Save Me

Nicole also known as Nick, has a rough home life. She recently graduated from her high school where she was constantly bullied. When she was at home her father would beat her to the point where she wanted to be back at school. She soon meets a boy that will change her life forever.


4. Ch. 4

Harry's POV

I have to find her. I felt so broken without her. It has been a week since her father shot me. I wish she had of stayed. My thoughts drifted off to her and the way her hair was so soft, how her green eyes had gold surrounding her pupil. The way she slept on me. I wish I could tell her. My thoughts were interrupted by Dani. She came in and sat on my bed next to me.

"Harry..." She said.

"Yah..." I replied

"Are you ok?" She asked.

"No. I'm never going to be okay until she is back in my arms with me. Here. Till that sick bastard is 6 ft under. Dani I need her." I said letting a tear slip out of my eye. She looked at me with a shocked expression. "Problem?" I snapped.

"Yes OMG I forgot I slipped my phone into her supra! Liam has a FIND MY I PHONE APP! I'M SO STUPID I'M SO SORRY HARRY!" She shrieked. I lept out of bed and hugged he then ran to Liam. He had a surprised look on his face then I told him what Dani said. I grabbed his I Phone then ran out of the house into my car. Louis, Zayn and Liam followed but got into Louis car. Niall went on a vacation to Mullingar so he wasn't with us. I looked at the GPS and followed it to Dani's phone. I ran countless red lights but I didn't care. I got up to a old house and I saw a few cars lined up in front. 


Nick's POV

Ron's beatings got worse. But he through something new in....rape. He only did it once then he started to charge his friends for usage. Every night I would cry myself to sleep. I missed Harry with every fiber of my being. I love the way he smiled, the way his dimples were perfectly placed. I missed the way he would hold me when I was scared, tired or sad. I missed his soft brown curls. I missed his bright green eyes, I missed his voice, his breath, his heartbeat. I missed the way he would kiss me. Ron interrupted my thoughts. He came in and tossed me some clean clothes. "Some is finally here to get you off my hands." He spat. I hoped it would be Harry but I knew it was probably, Jim or Rick. They were the most common guys that would rape me. I stood up and slipped on my supra's I walked out of my room and Rick grabbed me pushing me forward. He said bye to Ron and pushed me out of the door. I then saw the curls that I missed. My face lit up and I tried to run to him but was pulled back. 

"Stay next to me. I bought you, you will listen." He spat. Harry ran up to me but I had to listen. I stepped back. "Boy she is mine you back off. She was expensive." Rick spat. Harry's face hardened. 

"How much did you pay?" Harry asked.

"$500 that's a lot of money now back off." Rick replied.

" If you give her to me I will pay you $5000. Cash I have it with me." Harry said. Rick pushed me forward into Harry. "Fine but she isn't worth that much." He said. Harry pulled the wad of cash out of his pocket then said "No your wrong she is worth way more. Not all the money in the world even compares to how much she is worth." I was then lead off to his car. He opened the door and I got in.  He slid into the drivers side. I looked at him like I did the first moment we met with fear in my eyes. His eyes were filled with sorrow. He gently grabbed my hand and stroked it. I tensed up at first then relaxed. He started the car and drove off. 

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