Trust (A 1D Fan Fiction)

Addie’s life got a little more hectic when she fought over the last copy of Toy Story….. with Harry Styles. From the moment they see each other, it’s love at first sight.... but only for one of them. Harry will try everything to win Addie’s attention and gain her trust, but after an ugly breakup with her boyfriend only weeks earlier, Addie is hesitant about giving him any trust at all.

A/N: I am not really a Directioner, but my best friends are, so this is really for them; if you find something about 1D that's wrong, don't worry, they'll be the first to correct me! :P But I'll do my best!!! Thanks for reading!


3. Chapter 3

(Addie’s POV)

“Hey, girl!”  I hear Kate call from the living room of our shared apartment.  I kick the door shut behind me and go into the kitchen to set the pizza boxes down.

“What took you so long, Ad?” Faith asks me from the couch as I join them in the living room.

“Oh, I met this guy at the store while I was getting Toy Story for my cousin’s birthday present.”

“Ooo, was he cute?” Kate says, always one to get to the point.

“Enh, yeah, I guess he was.  I didn’t really notice though.  He asked me for my number.”  They squeal.

“What was his name, and what did he look like?”

“His name was Harry, he had a British accent, he talked slowly, kind of a deepish voice, he was pretty tall with brown, curly hair that he kept fixing and messing with, and—“ Kate breaks in.

“If you say green eyes I am going to scream, Ad.”  She says, leaning forwards towards me.

“Fine, then I won’t say it.”  She screams anyway.

“Addie!” She says, grabbing her laptop off of the coffee table.  She types something into it, and then turns the screen around so I can see it.

“Did he look like that?” She says, barely able to contain herself.

My jaw drops as I finally put two and two together.  Now I know where I’ve seen that guy before.  One Direction, the band that Kate’s been obsessed with since… forever.  And that I’ve never paid much attention to.  Kate sees the expression on my face, and she and Faith look at each other and start bouncing up and down uncontrollably.

Oh.  My. Gosh.

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