She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


48. Bitter vengeance: impact

"I was um..." I trailed off, blinking a few times. I couldn't lie to him again... I just couldn't. But I didn't want to tell him that I was in there with trevor. Or that Summer knows what we did, and even that her and Chelle are planning something horrible for me. It wasn't really big knews, I already knew they were planning revenge. Pointless vengeance. Still, I didn't want to tell him. I stared blankly at him, as the mic went off in the hall, "First hour is dismissed this morning for our homecoming pep rally on the football field. Everyone make their way for school spirit!" Mrs Nackle chanted into the speaker. The hallway began to slowly be deserted, but I knew Louis and I weren't going anywhere.


"What were you doing?" Louis repeated, pulling me closer to him.


"I wasn't doing anything." I mumbled, looking at my feet. It was not lying, because I technically wasn't doing anything at all.


"Then why are you crying?" He whiped a streak of mascara from my cheek, to which I completely forgot I was sobbing when I was practically held hostage.


"You were with trevor weren't you?" Louis sighed.


"Yes." I admitted, prepared fully for the fight about to unravel.


"But we-" I tried to explain, but I was interrupt quickly.


"Ellie don't try to explain." He snapped.


"Why are you so mad? I wasn't doing anything wrong here." I cleaned the obvious dark marks from my eyes with the sleeve of my sweater, watching Louis' facial expression change completely.


"Why were you in there?" He glanced behind us at the closet, and I still struggled to hold back my cries. We were the only in the hall, and in the strangest way it frightened me. For a couple reasons. One being, Louis was highly disappointed and angry with me. If I was a guy, it wouldn't put it past me if he hit me straight in the jaw. But I'm his girlfriend, and I seriously doubt he'd even hurt a fly. The second reason, would be my questioning on why in the hell was everyone in the school actually on the football field. It was only a pep rally for Christ's sake. No one ever got so enthusiastic about such a boring event. It meant one thing. They were there to see something. I knew it. But what I didn't know, was what it could actually be.


"Trevor was telling me something.." I trailed off starting to remember what he said in there.


"Bullshit." Louis shot, sounding horridly mean. I'd never heard him curse really before.


"What do you mean? I'm not lying to you." I backed out of his hold.


He sighed, "Tell me what he said."


"I don't want to."


"Tell me!"


"I don't want to!" I repeated, louder this time.


"Why not Ellie?"


"Because if I tell you.." I stopped to take a breath, actually preparing to tell him what was said, until "You see? You never tell me anything. You'd hide in the suply closet and cry to Trevor but you won't tell me what's going on?"


"Louis just shut up, shut up, shut up! Jesus christ I'm trying to talk to you!" I screamed, shaking his shoulders to calm him down from his angry state.


"What? Talk." As if he held permission over me.


"Trevor told me to watch my back, and that Summer and I shouldn't be friends." I sighed, attempting to coil down from my rising anger as well. "Thats news." Louis scoffed.


"I am trying to tell you the rest. Okay?"


"Okay, go ahead." I tucked my hair behind both ears, and breathed deeply to find the right words to say. I told Summer something I shouldn't have. Her and Chelle are planning something horrid for me. And I should have never trusted Summer again. How was I going to tell him that? Something didn't click.

 Holy shit.


"Let's go." I grabbed Louis' hand, running down the hall towards the football field.


"What are you doing?" He shouted, as I pushed the heavy door open leading to the quad area.


"We have to stop it. No one goes to the pep rallys unless there's something to see." We ran down the bleachers, with everybody cheering and screaming for I'm assuming the cheerleaders prancing around on the field. It took me until we stood at the bottom of the benches, when I realized nobody was cheering for the cheerleaders. I was looking for Summer, to stop her in her tracks on what she was doing, but I couldn't find her through the crowd that was all whistling and hollering at Louis and I. My mouth fell open, prepared to scream for her name when a portable projection screen was wheeled out by her and Chelle who were caught up in giggles, noticing I was there.


"Ellie." Louis mumbled in my ear, as I stood frozen. Staring blankly at the screen light up with a video of Summer and I lying on my bed, in my house yesterday. The whole school was there. All packed on bleachers and sidelines to witness my humiliation explode within a matter of minutes.


"You don't understand, Summer. We did it. We.. had sex. And now when we fight it just makes everything complicated." 

"You're not pregnant, are you?!"

"No summer I am not pregnant. We were safe."

"Well what makes it so complicated then?"

"Well I'm not trying to go into detail or anything, but it was really romantic, and sweet, and everything I could have asked for. But I feel like now, that I shared that with him and he was my first, I'm even more scared to lose him..."

"you shouldn't let him walk out like that."

"You can let yourself out, right?"


I started to feel dizzy, looking around at everyone cooing at the video. I didn't know how Summer recorded me, and I was stupid for blurting out such a secret to someone I knew I didn't trust. Tears were drowning my eyes, while Louis ran his fingers through his hair, shaking his head slowly. Down on the field Mrs Nackle unplugged the projector, waving her hands in the air for everyone to shut this down.


"Chelle, Summer stop this instant!" She screamed at them, earning a roar of boos from everyone.


"No!" Chelle shouted, "Revenge hurts doesn't it Ellie?" Running up to the crowd, I was violently shoved down to the field being put on the spot. People were laughing so hard, and I shivered from the cold rainstorm approaching, along with the feeling of disgust.


"Why are you doing this?" I whispered to Summer.


"Its what you deserve." She smiled, completely ignoring the fact that our principal was calling security on them. Chelle held a megaphone in her grip, "not the little innocent girl you thought she was huh?" Everyone cheered. I spun around, grabbing the megaphone out of her hold and throwing it on the floor, and before I knew it Louis grabbed my hand leading me off the field. "Summer go get her!" Chelle screamed.


"You're so stupid Ellie. I can't believe you told her!" Louis shouted as I cried into his chest, now the two of us were in the parking lot away from the commotion.


"What was I suppose to do? I needed someone to talk to I didn't know she was going to do this."


"You have me! Ellie you can talk to me!" He yelled.


"Its not always that easy to talk to you, Louis! I'm crying out for you and you can't see that." I let go of him, and started slowly walking the pavement leaving him behind me, when I heard the crowd all coming towards the quad area where I was.


"You can't run away for forever Ellie." Chelle stomped. I ignored her, waiting for a minute to pass when the crossing walk was free from the cars so I could escape that hell hole and run home.


"Summer go video tape her." Chelle tossed her a phone, and she stood back to watch as Summer began to cross the street and torment me some more. As if I hadn't had enough. I almost passed out from the events taking place, and my crying was sent into a splitting migrane. Right then, all I could remember was Summer not paying attention to traffic, but the recording and her eyes peeled to the cell phone in the middle of the street when I screamed "Summer look out!"


The car didn't see her, because as if on cue the rain began to fall, and it was a blur for I'm sure most everybody. The windshield on the truck was foggy through the storm, and though I screamed for her, she didn't hear me. The driver didn't hear me. And I tried. I fell down with my hand covering my mouth, silent with shock.


That, was how I watched my ex bestfriend brutally get killed on impact.

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