She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


32. A fight with Louis

I watched his lips pressed to hers for a good long time. His eyes still closed, and hers filled with lust and a smile of satisfaction. He should have pulled away now, right? It made me jealous. It made me want to break down and cry. It made me wish Chelle was the one with the broken nose. And it made me wish I didn't care about Louis so much, So it didn't hurt like this. I slid my back down the wall on the corner, being completely invisible to Louis and Chelle. Now they couldn't see me, and I couldn't see them either. I only listened to their whispers.


"Why are you doing this?" He shouted.


"I want to get back together, Louis." She cried.


"I'm with El, you know that." He stood his ground. I was rooting for him. But I couldn't but in, it was between louis and her. It would cause another scene if they knew I was listening.

"You can't tell me you didn't feel anything in that kiss Lou." Her voice softened making me want to puke. There was no way in hell he felt anything, right? He didn't answer her.


"Louis..." she purred.


"You were the one who broke up with me, remember?" He shot.


"But it was a mistake! I was going through a hard time and I still am louis. I want you back."

Hold the hell up. Chelle was and I'm pretty sure isn't going through any hard times right now. She gets anything and everything she wants in life. Chelle didn't know what a hard time was. The only difficulty in her life right now was, trying and failing to seduce my boyfriend. One thing in the world she couldn't have.


"No chelle.." louis held back. And then I heard a small smacking sound. One that could only really be heard when kissing. I stood up from the ground with that lump in my throat. Turning slowly in the other direction, prepared to run, with my hand over my mouth to keep secret of my sob fighting to escape. Sucking in a deep breath as well, hoping it'd help a bit. My mouth didn't give away my presence, niether did my cries or breathing, as I attempted to run away like I'd always did, my shoe squeaked against the tiled floor making a slight shreeking sound. I heard what sounded like a gasp, and someone being pushed.


"Louis stop! I still love you." She cried, pleading for him to love her back. 


"get off of me!" He yelled and I heard a set of footsteps run down the other hall, and one patted round the corner where I was. 


"ellie..." Louis whispered, and tried to make me look at him. I just couldn't.   "el, don't be angry." He stated.


"I can't be angry? What am I suppose to do, Louis? Sit around and let my boyfriend kiss some slut who ruins my life?!" I shouted, still letting tears spring free.


"I didn't kiss her! She kissed me you obviously saw right? I thought it was you, but it wasn't!"


"Oh but you knew it wasn't me! Do I sound like her? Do I kiss like her? If it wasn't me why would you sit there and let her kiss you again?" I sobbed and sniffled, whiping pouring cries off my damp cheeks.


"It wasn't like that..." He mumbled.


"Then what was it, Louis?"


"I didn't know it was her okay, and she came onto me like that you heard her!" He yelled and pointed down the hall where she had fled minutes ago.


"When you kissed her, did she feel the same as me?" I asked, lowering my tone about eight notches.


"What do you mean?" He questioned, confused.


"What you feel when my lips are pressed to yours.. you felt that with her." whispering, my voice was filled with obvious hurt that cracked and croaked at my cries.


"no I didn't." He argued.


"You would have pulled away, Louis. If you didn't feel that with her!"


"It's different." Murmuring, he ran his fingers through his hair. 


"It's different With her. She still loves you, Louis. And... you still obviously have feelings for her too."   He didn't object, or protest, or deny, or argue. Which meant, he loved her? He loved mean ugly horrid life ruiner Chelle. How could he? I put everything on the line for him. I've been hit, emotionally abused, bullied, shunned, you name it. Because I chose to be with him. Right now, was it even worth it?


"Whatever, I knew this was all a mistake Louis." I snapped and tried  to walk away until he grabbed me again.


"What was a mistake?" He asked, offended and hurt.


"Being with you!" I cried and pried my arm from his hand. Walking slowly from him, down the hall he asked,


"You're running away from me? Again?"


"Just leave me alone Louis! Don't talk to me...." I still sobbed which I wished would have stopped. It made me feel and look even weaker than it seemed. But I was weak.


"You're being so immature." He mumbled.


"That's what you get, for falling for someone who's too young." I shot and stomped away not daring to look back at him, afraid he'd see more of the weak I had already exposed.

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