His Girl<3

What happens when your his OLLG but he wants you to be more than just a mutual friend?


2. His Number

I stood there in shock. I finally managed to get out my phone and put it in, "Can I put in my name?" he asks "Oh uhm sure." I give him my phone and like an idiot a I lock it. "oh sorry the code is 1256" he puts it in multiple times then finally gets in. he puts in his name then takes a picture for the his contact. "Ill be right back Justin" "okay" I head towerds the bathroom and fix my makeup. "Ew I looked liked this?" I head back and he gives back my phone. I look for his contact and I finally find it 'Swaggy ass Bieber<3' I laugh. I get back to my seat in the crowd and Nicole just totally freaks out. "OH MY FUCKING GOD ALEX! YOU WERE JUST THE OLLG!" "Yea I realized" I said while laughing"


God damn she was beautiful. The whole rest of the concert I couldn't get my eyes off her. The show was over and I immendiatly pull out my phone and go on twitter. I look for her and then I FINALLY find her profile after searching through my MILLIONS of followers. I start to type. "so I gave you mines so you gotta give me yours! @lovinthebieber (not a real username) I instantly get a text from her.


There now you have my number you dork:P

I quickly save it and text her back.

Justin: So now im a dork?

Alex<33: yep anyway I bet your sweaty as fuck meanwhile im at the park with the wind In my face ;)

Justin: OMFG im so damn jealous!!!!

Justin: wait wich park?

Alex<33: You have to find out for yourself<3

Justin: Ill find you

she didn't answer back. okay lets go find her. Lucky enough I find her at the first park I go to. I sneak up behind her and cover her eyes. "guess who?" "uhmmmmm.............Mr.Taco?" "no silly its me!" "phhh see I knew that!" she laughed. Damn did I love her laugh. Man do I wish I could be her boyfriend. Maybe someday.


We stayed in the park for hours. That's when the paps showed up. They asked question. Taking pictures. The flash was to bright that I got a headache. I got up and just ran. "ALEX WAIT!" I just kept on running. I vouldnt take all the questions and the camera flashes.


What will happen? Will Justin go find alex? Thanks so much for all the reads! Comment your thoughts!!

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