His Girl<3

What happens when your his OLLG but he wants you to be more than just a mutual friend?


6. Forbiden love


She is beautiful...every mans dream. Well at least she is my dream. I loved her the second we became friends. Now that she is dating Justin I cant help but be Jealous. Justin doesn't know how lucky he is. "Ryan? You okay?" "Oh yea..sorry'  "COME ON!" She gestured me to swing. I headed towerd her. Then we went on the slide. We both fell on eachother when we were sliding down. This was my chance. I leaned in. She leaned in to. We were INCHES no CENTIMETERS away from eachother. She got up. "uhm lets head home." "okay" DAMMIT! So fucking close!! We walked home in silence. When we got home she was quiet. "Babe? You okay" She didn't answer. She got up and walked up to her room. GREAT FUCKING JOB RYAN!


What the hell! I was in my room. I was BEYOND fucking pissed. I calmed myself down and went downstairs. "Get out" I was confused. "Listen you fucking hoe get out of my house!" Ryan was screaming. "RYAN! WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY?!?" Justin looked pissed. OH FUCK....

"TELL ME WHAT YOU SAID!" he stood there in fear. I grab Alex and our stuff. "come on"

A/N Sorry its so short! but I will post more tomorrow!!


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