She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


42. Birthday

I was sprawled out on my bed, mascara running down my cheeks, hair a mess, and my white dress stained with red. I looked, and felt my worse. And to make matters a whole lot more to cry about, I realized it was saturday. My birthday. It was five in the morning, so I sniffled and groaned, and rolled over covering myself completely with my sheets and blankets. Mainly to be hidden from the world. Not really sleeping throughout the night, my cries finally allowed me to drift to that slumber early in the crack of dawn. Everyone always tells me to stop crying. But I had a fair reason to. I got kicked out of my dad's home and practically disowned by him. Chelle was more angry with me than ever. And wine was poored all over me. Tell me that is something to not cry about.




"Wake up princess.." Louis sat at the end of the bed, shaking me lightly. I sniffled in reply, and rolled over.


"It's your birthday babeeee. Get up please." He tried to pry the comforter from my body but failed.


"I don't want to.." I cried.


"Why not? I thought we were going to spend a whole day together." He pouted. I sat up from underneath the covers, and sobbed.


"Because I look like this. And I don't want to do anything today..."


His eyes widened, "what happened?"


"Guess, Louis." I pointed to my dress, and laid back down into the pillows.


"Well get up. We aren't going to have another bad day." He stood up.


"No." I objected.


"Come on Ellie. Its a big day for you."


"Please Louis I'm not in the mood." I sighed.


"I'm going to pull you out of bed." Oh no, not again.


"Oh my god. Fine, I'm up." I climbed off and sat at the foot of my bed where lou was a minute ago. I was still a bit sceptical on him staying the night. Though I've slept over with him once before, tonight was seemingly different.


"okay, get dressed." He smiled, moving to my closet.


"Louis I have a headache, I'm tired. Its early, and I don't want to celebrate. Please." I begged.


"We aren't celebrating then." Lou shrugged his shoulders. A wave of relief washed through me, and then it shot down again.


"But we're still spending the day together." Its not like I wasn't excited about spending the day with him don't get me wrong. I was just tired and all I wanted to do was sleep.


"What are we doing?" I asked, rubbing my head.


"I don't know, just get dressed come on!" He shouted.


"I don't want to do anything.." I mumbled.


"Fine. I'll get you dressed." He chuckled grabbing some clothes from the wardrobe.


"No! I got it. Fine." I flew to the closet and grabbed some dark jeans and a black crop, running to the bathroom and locking the door. I heard him laugh, as I struggled to shimy out of my dress. Glancing in the mirror, I realized I looked like death.

"uugh." I groaned, scrubbing my cheeks and combing through my tangled hair. I took a fair thirty minutes, brushing teeth and applying makeup to look as far from a zombie as possible. Last night really took its tole on my poor body.


"You okay in there?" Louis knocked on the door.


"How could you love me after seeing me like that?" I wined.


He chuckled again, "babe you're beautiful. I will always love you." And that made my heart melt. He was being extra sweet today. He knew how to make me feel better, no matter how bad I just wanted to be angry. I opened the door slowly, to him leaning on the frame with wide eyes.


"I told you, you're beautiful."




 "Where are we going?" I asked, while we drove away from my house, down a windy street.


"Where do you want to go?" He smirked.


"Hey, you got me out of bed for today. And you said you have something planned, otherwise I don't want to do anything."


"No, no, no. I said something planned for tonight. Right now, is your day." There he went again. Plans for tonight. I was still wondering.


"I don't know, Lou. I don't think you would want to do what I want to..." I trailed off.


"What is it?"


"Promise you won't laugh?" I asked nervously. He turned the volume to the radio on silent to hear better.


"Why would I laugh?"


"because its kind of stupid.."


"I highly doubt that." He disagreed.


"Okay, I... I want to go play in the leaves." I mumbled.


"What?" He laughed.


Frowning I muttered, "see I told you not to."


"Its not funny! It's just you can do anything you want.. and you choose to go in the leaves?"


