Dark Turns Into Light. (Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Lauren Harper is a average sixteen year old girl with only one true friend, Katlyn or Kat. Katlyn starts dating the bad boy and like every girl, wants to change him. His name is Zayn Malik. He starts falling for Lauren more then he can handle? But can Lauren change him? But...what if she has someone else she wants over time....Will she cheat on him?


1. He Asked Me Out.

         I brushed through my long brown hair that went to my hips. I ran the straightener through my hair again and looking at the mirror. I hated every part of my body, except my eyes. There are a bright green which I loved. " Some on slut." Katlyn said coming through the door. " Alright alright." I said turning my straightener off.


          I slid into my skinny jeans then put on a big jumper. " You look hot." Katlyn said. " Thanks sexy." I winked. Katlyn has been my best friend and only friend since primary. She is the only one I trusted, she is the true friend that everyone has. " We going?" She asked. " yup." I said getting my bag. We went downstairs and I slipped on my shoes as she got a bagel from the pantry. Katlyn came when ever she wanted to, always eating my food.


         Katlyn and I were considered 'popular'. I hated everyone and everything. I put on my chapstick and snapped the cap back on then put in back in my pocket. " You going to practice?" Katlyn asked as I opened my locker. " Why wouldn't I?" I asked. " I don't know but guess what!" she shreaked. " Your pregnant?" I grinned, I just got slapped. " Owie." I pouted closing my locker. " Zayn asked me out." She said. I stopped and stared at her. She doesn't know what she getting into.

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