Trust (A 1D Fan Fiction)

Addie’s life got a little more hectic when she fought over the last copy of Toy Story….. with Harry Styles. From the moment they see each other, it’s love at first sight.... but only for one of them. Harry will try everything to win Addie’s attention and gain her trust, but after an ugly breakup with her boyfriend only weeks earlier, Addie is hesitant about giving him any trust at all.

A/N: I am not really a Directioner, but my best friends are, so this is really for them; if you find something about 1D that's wrong, don't worry, they'll be the first to correct me! :P But I'll do my best!!! Thanks for reading!


2. Chapter 2

(Harry’s POV)

I walk into my apartment that I share with my four best friends and flop down on the couch with a sigh.

“What’s up, Harry?”  My friend Louis asks from the armchair next to the couch.

“Oh, nothing.” I say, looking at Addie’s contact on my phone.

“Ooooooooooh!!” I hear my friend Liam say from behind me, coming in from the kitchen with a glass of water.  “Harry’s got a girl’s number!”  I quickly turn my phone screen down, but it’s useless because I know he saw enough.

“Harry’s got a crush, now, does he?”  Louis says, a devilish smile appearing on his face.  I can feel myself turning red.  Of all the times to turn red.  It has to be now.  In front of my friends.  Who will tease me like heck.  Seriously?

I hear the door open again, and Louis looks up at the ceiling and yells, “PIZZA!”  Then he pauses and yells again, “Niall!  Zayn!  Harry’s got a girl’s number!”  Come on, Lou.  Really?

“Nice, mate!” Zayn says, coming in the room with Niall behind him, holding pizza boxes.  “What’s her name?”

“Addie,” I reply.  Liam pounces.

“Ohhh, Addie,” He says dramatically.  “I could stare at you all day and get lost in your—what color are her eyes?” He breaks off, and I answer without thinking.


“—And get lost in your blue-green eyes for hours!  I loooooove yooooou!”

“Ok, so what does she look like?”  Zayn wants to know, as Niall starts digging into the pizza.

“Well, she’s pretty tall for a girl, but she’s about two or three inches shorter than me.  Anyway, kinda tall, thin, athletic looking girl with long, curlyish—but not super curly –brown hair.  But not dark brown, lighter brown with these really pretty but sorta natural and faint blonde highlights and a light dusting of freckles on her nose and—“

“Wow.  ‘really pretty but sorta natural?’  ‘light dusting of freckles?’”  Niall asks through bites of pizza.  “He’s got it bad, boys.”  I shoot him a look.

“Woah, was she wearing skinny jeans, dark blue Converse lows, and a brightly colored, kind of tribal print sweatshirt?  Not a hoodie, but just the sweatshirt part?” Now look who’s going into too much detail, ZAYN.

“Yes,” I reply finding it a little creepy that he knew that.

“She was at the pizza place, like, right in front of us.”

“Really,” I say, sitting up a little straighter.

“Yeah.  Nice, man,” Now it’s like we’re a bunch of teenage girls, as he gives me a high-five.  Louis, Liam, and Niall all chime in, asking Zayn if she’s cute.

“Well, yeah, but it’s not like I’m crushing on her or anything like that,” He replies, looking at me.  I smile and look at her contact screen again.

Man, I do have it bad.

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