Save Me

Nicole also known as Nick, has a rough home life. She recently graduated from her high school where she was constantly bullied. When she was at home her father would beat her to the point where she wanted to be back at school. She soon meets a boy that will change her life forever.


3. Ch. 3

Nick's POV

I woke up in Harry's arms. I listened to his heart beat and how it synchronized with his breath. I cuddled closer to his and I felt his hand start to stroke my hair. His touch was soothing and gentle. "Good Morning." He said. His morning voice was so cute. I mumbled into his chest. I felt him laugh. I looked up at him and he pressed his lips to mine. I pressed back. He slipped his tongue along my bottom lip asking for entrance. I gladly accepted. I tangled my fingers in his curls and he placed his hands on my  waist and shifted so he was on top  He tugged at the bottom of my shirt and we pulled apart so he could take it off. I took his off revealing he pecks and abs. We started to make out again. He slid his hands up and down my body. He started to kiss my neck quickly finding my sweet spot. A moan escaped my lips. He smiled against my neck. I gently dragged my nails up and down his torso. He pulled away. I looked up at, "Are you sure?" He asked then I realized what we were about to do. "No I'm sorry Harry." I sad looking down. He moved my face to face his. " That's okay I'm ready when you are ready." He whispered before placing a small kiss on my lips. Thats when I figured out that I was in love with Harry. I stood up and laced my fingers with Harry's. 

"Haz I don't have any clothes " I said. He smiled and opened his drawer. He tossed me a purple Jack Wills hoodie and a pair of sweats. and a pair of spandex. "The spandex are Liam's girlfriends she left them here." He said before heading out so I could change. The sweats hung loosely around my hips and the hoodie's band was strong enough to hold it on my hips. I threw my hair up into a messy bun. I went to the bathroom and washed my face then decided to head downstairs to Harry. Before I could reach the stairs I was pulled into a room and before I could scream a hand latched itself to my mouth. I was so scared and started to cry.

"Shhh...." It was Zayn. I let out a deep sigh. He looked worried then I realized there were 3 other girls in the room. "Nick this I my girlfriend Perrie, then that's Dani Liam's girl, and that's El Louis' girl. Now stay up here. What ever you do don't leave this room. Your father found you okay. Please stay here I'm going to check on the boys." Zayn said and ran out of the room. I instantly broke down into silent sobs. The girls ran over to me and tried to comfort me. The all were super nice, and we instantly became friends despite the situation we were in. 

"I have to go downstairs." I said bluntly. They all had shocked faces and tried to get me to stay. "My dad probably isn't alone. I love all of you so I'm not going to let anyone get hurt." I sighed and stepped out of the room. I started to walk down stairs when I saw Ron and four friends Standing behind the boys who were on their knees. The boys looked really hurt. Harry looked the worst a huge gash ran from his collar bone to his abdomen which was now different shades of blue, black, and purple. I let out a gasp and Harry's head shot up. He looked up at me and gave me a look as if to say RUN. But I wasn't about to. 

"Nicole go grab your friends, that are hiding upstairs." Ron said. 

"It was only me." I said coldly. Zayn looked up at me along with Liam, and Louis. Ron called out side and three other guys came in.

"Go check upstairs." He told them. I couldn't stop them. I just preyed that the girls were hidden. I was wrong because a few more moments and I heard screams. Liam, Lou and Zayn instantly started to cry. The guys came back carrying the girls. "You lied to me Nicole. Maybe curly here will tell you to never lie." He laughed then shot Harry in the leg. Harry screamed in pain. I collapsed to the ground crying. "You are coming home NOW!" Ron screamed. I looked at Harry then got up. I nodded and Harry started to scream for me to come back. I looked back with tears covering my face, "I love you." I said before stepping out of the house. Ron's friends soon followed. Ron tied my hands and pushed me into the trunk of his car. I heard the car start and that's when I realized that I was never going to see Harry again. We his a bump in the road and my head hit a part in the boot that knocked me out.

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