She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


35. A visit from dad

After Louis left, I was home for another long five hours. He couldn't stay because of some studying to do for his calculus test tomorrow. It was okay, I took that time to place our photos we had taken on the board along with the other collection of memories. They were quite cute. And indelible, it was adorable snapping photo after photo. The images consisted of me being continuously tickled by Louis. One of him leaning on the wall smirking deviously at the camera. Another was him kissing my left cheek, and my smile was in awe of how sweet he was being. Others were Lou sneaking little bunny ears behind my head as we posed together. After about a dozen shots, the last one was me between his legs, with my fingers pulling his lips closer toward mine. His hand was beneath the silk of my hair, as the timer went off on the camera and the photo was snapped. It was easy to tell how we were gazing into each other's eyes. If I were someone else, and I had seen this image I would have thought "how in love." But I still wondered, if we looked obviously fallen for each other, then why were people still trying to stop us? The feelings and the love was visibly there.


It was around six o'clock, and I was sprawled out on the bed, applying glue and little paper daisys to our photographs. I was smiling to myself, finishing the last touches. And I knew, there were going to be many more photos where that came from. Especially with Louis' mocking 'documenting our love' remarks. I heard the front door open downstairs from the silent and emptiness of the house. And then in a split second, my dad marched into the room. I jumped and covered the board with the duvet to hide the pictures.


"Ever heard of knocking?" I snapped at him.


"Ellie stop." He shot.


"Why are you here? You haven't seen us in like two weeks dad." I was still covering the remaining part of the board that was showing through the sheet. Dad hadn't noticed yet.


"I've moved in with Martha.." he sat on the edge of my dresser, twidling his thumbs.


"Great, your co worker? You've moved in with her and I had no clue. Good looking out, dad." Boy my attitude, I didnt even care.


"You don't understand El." He sighed.


"What about aunt Bette? what happened to her?"


"That was only a one time thing. And as I said before its none of your business." I scoffed and stood up from my bed, grabbing my ipod and pretending to ignore him.


"You're still seeing that boy?" He asked, clanking his set of work keys in his fingers nervously.


"Yes, dad."




"Its none of your business, what are you going to do, hit us again?" I shot.


"Dammit Ellie. Enough." Dad snapped and stood up.


"Why is it okay that you cheat on mom? But its horrible I'm dating a nice boy that I love very much." Running my fingers through my hair, I could tell a lump was forming in my throat.


"You love him?" His eyes widened.


"Oh my god dad yes."


"I don't want you seeing him."


"Why not?" "Because he's.. experienced." He put an extra infuses on 'experience.'


"What do you mean?" My face twisted in confusion.


"You know.. he's 'educated' And I don't want you to have-"


"Dad. Ew. Stop." I stomped my foot down, disgusted.


"What I'm trying to say is... well. What I'm trying to ask is um.. are you, you know?" Dad played with the collar on his shirt, clearly beat red from this conversation.


"Dad, I'm a virgin." I brought my hands up to rub my temples out of frustration and discomfort.


"Phew. that's uh.. good for you." He whiped a layer of sweat from his forehead with the back of his clammy skinned hand.


"Oh god, dad can you stop?" I whined of embarrassment.


"Sorry. I'm a dad. And I worry."


"Is that all you came here for?" I tried to drive away from the awkward conversation.


"Ah, I almost forgot. I want you to come meet Martha and her daughter this friday. At dinner."


"No, absolutely not." I protested.


"Yes, you're coming."


"I refuse." "


Ellie you are coming whether you like it or not." He put his foot down.


"why? Dad I don't want to go meet some lady who ruined my family. And her stupid daughter." I paced annoyed across my room.


"Our family was already ruined. And her daughter isn't stupid. You might know her, she goes to the highschool."


"Uggggh. What's her name, and what grade is she in?"


"Her name is Michelle. And she's a senior I believe."


"Great. That's wonderful. A senior." I laughed sarcastically.


"What's wrong with seniors? You're dating one."


"Yeah, I'm dating Louis. The rest of the seniors hate me because of it. And now I have to go have dinner with this person who's probably daddy's little girl."


He took a breath, "she's having a hard time Ellie. Her mother split up with her father and she's not taking it lightly."


"Yeah dad, her mother split up with him because of you!" I shouted. Dad made an annoyed grunt and stood up to walk out. Before leaving he added, "You're going and thats final."

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