Dark Turns Into Light. (Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Lauren Harper is a average sixteen year old girl with only one true friend, Katlyn or Kat. Katlyn starts dating the bad boy and like every girl, wants to change him. His name is Zayn Malik. He starts falling for Lauren more then he can handle? But can Lauren change him? But...what if she has someone else she wants over time....Will she cheat on him?


4. The Week.

          We went to a house party. We went into the loud house, the smell of alcohol and sweat. He put his arm around my waist carefully, " Stay next to me all the time alright? Who knows what is gonna happen here." He said. I nodded as we passed girls grinding, gross.


          " Who are you?" Someone said behind me. I turned around, " Erm. Lauren." I said. He has light brown hair, blue eyes and looked dangerous. " Wanna dance?" He asked. " No." I said sternly. He grabbed my arm, " Now." He said. " Hey Jake." Zayn said. I looked at Zayn and his jaw clenched. " Leave her alone." Zayn shouted. " Whoa man. I just wanna dance with her." Jake said. " Who the hell would wanna dance with you?" I said yanking my arm away from him. " Be right back." Zayn whispered in my ear. He left for a few minutes. Jake stepped closer to me with a smirk. I trembled as I stepped back.


          Zayn beat the shit out of him, " You alright?" Zayn asked slipping his hand in mine. I shook my head and he put his arm around my waist. " I am sorry I brought you here." He said. " It's fine." I said as he opened the door for me. I slipped into the seat and then he closed the door. He went quickly to the other side and went into the seat.


          " Can I stay here tonight?" I asked. " Sure." He said getting a big t-shirt and sweatpants from his drawers. " Thanks." I said as he handed them to me. " Not a problem." He said as I went into the bathroom. I locked the door and slipped the sweat pants first the took off my dress. I put on the t-shirt that was a bit big on me. I folded the dress and put it on the side. I opened the door finding Zayn already in bed.


          I put my head on his chest and he put his hands around my waist. " Zayn." I said. He opened his eyes, " Why do you fight?" I asked. " I don't want anyone touching what's mine." He said. " I am not yours, yet." I said. " I got a question." He said. I looked at him, " Why do you act like you hate me?" He asked softly. " I don't hate you Zayn." I said. " Then why act like you do?" He asked. " I grew up with people I loved, I got hurt. I promise myself not to like anyone." I said. " What happened?" He asked. I sat up, " It first started in the fifth grade." I said.


          " I liked him a lot during eighth grade. He said we wouldn't hurt me. He did." I said. Zayn looked at me, " He went with that bitch Taylor. She did anything to make me upset, she finally won." I said as tears went down my cheeks. " It's not worth crying for. That was a long time ago." He said wiping my tears with his thumb. " It still hurts." I said.


*Next Day*


          Zayn walked me home, " Your weird." He laughed. " thanks." I chuckled. " In a good way." He said as we went inside the house. " Ahhh! the lovely couple!" Kat gushed. " Where have you been Lauren?" Dad asked. " I slept over at Zayn's." I said sitting on the couch by Kat. " I wanna be the god mother!" Kat laughed. " We did not do it. shut up." I said hitting her arm. " owie." She pouted.


* Monday *


          He lit the cigarette, " Zayn." I said. " sorry." He said opening the car window. He stopped the car and parked it. I opened the car door and stepped down grabbing my bag. I closed the door and Zayn slipped his hand in mine. " I'll see you at lunch." He said kissing my forehead before we went inside. " Alright." I said.


          " He treated me pretty bad." Kat sighed. " He is really nice to me. I don't know." I said. " oww owww bad boy good girl cliche. I love that." She winked. " Shut up." I said as she turned around. " You didn't deny it." She said. My stomach started cramping, shit.


         My stomach hurts so much, I got out of the bathroom and put my hair in a bun. " Period?" Kat asked. I nodded. " Hey babe." Zayn said engulfing me in a hug. " Leave me alone." I groaned. " you alright?" He asked. I shook my head as we walked into the cafeteria.


         Zayn came home with me, my parents were going to be at work until twelve. I layed down with him on the couch. My body on top of his, felt awkward. I placed my heat on his chest and he put one of his arms around my waist. " I am gonna go get a blanket." He said. " Don't go." I pouted. " alright." He said. He turned on the tv and I slowly fell asleep.


         " Lauren." Zayn said sofly in my ear. " Yea?" I said. " I gotta go." He said. I opened my eyes, " please stay." I said. " My mum is worried." He said then gave me a kiss. " Alright." I said. " Love you." He said. I felt tingly, " Love you too."" I said before he closed the door.


*Next Morning*


         " Good morning." Zayn said, I opened my eyes. I looked into his eyes, " Zayn." I groaned. " Save it for bed." He chuckled. " I am in bed." I smirked. " ew." He laughed giving me a kiss. " Just stay with me here and don't go to school." I said, " you have to go to school too." He said getting up. " I am not getting up." I said turning to the other side.  " You not gonna get a hug or a kiss." He said. I got up, " I'm up." I said.


         I put on sweatpants then a v-neck. " You ready?" He asked. I opened the door and I hit his chest. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my forehead. " this will be over really soon alright love?" He said. I nodded.

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