Trust (A 1D Fan Fiction)

Addie’s life got a little more hectic when she fought over the last copy of Toy Story….. with Harry Styles. From the moment they see each other, it’s love at first sight.... but only for one of them. Harry will try everything to win Addie’s attention and gain her trust, but after an ugly breakup with her boyfriend only weeks earlier, Addie is hesitant about giving him any trust at all.

A/N: I am not really a Directioner, but my best friends are, so this is really for them; if you find something about 1D that's wrong, don't worry, they'll be the first to correct me! :P But I'll do my best!!! Thanks for reading!


5. Chapter 5

(Addie's POV)

"Addie! Wake up!"  I hear someone yelling.  My eyes snap open and I look at the clock.  11:38.  Wow, I slept late.

Crud,  I slept late!!!  The boys are supposed to be here in less than half an hour and I'm still in my pajamas, not to mention the fact that I haven't even texted them my address or showered or anything!!!

I text Harry my address and slam my phone down on the bedside table.

"Kate?  Faith!"  I jump out of bed, running into the kitchen.

"What?"Kate says, sticking her head out from behind the door of the fridge.

"Why didn't you wake me up sooner?!?!?" I exclaim.

"We tried to! you kept protesting and saying you needed 'five more minutes,'" She says, closing the fridge door and putting the bottle of sweet tea she grabbed on the table in front of her.

"Crud," I say again.  "Well, the boys are supposed to be here at noon.  I, for one, am going to take the fastest shower of my life and then get dressed and attempt to clean up.  Could you two help me by cleaning up while I'm in the shower?"

"Okay,"  Kate sighs as she flips her dirty blonde hair back over her shoulder as Faith comes into the kitchen.

"Hey, Ad,"  She says, smiling as she takes in my disheveled appearance and displeased expression.  She laughs, her curly blonde hair bouncing around her shoulders.

"What?!" I say defensively.

"Nothing, you just look so angry I can't handle it,"  she pulls it together after that.

"Anyway.  I'm showering."  I say, turning on my heel and heading to the shower.

I take a shower in record time, then hop out and pull on light wash skinny jeans, a simple gray crew neck sweater, and a royal blue scarf.  Then I put on my favorite (also gray) moccasins and blow dry my hair, attempting to tame it into looking presentable.


"I AM THE MASTER!"  I yell, heading out into the living room as I pull my long, sweeping bangs back with a hair clip.

"How so?"  Kate asks, standing in front of the mirror in the front hallway, adjusting her hair and makeup.  She is also wearing skinny jeans, but she pairs them with a kelly green sweater and a silver flower necklace.  Faith, standing next to her, is wearing red jeans and a white sequin sweater.

"Sweater weather?"  I ask.  They nod as I continue.  "I am the master because I showered, dried my hair, and got dressed in under 22 minutes."

"But you didn't have to factor in time for makeup,"  Kate says, punctuating her point by pointing the tube of lip gloss she's holding at me.

"Fair enough,"  I say, as I reach out to the couch and adjust the pillows on it.  I pull my phone out of my back pocket and put it on the coffee table after I read the message from Harry that says the boys are on their way.

"The boys are on their way, although they said that like ten minutes ago so they should be here any second!"  I tell the other girls, and we all scramble to put makeup bags, hairbrushes, and clips in our bathroom.  I shove our phone chargers into the front bin just in time as there's a knock on our door.  I wait a second, so I don't seem overeager.  Then I smooth my hair back, adjust my sweater, and approach the door.

I look through the peephole to see the faces of 5 expectant boys, and I smile and pull the door open.

"Hey, guys!"  I say, smiling.  "Come on in!"

Harry enters first, followed by Liam, Zayn, Louis, and finally Niall after whom I shut the door.

"Kate! Faith!"  I call out.  They've disappeared to other places in the apartment so it doesn't seem like they were waiting for them.  "The boys are here!"

"Coming,"  I hear Faith say from the loft.

"Be out in a second," Kate says, I'm guessing from the computer desk in our makeshift office.

"So how are you all?"  I ask, attempting to make small talk with the five of them, who all look very nervous and awkward.  The sight of them, all looking like little boys who are nervously waiting to be told bad news, makes me want to laugh.  Luckily, I'm saved by Harry's answer.

"We're doing well.  And you?"

"Good, we're doing good." I look awkwardly around the apartment.


A/N So that's the chapter.... i didn't know how to finish it:)

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