For all the people who have an eating disorder, this is for you.


1. Anorexia

Looking in the mirror,
Not liking what you see.
Every girl is perfect,
Everyone but me.

You say your not hungry,
When someone offers food.
You leave the kitchen table,
Your just not in the mood.

Fighting back the pain,
Fighting back the tears.
Tired of all the weight,
You've put on all these years.

Just want to be pretty,
Just want to be thin.
You can't lose the weight,
You can't ever win.

You avoid the mirror,
You avoid the scale.
People say your wasting away,
Your becoming very pale.

People say your skinny,
But the mirror always lies.
You're the same as before,
But with pain in your eyes.

When someone asks you why,
You just can't confess.
No one knows your secret,
Until you undress.

You like the feeling of hunger,
Your stomach growls right now.
It makes you feel accomplished,
Not something of a cow.

You wish the pain would go,
wish the fat would go away.
You know you work hard for this,
Every night and day.

But after you start to crumble,
Becoming weak and frail.
You realize it isn't worth it,
Being unhealthy and pale.

People say she's skinny,
but she argues that she's fat.
she is dying all the time,
thank the media for that.

See that all girls are beautiful,
Who cares about their weight?
You don't need to starve yourself,
Just to get a date.

Pain will come and go,
Yet love will never cease.
Accept the way you are,
Then you'll be at ease.

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