Dark Turns Into Light. (Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Lauren Harper is a average sixteen year old girl with only one true friend, Katlyn or Kat. Katlyn starts dating the bad boy and like every girl, wants to change him. His name is Zayn Malik. He starts falling for Lauren more then he can handle? But can Lauren change him? But...what if she has someone else she wants over time....Will she cheat on him?


5. What Did I Get MySelf Into.


         I went to the gym where Zayn was, " What are you doing here?" He asked. " Board." I shrugged sitting on a chair. " I got a job for you." He said taking off the boxing gloves. I got up.


         He gave me a kiss every time he went down on his push ups. " Ew." Kat said walking in with a grin. " Mind your own business." I laughing. She raised her arms in defense, " it's motivation." I said giving her a wink.


         " He has been clean since you have been with him, you know what right?" Liam said. " Yea." I said. Zayn sat next to me and Niall on the other side. " Hey." They both said. " guess what!" Kat and I said at the same time. " what." The boys sighed. " We are gonna try out for soccer and hopfully make it." I said.


* After School *


         I kicked the ball full force, the goalie missed it. Kat hit the ball and hit the goalie in the stomach, " dude." I laughed. " I am sorry!" She shouted laughing. " Nice job Katlyn." Zayn shouted. I looked over to the bench watching him laugh. I went towards my duffle bag. " Alright. Lauren and Katlyn, you are in." Coach Raven said. We both screaming and hugged eachother. " Mine." Zayn said tugging me away from Kat. " um. No." she said trying to get me away from him. " No!" She cried. " I am here for you Kat." Harry said hugging her, more like an attack. She kissed him and my eyes almost bulged out of my head. " Curly is mine." She winked as they walked away. " I wish Harry luck." I laughed. " Me too." Zayn laughed kissing my forehead.


         Me and Niall were studying for our exam, " I can't do this anymore. My brain is fried." He groaned falling back. " I'll go get ice cream." I said getting up. " Chocolate please." He said. " aleight." I said.


         I went back upstairs and I bumped into Niall. I looked into his deep crystal blue eyes and he crashed his lips into mine. The fuck did I just get myself into!

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