She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


36. Better revenge

"Your father stopped by I assume?" Mom folded her arms across her chest, raising her eyebrows. She and the girls had gotten home about an hour ago, and because they were all tired from their recital and ballet practice I had to prepare dinner for them. As always.


"How did you know?" I asked gathering the remaining plates from the dining area.


"He called me and told me."


"Well if you knew, why did you ask?" I snapped.


"Don't start with the attitude. I was just asking. What did he say?" She made her way next to me, and we moved into the kitchen starting the warm water on the sink.


"He wants me to meet her and her daughter." I sighed.




"Yeah, but I'm not going..." I added. Mom took a long thought before answering. "You're going."


"No mom please!" I shouted.


"He's your father.. and you are going." She threw the dishtowel she held in her hand across the counter.


"But m-"


"No buts about it Ellie." She stomped out leaving me alone to finish cleaning up. I was cursing under my breath and scrubbing the dishes with so much force it was making a clanking and slamming sound against the metal sink. Mom walked back in leaning against the door frame.


"Watch your language." She snapped.


"Mhm." I smiled sarcastically.


"Oh, and don't think you are so slick with having him over."


"Who, dad?" I asked, pretending to have no clue what she was talking about. She didn't buy it at all unfortunately.


"You know who I'm talking about. I specifically told you to keep that boy away from my home." Mom raised her eyebrows in the -you are so in trouble- way. It was seriously getting way too familiar.


"Mom it's not like we're doing anything wrong or inappropriate. God." I flipped my hair over my shoulder that was threatening to be soaked by the dish soap bubbles. It was almost as annoying as my mother.


"Don't 'God' me. He has nothing to do w- What's that?!" She screamed pointing to my neck. And then I hadn't realized, my events with louis earlier left another pink mark on the region underneath my jawline once again. Because I have such a high misfortune, it was right where I flipped my hair to the other side.


"It's um..." I trailed off having nothing at all to say or mask the truth. It was exactly what it looked like. "Louis did that to you?!" She yelled still pointing at the mark as if it were some sort of disgusting disease.


"Yes.." I mumbled.


"Oh my god why did you let him do that?"


"Mom calm down its not like he hurt me or anything!" I shouted back.


"I'm calling his parents. He doesnt need to do that with you its a horrid influence." She grasped the phone from the kitchen desk. She couldn't call his parents. There was no way. He'd get into so much trouble and he would never see me again. Me on the other hand, if I took the blame then I'd still find a way to sneak out and see louis. I always do. "Mom its not his fault." I stood up for him.


"Oh then who's is it?" She raised her voice again clutching the phone still in her hand.


"I sort of.. um... I asked him to." I murmured.


"You what?!"


"Well... I didn't physically ask him. We were kissing, and I uh had my hand wrapped around his neck you know? And so I gradually led his lips to my below my ear and a little bit lower so yeah this happened. It's all my fault." I shrugged my shoulders. Her face became as red as a tomato paste. I was in for it.


"Give me your phone." She snapped. "I don't have it." I argued.


"Where is it?"


"Go look in the toilet." Mom opened her mouth again to scream but I already knew what she was going to say. "I know, I know. Go to my bedroom. Goodnight." I stomped upstairs and flew onto the bed. Almost smothering myself in the sheets and screaming into my pillows. After my long tantrum, I eventually and thankfully fell asleep. Mom drove me to school in silence again the following morning. She was truly pissed about the observation on my neck Louis gave me. She expected me to feel bad, or awful about it. But I just didn't. Its not like he hurt me whatsoever. It's something people in relationships do, right? I mean to me it kind of signifies that I'm only his. Like his mark was now on me, as cheesy and corny that may sound. Most of the things about my 'relationship talk' are though so hey. I was never an expert on boyfriend situations. Even since Louis had been my first. My first boyfriend, my first kiss, the first person to put a mark on me like that, and I'd assumed he'd be my first for practically everything that were to come later on. Which was completely okay with me.


