Once Upon a Dream Come True

*Niall Is Not Famous In This*
Natalie Cain is a party girl, a hardcore party girl. Niall Horan is a shy innocent boy who tries to pretend not to be. One night at a party Niall and Natalie get drunk, and quite frankly stupid. Now five months later Niall and Nicole run into each other and Niall's shocked to learn he's going to be a father...


1. Prologue

-Five Months Earlier-

It's late when Natalie walks into the party. Immediately she is rushed at by a group of guys, all offering her drinks. She ignores them all and goes to get her own before heading outside and sitting beside the pool. "Not in the partying mood?" An Irish accent asks and she looks at the speaker, shaking her head. "Like they say, there's a first for everything," she muses and he sits beside her. "What do you mean?" He asks and she lets out a short laugh. "Obviously you're not from around here or you'd know." Everyone knows Natalie Cain...her high school class voted her "Most Likely to Drop Out of School Pregnant." She has a reputation, and not a good one. To everyone she's just another slut, willing to hook up with anyone, but they don't know her story, they don't know her pain.

"I'm here on holiday, so tell me?" He says and she shrugs. "Ask anyone, they'll tell you." She tells him, taking a sip of her drink, not really wanting to tell someone she doesn't know her story. "So, what bring you to Tyler Oak's "Start of the Summer" party?" She asks him and he shrugs. "Some lass at the beach invited me," he says simply.

They spend until 4:30 drinking and talking, and both inebriated decide to go back to Niall's hotel room. 

When Nicole wakes up the following afternoon she has a skull splitting migraine, but despite that she still smiles as she looks over at Niall, who's still sleeping.

'I guess thanks for last night...wow that was even awkward to write. Later I guess -Nat' She leaves the note on Niall's cellphone and leaves the hotel room, meeting the taxi she called while she was dressing outside.

-Present Day-

Natalie is now five months pregnant and hasn't heard from Niall since that night. Being twenty-two and a college drop out being pregnant was not in her life plan, but what's done is done. She goes to Ireland with her best friend, Josephine and as they go to Nando's for lunch one day Natalie is surprised to see Niall there.

'Natalie?" He asks and she nods. "Yo-you look great," he tells her and she shrugs, placing a hand on her stomach. "Wait, are you pregnant?" He asks and she swallows slowly before nodding. "Uh, yeah..."

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