fine." I sighed peeling off my clothes. My jacket first, and as I slipped my top from my head I couldn't help but stare as Louis pulled his jeans down following his t shirt. His toned body was truly beautiful. He resembled an angel in my eyes. No matter how corny I thought it was, or how remarkably flawless he was I had to hurry. Sliding the white tank top over me as to cover my bare stomach and only bra sheltered chest. I stepped out of my jeans and pulled up the pajama bottoms that fit as if they were my own. Louis didn't peak once, and yet I still had no clue what he was doing.


The car door outside slammed shut. "Louis!" I yelled.


"Hold on." He ran out of the room once again into the room across the way. I heard him shouting and arguing with his sisters I assumed. Daisy and Pheobe came running in with Louis, holding blankets and pillows.


"Come on! Hurry!" The girls shouted dragging me downstairs to the living room.


"What are we doing?" I asked being lead by the sofas, as they lay out pillows and threw the pillows everywhere.


"sssssh. For all your dad knows, we are having a sleepover." Pheobe whispered plopping down under the blankets on the floor.


"Yeah so pretend you're asleep!" Daisy yelled pulling me down with her. We closed our eyes snuggling on the comforters, and Louis ran downstairs as dad pounded on the door.


"Coming!" He shouted, creaking the door open a slight.


"Goodevening officer." Louis greeted him.


"Is Ellie here? I've been looking all night." Dad panted, clearly pissed to the max.


"Ellie?" Louis repeated my name as if he never knew me. He was a good actor. I closed my eyes tighter still acting to be asleep with the girls.


"Yeah she ran away earlier. Her friend Summer said she might've been here." Dad stepped in with no invitation whatsoever.


"Oh yeah Ellie! She came over a bit ago, her and my little sisters had a sleepover with her. She seemed real upset. They're all asleep now sir." I could tell Louis pointed to where we were. Dad sighed, and pulled Lou into the other room.


"Listen, kid. I'm not gonna tell her mother about this, but if you so much as touch my daughter I'll kill you. I'm not saying anything is going on between you two but that's my little girl and I want her safe. She's too young. She can stay until the morning with your sister's since they're friends. And thank you for keeping her safe, son."


It was obvious Louis had a confident smirk on his lips, and dad was gritting his teeth. I was mentally thanking god for dad not murdering the two of us on the spot. Go dad. As soon as he left I shot up from the ground.


"Close call!" Louis shouted.


"Yeah.. nice work guys." I mumbled.


"No problem." He smiled grabbing my hand.


"Come on, lets go back to bed."


Whispering, he motioned to go upstairs again. My cheeks turned red as I heard Daisy fake gag like she did the other day, "Ew. Yeah get a room."

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