His Girl<3

What happens when your his OLLG but he wants you to be more than just a mutual friend?


13. Wedding day

"Here comes the bride, Here comes the bride!" The choir sang as I make my way down the ile. This is really happening. My dad next to me, Drew sitting with my mom, and Justin..standing 30 feet in front of me. Justin wanted this to be on natinol television so there were cameras EVERYWHERE. "Be a good girl okay? I love you so much and you know that" My dad whispered. I look at him. Tears were rolling down from his eyes to his cheeks. "I promise" I whipe away his tears. He brings me to Justin. "take care of my baby" "yes sir." The priest began to speak. "Do you Justin Drew Bieber, take Alexandra Angel  to be your lawfluy wedded wife? (I took out Rodriguez ) "I do" " ANd do you Alexandra angel take Justin Drew Bieber to be your lawlfly wedded husband?" I looked at Justin. Im 19, hes 19. I love him. "I do" You could here my dad break down crying. Normally moms would do that. But not with my family. My dad is WAY to emoshinal. "You may now kiss the bride" Justin leaned in and kissed me. I smile thorugh the kiss. He lets go and we walk down the ile together. I am now officially a Bieber.

Sorry these are so short! I cant think right now! But yea! What do you think will happen next?

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