Dark Turns Into Light. (Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Lauren Harper is a average sixteen year old girl with only one true friend, Katlyn or Kat. Katlyn starts dating the bad boy and like every girl, wants to change him. His name is Zayn Malik. He starts falling for Lauren more then he can handle? But can Lauren change him? But...what if she has someone else she wants over time....Will she cheat on him?


8. Chapter 8.

          I saw him look at me, disappointed. Guilt washed over me as Niall held my hand, he stomped on his cigarette irritated and walked in school. " Never seen him this mad." Niall said, " I will go talk to him." I said. He nodded and I went quickly to find him. He punched the kid again right in front of me, tears spilled from my eyes as the kid fell. His stare hardened as he looked at me, he turned around. I opened my mouth to say something but closed it. " Don't even waste your breathe talking an excuse." He growled, " I'm sorry." I said. One of my tears hit the floor, everyone was watching.


          He saw my fake I.D. " You can go in." He said handing it back.


          I found Zayn. He bashed into me, " I am sorry." He said wrapping his arms around my waist. He put his head in the crock of my neck, my knees felt weak. I couldn't do this, tears slipped as he looked into my eyes. " Why make me jealous?" He asked inching his face closer. Sail by Awolnation started playing, " Why?" He asked. My tears stopped, " I'm sorry." I said. " If he really cared, he would be here in my position. Where is he?" He asked, " I don't know." I choked out. " Because that little bitch doesn't love you like I do. Seeing you always walk down that fucking hall." He laughed, " Don't call him a little bitch." I said. " He called you the worst names behind your back. And yet still you fucking are with him." He said inching his face closer to mine. I felt his warm breathe fan over my face, " Let her go." Harry said. He pushed me away, my breathing hitched and I started shaking. " For fuck sake Zayn!" Harry shouted, Harry took my hand and led me outside.


          He started scaring me, " Thanks." I said quietly to Harry. " Zayn won't stop until he gets what he wants." He said without looking at me, " He wants you and he won't stop until he does. This is a warning, get Niall far away from him as possible for the next few weeks." He said. I nodded.


          I woke up and looked at my alarm clock. Then it rung, I slammed my fist on it to turn it off.


                    I slipped on my vans and headed to the side walk.

                              Zayn was watching us go inside, " I'm done with him." Niall growled. " Niall don't." I warned, he yanked his arm away from me and went towards Zayn. " Get her out of here!" Zayn shouted, Louis grabbed my arm and led me inside. " for fuck sake." He sighed, I ran back over there. Niall was already on the ground, on conshous. " If you really care, you wouldn't hurt him." I cried, " Louis." He growled. " I tried." Louis said, " If you really cared about me Zayn, You wouldn't of hit him! your the little bitch." I spat out. " I am the little bitch?" He said stepping closer, " Yes you are! Beating people up that didn't do anything to you? Your a fucking monster." I said as tears stained my cheeks.

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