His Girl<3

What happens when your his OLLG but he wants you to be more than just a mutual friend?


5. I need you...


"Selena listen all I am saying is that the kiss was a whole misunderstnading!" She started to cry. Dammit she knew my weakness was i couldnt help but feel bad when girls cry. "J-J-ustin I-I thought y-you loved me." Listen Selena i did but when you dumped me for Zayn I thought my life  was worthless. I wrote all those songs for you but you couldnt give 2 shits!' i was crying at this point because  I really did love her. "Selena just please leave" "fine but when that bitch up there dumps you dont come crawling back to me." "dont worry I wont." "good". I sat alone for what felt like hours. I feel hands on my eyes. "Guess who?" I knew who it was but i wanted to play along. "uhmmmm Ryan?" I said in a stupid voice trying to hide my tears. "No silly its me...Alex" I quickly whip away my tears. "hey dont hide your feelings. I know you were crying. I also heard everything you said. To Sel" "really?" She nods. "Justin I love you and you know that. All that shit i said backthere i was just pissed off. When i saw you here at my house I wanted to forgive you so bad but i had to be strong. I-I-I didnt know i hurt you" She started to cry. "hey please dont cry i have seen that enough today. Do you take me back?" "yes!" I said a quick prayer right there 'God please watch over our relationship. I really do think she is the one. I want to grow old with Alexandra Angel Rodriguez.' Hoping that God will answer my prayers I get up and offer to make dinner.

"Ry can you help me up?" "sure" he takes my hand and helps me up. "Hey Alex you wanna go to the park?" "Sure!" Let me just grab my phone" "okay" I run upstairs and grab my phone. "Alright lets go! WAIT! Justin baby you wanna come?" "No babe you need to spend time with Ryan you haven't seen him in years!" "Bai are you sure?" "Babe I will be perfectly fine! Plus Chaz is coming over!" I nodded in agreement with Justin. "RYAN!" "WHAT?" Can I have a piggy back ride??" "Sure thang gurrll!" I laugh. I hop on his back. "Damn you gained a lot of weight!" "RYAN!" "Sorry!" I take out my phone and look through my pictures while I am on his back. I deleted the dumb ones. "WAIT!" "What?" "Smile!" I take a picture and send it to Justin. "okay thanks!" "No problem! Anything for my bestfriend!" "that's why I love you Ry!" "haha love you too!"


The problem was she doesn't know how much I ACTUALLY love her.

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