Save Me

Nicole also known as Nick, has a rough home life. She recently graduated from her high school where she was constantly bullied. When she was at home her father would beat her to the point where she wanted to be back at school. She soon meets a boy that will change her life forever.


5. Ch. 5

Nick's POV

We got back to Harry's place  I followed him upstairs to his room. We sat down in the bed. I cuddled up to him, he laughed a little at my action. He gently started to stroke my hair. "What happened to you?" He asked. I instantly tensed up, he would hate me if he knew. He would toss me out into the street. "I can't tell you." I whispered. "Why not?" He asked in a gently tone. "Because you would hate me." I said.

"Nick I could never hate you. You walked out a week ago, I wanted to hate you for leaveing but I couldn't because I knew why you did it. Nick I love you. In my eyes the sun isn't the center of the universe you are. Nick what ever happened to you in that house was not your fault. Please tell me." He pleaded. I took a deep breath.

"Harry. The beatings got worse and more frequent. One night he got really drunk and he started to touch me. Harry don't hate me I tried to stop him but I couldn't he raped me Harry. I'm so sorry." I sobbed into his chest. He held me closer and I could hear him cry with me. 

"How many times?" He silently asked.

"over 100." i sobbed. He now moved me so I was sitting on his lap. He gently rocked me and stroked my hair. He quietly cried while I let out violent bone rattling sobs. I couldn't stop crying, it was endless. He never let go. "Shh baby it's okay now." He whispered. I couldn't calm down. My sobs soon turned to angry screams. I got out of Harry's grip and started to pace. I had so much anger built up in me. Before I could stop my self I punched a hole in the wall. Harry jumped from the bed and grabbed my waist. My legs gave way and now we were sitting on the floor crying. Louis ran in. "Why is there a hole in my wall?" He asked. 

"I'm sorry Lou I was angry." I said. My tears had now stopped. Louis came over and sat in front of us. 

"Remind me never to piss you off." He said trying to lighten the mood. It worked because I let out a slight giggle. "I'm not gonna ask any questions other that do you guys want food?" I jumped up and ran downstairs to the kitchen. I hadn't eaten in days and I was hungry.I heard Louis tell Harry that everything was going to be fine then they came out of the room.

"Could you guys be any slower." I sassed them.

"Great I'm dating a female Louis this is perfect." He said sarcasticly while smiling. He pulled me closer to him and kissed me. Louis and Zayn started to make choking noises. We pulled apart and I went to the pantry. Harry ordered pizza but I was already into the chips. He started to laugh. 

"Don't be a hater." I giggled. We turned on the t.v. and flipped to the news.





I looked at him shocked. He just laughed then he put in a CD. The music started to play. Harry, Zayn, and Louis started to sing along. I was mind blown, they were so good. Harry sat down again and kissed my cheek.

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