His Girl<3

What happens when your his OLLG but he wants you to be more than just a mutual friend?


1. Concert

"Alex the limo is here hurry the hell up!" "IM COMING CALM YOURSELF!" I quickly put on my purple converse and ran down the stairs. My bestfriend and i were TOTALLY opposite when it comes to clothing. Im a town boy. I UTTERLY hate dresses and heels and all that stupid ass girls stuff. What i am wearing to the concert is SUPER short shorts and a Justin Bieber T-Shirt with the ketters JB painteed on my face and converse. Nicole is the most girliest girl EVER. She loves Dresses and shoes and all that other shit. Shes wearing a dress ([ink and flowy) with putple stelletos. Anyway, I grab my phone off the kitchen counter and hop into the purple limo. Oh by the way my name is Alexandra Rodriguez. But people mainly like to call me either Allly or Alex. "to the amway center please" Nicole says. "HOLY FUCKING SHIT NICOLE WE ARE ABOUT TO SEE JUSTIN BIEBER LIVE! PLUS WE HAVE FLOOR SEATS!" "ikr!!!"



Justin was FINALLY to the song "one less lonely girl". I was sweating and i was losing my voice. I could tell that I looked like shit. about 1 minute into the song i get a light tap on my shoulder. I turn my head and i see one of Justins crew members. "wanna be the OLLG?" "HOLY FUCK YES! She laughs "ALright lets go!" i tell Nicole and she screams and says that she will take pictures and videos of it. She takes me backstage to get cleaned up a bit. Thats when one of the backup dancers come to take me on stage. A bright light shined on me. Thats when i realized that this was actually happening. I look to my left to see Justin coming towerds me with a bouqet of roses. Thats when I realized i was crying like crazy. He whips away my tears and asks for my name. "Alex" "well hi there Alex" i laugh. Before i get leaded off the stage he hugs me. I suddenly realize that his hand was on my ass so i pulled away. I get back stage when Kenny approches me, "Hey, Justin wants you to stay backstage" "oh okay" I sit on the floor playing with my hair when i notice a phone behind me. I look the screen saver when i realize that it was Justins! Just to be funny i take lie 1000000 selfies of myself. Silly ones, stupid ones and nice ones. I put his phone back and start to text my bestguy friend Vinny. Vinny and I barely get to start a convo when Justin comes in. "hey did you read it?" "read what?" "check your back pocket." he says while smiling. It was a piece of paper with his number on it.


A/N: Hey guis! well i hope you like the begging! It WILL get more interesting when i post alot more!! Bye my lovess<3


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