His Girl<3

What happens when your his OLLG but he wants you to be more than just a mutual friend?


4. Photos

"I kissed selena in her face" "why?" " was caught up in the moment. I haven't seen Selena in over 2 years. Right when I find the most perfect girl.....I lose her." "well did you try to explain to her?" "yes.thats when she slapped me in the face" showing her the red hand mark on my face. She gasps. "honey are you alright?" "oh thanks but yes I am"


I was still at Nicoles house. We were about to take a picture together when it said storage memory full. Dammit. I go to photos and start from the bottom. That's when I see like 10000000 selfie phtos Justin took of himself the day of the concert. I laugh then cry. "I was a bitch out there wasn't I?" Nicole nods in agreement. "Nicole thanks a lot but I need to head home." "no problem boo see you later" "bye!" I run back to my house. I take out my keys and unlock the door to see Justin on my couch crying. He immediately stood up. "Alex listen to me..please" that's when all the anger came back. "I thought I told you to leave me the fuck alone?" Dammit Alex why are you like this?? "please Alex....please im begging you" "WHY DONT YOU TELL SELENA YOUR SHIT!" "ALEXANDRA ANGEL RODRIGUEZ!" "WHAT?!?" "You apologize to him right now!" "No!" I run up to my room and sit in the corner and just cry. "Fuck my life" I heard knocks on my door. "Leave me alone" "Alex? Can I come in?" Ryan? "RYAN!" I get up and hug him like crazy. "RYAN YOU DONT KNOW HOW MUCH I MISSED YOU!"


"soory alex but I have to go now" "ryan please don't go." Ryan is my best guy friend. He landed a job as a body guard for somebody he isn't allowed to name. "bye bestfriend<3" Tears were streaming down his face. "bye bubby" I called him bubby because there was this one time I was texting him and instead of buddy I said bubby. That has been his nickname ever since.


"what are you doing here?" "I came back for good!" "OMG!" We both go downstairs. To see Justin and Selena arguing.

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