Dark Turns Into Light. (Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Lauren Harper is a average sixteen year old girl with only one true friend, Katlyn or Kat. Katlyn starts dating the bad boy and like every girl, wants to change him. His name is Zayn Malik. He starts falling for Lauren more then he can handle? But can Lauren change him? But...what if she has someone else she wants over time....Will she cheat on him?


3. I Am Scared.

          He came downstairs. I felt holes be burnt through my body as he looked at me. I didn't know Zayn was this rich.


          Zayn's brother sat next to me, Adam. " Zayn, why don't you show Lauren around the house." Trisha said. " sure." He aid as we got up. He showed me around, the house has many rooms. We went last in his room, " That's pretty much it." He said. I pressed my lips in a thin line and nodded a bit.


         He put his hand on me knee under the table. I gulpped as his hand moved up my leg. I moved my legs so he could stop touching me, " So Lauren. What do tou want to go to college for?" Trisha asked. " I really want to go for psychology." I said then drank a bit of my water. She nodded, " I reckon you got to school with Zayn." she said. I nodded.


          We left after an hour then went home. I trembled as I went upstairs, I was scared what he was gonna do next.


*Next Day*


          I started shaking as he came next to me and sat down. " You alright?" Harry asked. I shook my head, 'why?' he mouthed. 'Zayn' I mouthed back. His eyes widened,. Harry has always been there for me in Kat wasn't. I only known him for a year but I trust him lots.


          " Go on a date with me." Zayn said. " If I do will you stop bugging me?!" I said. " Maybe." He said. " Fine. seven alright?" I said. " Alright." He said. I slammed my locker as people watched us go down the hall.


          " You can't go out with him!" Kat said. " It's either this or he keeps bothering me." I said writing down the last answer for my maths paper.


* 6:30 *


          I have a half an hour, I was staring at my closet. I grabbed a longer dress. It was tight at the top again with white but flowed down a like green. I slipped it on then put on mascara, my green eyes turned bright. I put my grandmum's locket around my neck. The doorbell rang. I am scared.

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