Trust (A 1D Fan Fiction)

Addie’s life got a little more hectic when she fought over the last copy of Toy Story….. with Harry Styles. From the moment they see each other, it’s love at first sight.... but only for one of them. Harry will try everything to win Addie’s attention and gain her trust, but after an ugly breakup with her boyfriend only weeks earlier, Addie is hesitant about giving him any trust at all.

A/N: I am not really a Directioner, but my best friends are, so this is really for them; if you find something about 1D that's wrong, don't worry, they'll be the first to correct me! :P But I'll do my best!!! Thanks for reading!


4. Chapter 4

(Addie's POV)

I shake my head in disbelief.  Of all the people in the world that I could've run into, it had to be Harry Styles.

"OMG!!  Has he texted you yet??" Kate asks excitedly.  I pull my phone out of my back pocket and check it.

"No, not yet."  She bounces around.

"I can't wait until he does!!!!!!"  She nearly screams.

"K, calm yourself!  He will text her when he's ready to text her."  Faith says.  Then she pauses, and because I knew she had something more to say, she continues.  "Although, when he does, it wouldn't be ALL bad if you could get us to meet up with them because, I have to say, Kate would love to meet them and I wouldn't be at all sad if I got to meet........ one of them."

I smile at her, knowing she means Liam, but I'm not going to say anything.  We sit in silence, just looking at each other, for a few minutes, eating pizza.  Finally, the silence is broken when I jump.

"What? What happened?" Kate says, looking at me.

"My phone just went off."

"Well?  ANSWER IT!!"

"Okay, okay, hang on a second."  I pull my phone out of my pocket again and check the message.

"'Hey, it's Harry.  What's up?'"  I read aloud.

"Well?"  Faith says.  "What are you waiting for?  Text him back!!"



H: Hey, it's Harry;)

A: Heyy:)  What's up?

H: Hanging with the guys.  Apparently you were at the pizza place right in front of a few of them?

A: Really? Small world, lol:)

H: Mmhmm... Zayn says you're a purty girl;)

A: Why is it that I highly doubt that?:/

H: What?

A: I highly doubt that Zayn Malik called me pretty..... excuse me: 'purty'

A: It just isn't all that believable.

H: C'mon, you are though.;)

A: Aw thanks;) Anyway, I was wondering if you and the guys might wanna meet up tomorrow or something?  You could come hang at my place... My friends are dying to get proof that I met *the* Hazza..

H: I'd love too, and I'll make the lads come with me:) What time?

A: Whenever works for you!   Say, around noon?

H: Sounds good.  Should we bring anything?

A: Nah, just yourselves.  We can go out for lunch or something.

H: Okay, awesome.

A: :)Yeah! Well, I'm gonna go to bed.  I'll text your our address in the morning, okay?

H: Okay. Night! :)

A: See you tomorrow!


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