His Girl<3

What happens when your his OLLG but he wants you to be more than just a mutual friend?


3. Running for dear life

I couldn't run away from Justin...But I had to. it was way to much for me. I Could hear his footsteps get closer and closer. Dammit. Tears were streaming down my face because I had a MAJOR headache. I stop because I was out of breath. I throw my self on the floor and just cry. "hey....listen, what happened back there?" I try to calm my self down. "I-I c-couldn't t-ta-ake-e it J-j-Justin." I choke on my own words because I was crying. "the flashes the questions...its to much." "I understand Alex but next time just tell me that you want to leave." I nod in agreement. We begin to walk towerds his car when we hear a voice. "Justin? Justin is that you?" We both turn around to see selena.


"Selena?" "yes!" "oh my goodness. I missed you so much!" I run up to her and hug her then KISS her. Bad choice Justin. I hear my car turn on. That's when i remembered I had Alex hold the keys to the car because I couldn't fit it in my pockets. I look up at her in disappointment. I start to run to her house knowing that she would drive there. "Justin? Where the fuck are you going?" "none of your damn business Selena" I knock on her door. Her mom answers. "Hi Mrs. Rodriguez  is Alex here?"  " No dear you just missed her shes on her way to Nicoles" "Thanks you. Oh and can I borrow her guitar?" "sure" "thanks!" I run over to Nicoles house and sit down in front of her window and start to sing my newest song "right here"

"he KISSED her Nicole! What d-" I got cut off by a guitar playing. "im right here im right here im right here!" It was Justin. Tears of happy and sad came down. Happy because he came for me, sad because he kissed Selena. He finished the song and I ran outside. He was expecting hug.....instead I smacked him right across his perfect face making it red. "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU! YOU KISSED FUCKING SELENA RIGHT IN MY DAMN FACE!!" Tears were streaming down his face and mine. "Alexandra just please listen to me." "NO YOU FUCKING BASTARD I WONT! TELL SELENA THAT STORY! IM FUCKING DONE WITH YOUR BULLSHIT! WERE DONE!" Cameras were flashing and there were oos and ahhs from the crowd around us. I turned around when Justin grabbed my wrist and turned me back around to where I am facing him. His eyes were puffy from crying and he was basicly throwing a tantrum right now. He could barely speak and tears were coming by the second

from his eyes. I instantly felt bad but I had to show my strength. "let go of me you cheating bastard." I say discustingly.

Justins Pov.

I let go of her wrist and she went back inside Nicoles house. I couldn't take it anymore I ran to her house. I knocked 3 times and her mom answered. "Justin? Come in." I entered her house and just broke down again. "im a bastard Mrs.R. A true damn bastard." "What did you do?" "

A/N heey guys! thanks so much for reading! just comment for ideas for the next chapter!

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