His Girl<3

What happens when your his OLLG but he wants you to be more than just a mutual friend?


7. Expressing our love

WARNING! Some content may be too sexual for some readers!


"Justin are you okay..?" I asked while unlocking his house door. "Yea babe its over.." For some apparent reason I thought he was mad......at me.


For some apparent reason I was horny. I tried to hide my boner. But I guess it was to obvious. "Babe..?" "Yea..?" "come here." Dammit she knows. I couldn't help it. I started off with her neck. Leaving love bites all over. Carelessly I took off her top. Then came the bra. I start to unhook it. I pause "babe..? Are you okay with this..?" She nodded. I unhooked her bra leaving her bare chested. I kiss her neck again then I start to leave a trail of kisses down her chest. She takes off my shirt. I stop at the pants. I take them off. I look at her then her pink panties. "may I..?" she giggled. "you may". I take off her panties. "your beautiful." I kiss her passinatly. She takes off my pants then my boxers. I spread out her legs. "You ready...?" She nods. I enter into her. She moans. "F-Faster" I obey and go faster. "F-Faster!" I go as fast as I can and harder. She moans. My sweat was dropping down onto her body. "Alex! Im gonna release!" "Just do it!" I release. We moan in unison. I plop down next to her. "I love you" "I love you too"


I woke up running to the bathroom. I throw up. "Fuck..." It cant be.. "babe..?" "What?" "Last night..did you use protection?" "Yea I think so. Why?" "no reason." SHIT! I run to the bathroom and grab a backup pregnancy test. I look at the results.

"pregnant"  I read. "shit.." how am I gonna tell Justin? "babe?" "im coming!" Okay im just gonna tell him straight up! I exit the bathroom. "Justin...I have some news for you." He looked worried yet cond\fused. "please don't be mad but...im p-pregnant."



A/N Heey! sorry I haven't been on! I have been having a TON o homework lately! But I will post as much as I can! Comments are much appreciated!

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