"Yes. I want to.." I practically pouted in my seat. It seemed childlike, but there was a reason behind it. We pulled up to the nearest park, that had a few kids from our school hanging out close by.


"Tell me, why do you want to do this?" He chuckled, opening the passenger door for me to step out with him. Walking down the hill towards the trees I explained, "everyone else is so cute and such perfect couples. Like, they don't have to hide and fight to be seen with each other. They're perfect. And they can kiss and jump in leaves without anyone caring. I just want to b-" and before I could finish I was swung over Louis' shoulder, and tossed into a huge pile of leaves with him hovering over me tumbling after. The green and yellow and orange plants covering us almost completely. My mouth fell open to giggle or say something, but he whispered, "sssshh."


"They're going to see us.." I said lowly, directed towards the other in the park.


"Be quiet then.." he smiled pushing his lips slightly into mine. It was a slow kiss, tender and sweet. And for once I stopped caring if people saw us after all. I loved louis. And no matter how sad, or how hard it may be, all I wanted to do was kiss him and never let him go. As we parted, Louis slowly tucked a leaf from my hair, and smiled pulling me up with him.


"Come on, let's go.." he mumbled, walking me back to his car.




Night eventually came, and there we sat with our backs slid down the wall in the dark hallway of my house, with the only light from a burning match Louis held between his fingers, and a candle on the floor before us.


"Make a wish..." he whispered. I took a long breath, and closed my eyes, my heart fluttering and beating a mile a minute.


"I already have everything I could have wished for..." I spoke quietly, and could see louis smile from the radiating candle burning. The day.. couldn't have been anymore perfect. Though we didn't do much as planned, I was with him and that was all I cared. We sat at the park the whole day in each others arms, and were forced to go home from the sun going down later on. I still had no clue as to what he planned for tonight, for now, and I didn't ask. Until I heard a faint jingle sound coming from his pocket.


"Are you ready for your surprise, El?" He asked softly, with his lips close to my ear breathing cool air on my neck.


"Yes..." I whispered, opening my eyes to him.


"I have something for you..." he mumbled, pulling an object from his pant pocket. It jingled again, and I noticed it shined even in the darkness.


"Just close your eyes, okay?" He kissed my lips once, and I smiled into it whilst feelkng a cold object being slid slowly onto my wrist. It was familiar... and I remembered that feeling. The coldness, the keepsake, the constant feel of security when I had it with me, since I was small.


My charm bracelet..


"Where did you get this?" I opened my heavy eyelids, feeling tears form instantly.


"You dropped it. On the first day of school, it fell on me. I took off my sweater, to run and return it to you, when I seen you. Aimlessly attempting to open that door. And when I laid eyes on you, I just knew I couldn't give it back until I knew you were mine. I needed you with me, so I kept it until now.." He tangled his fingers with mine.


I leaned in closer to him and whispered softly in his ear, "well I'm yours. for always.." He laid me back, so he was on top of me kissing my nose gently. Lou's lips left my sensitive skin and he smiled brushing a strand of hair from my face. Its what I wanted. Him. Not a thing mattered in the world but this right now. My hand around his neck pulled me up more, and I deepened a kiss between us. His tongue gliding across my bottom lip for entrance which I granted immediately. Pulling away, I bit my lip and smiled. And I grabbed his hand sheepishly, resting it on my heart that was beating out of my chest. "do you see what you do to me?" I mumbled. He smiled and brought my hand to his chest, and rather than feeling just his heart thumping fast, I felt a cold object as well. I grasped the silver chain from beneath his shirt, and slowly held it between my fingers softly.


"What is this?" I asked examining the small key hooked on the bottom of the chain.


"Guess..." he whispered, holding my wrist up to look at the jewelry on my wrist. Dangling charms from it a small pair of ballet slippers, and a key to who holds my heart. Only, the key wasn't there. A tear escaped my eye as I finally understood.


"You hold my heart, Louis..."

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