Trust (A 1D Fan Fiction)

Addie’s life got a little more hectic when she fought over the last copy of Toy Story….. with Harry Styles. From the moment they see each other, it’s love at first sight.... but only for one of them. Harry will try everything to win Addie’s attention and gain her trust, but after an ugly breakup with her boyfriend only weeks earlier, Addie is hesitant about giving him any trust at all.

A/N: I am not really a Directioner, but my best friends are, so this is really for them; if you find something about 1D that's wrong, don't worry, they'll be the first to correct me! :P But I'll do my best!!! Thanks for reading!


1. Chapter 1

(Addie’s POV)

I walk into the store, looking for a birthday gift for my cousin, who is six.  I think I have the perfect movie in mind…. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t love Toy Story?

After scanning the aisles for about five minutes, I find it.  Perfect.  I have one cousin, and there is one copy.  I stride toward it purposefully and reach out for it, already imagining what I’ll do tonight since I already have this done.

At the same time my hand meets the box, somebody else has the same idea as me. Suddenly I turn my head and find myself staring up- up!- into a pair of green eyes.  I say up because I’m pretty tall for a girl at five-foot eight.  Whoever this guy is, he’s probably around two or three inches taller than me.

We both stand awkwardly, holding the movie between us, for more time than is probably necessary.

“Sorry,” He finally says, sounding a little stunned, in an accent I can’t place in only one word.

“No, you’re fine,” I say politely, pushing the box towards him.  “Go ahead, you take it.”

“No, I think you should take it.  I insist.” He replies, and now I can tell that the accent is British.

“Um.. ok.  Thanks……” I pause, waiting for a name.

“Harry.” He replies shortly, messing with his hair nervously.  Ok.  For some reason he looks a little familiar, but I can’t tell from where.

“So… why were you here getting that movie?”  He asks, slowly, as if he’ll forget how to talk.

“Oh, I’m getting a birthday gift for my cousin.  He’s turning six.  What about you?”

“My friend just really likes that movie.” He says, matter-of-factly, finally taking his hands away from his hair as I smile at his response.  “What’s your name?”  He asks, quickly, as though he thinks I might leave.

“Addie.” I reply, tucking my hair behind my ear.

“That’s a really nice name,” He says, struggling to keep the conversation going.

“Thanks!  I don’t get that a lot, actually.  I get a lot of ‘you don’t look like an Addie’ comments instead.”  I say, laughing.

“I think it suits you.” He says, taking in my green-blue eyes, long wavy brown hair, and tall, thin frame.

“Well, thanks.”  I say.  He stands there, staring at me.  My phone goes off, and I pull it out of my pocket.  It’s my best friend Kate reminding me and my other best friend, Faith, that movie night starts in ten minutes and that yes, there will be pizza, Addie, as long as you pick it up on the way.

“Well, I should get going,” I say, turning to Harry.  “My friend always wants me to be on time for movie night, and I have to pick up the pizza, too.” I explain quickly, when his face falls a little.

“Ok.  Bye.”  He says, like he wants to say more.  I wave goodbye, turning and walking away on my Converse-clad heel.  I’m near the cash register when someone taps me on the shoulder.

“Hi, Harry,” I say, wondering why he followed me.

“Can I have your phone number?” He blurts, then looks scared.  I smile.

“Sure, no problem.  Can I see your phone?”  He pulls an iPhone out of his pocket and clicks around, and when he hands it to me a new contact is already pulled up.  I type in Addie followed by my phone number, then hit save.  “Here you go,” I say, and he takes it eagerly.

“Thanks.  I’ll text you?”

“Sure.  See ya around, Harry.”

“See ya, Addie.”

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