His Girl<3

What happens when your his OLLG but he wants you to be more than just a mutual friend?


9. Pregnant....


Its still processing in my head that the girl i love is pregnant...how could this happen. "Justin its not to late to give it up." "for abortion?" "yea" "no. I WANT this baby" I was sure no one was going to stop me. "Are you sure? Because I will be hungey almost ALL the tim and my hormons will be EVERY WHERE." I nod my head. "Breakfeast?" She nods her head. I decided to make her favorite. Pancakes, bacon, and of course eggs. While i was flipping a pancake i noticed she was on the phone in which what seemed like her mom.


I heard a knock at the front door. I ran to the door and asked "who is it?" "its Selena" I hesitated to open. But being me i HAD to be nice. "What?" I said while closing the door. "I wanted to talk to you." "you have 2 minutes" She started to lean in. What the fuck? I backed away. She just kept going. Finanlly her lips crashed onto mine. Before i could push away Alexandra came in. "Justin..?" I could see the tears streaming down her face. "Alexandra please let me explain.." "you have 10 seconds to get your fucking ass out of here Selena" she said with a stern voice. She quickly left. "okay so she came in and said she wanted to talk to me then all of a sudden-" i got interupted by her soft lips crashing onto mine. She pulled away. "Just tell me that you hated that kiss..please be truthful with me." "Alex.....I didnt hate the kiss..." "w-what?" "I FUCKING hated it" I said with a big smile on my face. "JUSTIN DONT YOU EVER PLAY WITH ME LIKE THAT AGAIN!" Pregnancy hormons...

Okay so I have an account on instagram and Its a fanfic. If you follow me and then comment on one of my pictures "his girl" i will make you a character in this fanfic! Just kik me the name you want to be!

INSTAGRAM: justinbiebberimagines

KIK: canadasblessing

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