So anywho, after mom dropped me off in the front of the school, I moped down the hallway to recieve my books from my locker. As I shut and locked it back up from grabbing my literature copy, louis snuck up to me.


"Hey beautiful." He kissed my cheek. I smiled weakly, "hey Lou."


"What's wrong?" Frowning, he lifted his bag more over his shoulder. "My mom saw this." I stated, pointing to my neck. He laughed at the sight, moving my hair behind my ear.


"I didn't realize I gave you that."


"Haha very funny." I smirked at him. "Its not that noticeable. Really." Smiling he didn't sound too sure about it. "It is! Its huge." I pouted my lips at him. "Yeah it sort of is.." he chuckled.


"You're awful." His eyes widened, "but I love you Louis." I added softly.


"I love you too.." he grabbed my hand. "shoot I'm sorry. I have to be in class in five minutes for that stupid test, I'll see you at lunch?" Lou glanced at the clock across the hall. "Yeah.. I gotta go cover this mark up." I giggled. "Bye babe." He kissed my lips, and turned to get to class. A couple people walked by snickering at our snog. Rude.


I walked slowly to the girls restroom, it being completely empty thank god. Looking in the mirror, I combed my hair to one side hiding the pink spot. Braiding it across my shoulder, it covered the mark pretty well. As I was satisfied with my cover up, I applied a bit of powder over it to vanish it even more. Before I could gather my items into my bag, I heard three faint voices turning the corner to enter the bathroom. I quickly threw all my stuff inside my book bag and hid in the stall, holding the door closed with one hand because of the irritating broken lock. It would only cause trouble if I was seen, because I was hanging by a thread with practically the whole school. I stood with my ear pressed against the stall door, ear hustling at the girls who walked in.


"I don't know what to do anymore.." one whined.


"Well you have to be tough!" Another added.


"Yeah Chelle, things are going to get better." The third girl said in her high pitched voice. Chelle and her annoying posse, Brit and Courtney. Fantastic. From what I heard the girls were fixing their makeup, and Chelle was right on the other side of my stall, checking herself out in the tiny mirror. And then I heard a faint cry from someone. "I still love him, ya'know?" She slammed something on the counter.


"He's dating Ellie now." Brit spoke softly she sounded probably afraid of her. Who wouldn't be? "I know but things are so horrible these days you don't get it.." Chelle still sniffled and sobbed. I'd never heard her so.. vulnerable and sad. It made me hold a grain of sympathy for her oddly. Haha no.


"What's going on?" Courtney asked.


"Well like I said I still love Louis and when I broke up with him it was a huge mistake. And now my stupid mom left my dad for some sleeze. And I have to meet his daughter this friday for dinner and I just don't want to be near them. He ruined my family." She cried uncontrollably. I didn't get what she said through my ears for a second. Until I realized, Michelle is Chelle. And I would be having dinner with her. In three days. Holy shit.


"His daughter? Do we know her?" Courtney asked. "No I just know she goes here. I don't know her name."


"Wow Chelle that sucks.." Brit mumbled. "Yeah and I bet she is a bitch so that makes it wo-" Chelle was about to continue when my grip on the door slipped from my palms sweating, so it left the stall opening and slamming right into her.


"Oh my god! Why would you do that?" The girls cried.


"God Ellie, first you pushed her on the bus, then you punched summer, and now you slammed the door at her! You are such a freak!" Courtney shouted.


"It was an accident I swear I'm sorry." I panniced.


"Be quiet niner! Am I bleeding?" Chelle screamed.


"No not at all." Brit tried to lie. Obviously failing. Chelle stood up from the ground and glanced in her reflection. Her lip bloody and swelled. "I can't believe you!" She stomped in front of me.


"I'm sorry!" I shouted back.


"You know what, I'm going to kill you!" Chelle screamed at the top of her lungs, pointing to her bruised lip. This was wonderful. I thought before, my revenge was going to be bad enough. But now.. oh lord I was done.

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