Once Upon a Dream Come True

*Niall Is Not Famous In This*
Natalie Cain is a party girl, a hardcore party girl. Niall Horan is a shy innocent boy who tries to pretend not to be. One night at a party Niall and Natalie get drunk, and quite frankly stupid. Now five months later Niall and Nicole run into each other and Niall's shocked to learn he's going to be a father...


2. One


Niall and I stand and stare at each other. "Uhm, I'm with a friend, so uh here's my cell number, just give me a call and we can talk later..." I say and hand him a piece of paper with my number written on it. I walk over to Jo and sit down, sighing. "Who is that sexy thing?" She asks and I glare at her. "Niall..." I murmur and she gapes at me. "Baby daddy?" I nod and her mouth forms an 'O'.

"So, what are you going to do?" She asks me and I shrug. "Eat," I say as my food is placed in front of me. "No dip shit, about the baby!" I frown, "Uhm, give birth to it in four months." "Stop being obtuse!" "I'm not, I just don't know. Niall and I need to talk about that." "Are you going to allow him to be in the baby's life?" I shrug, "If he wants to be involved than I won't tell him he can't." "If he does, will you move in with him?" I shake my head, "Hell no. We'll work something out." 


I watch as Natalie and her friend sit and talk. I'm still in shock, not only from seeing Natalie, but finding out she's pregnant. "Who's to say it's yours?" My self conscience asks me and I frown. If I ask her if it's mine she'll be offended, especially if it is. She glances over at me and our eyes meet. 'I don't want to offend you, but it is mine, right?' I text her and watch her reaction. She pocks up her phone and I watch as she becomes visibly angry. 'You son of a bitch.' is her reply and I watch as she puts money on the table and her and her friend leave. I quickly get my bill and pay, running after them. 

"NATALIE, WAIT!" I yell and she stops and turns around. When I catch up her friend smiles at me. "Josephine Porter," she says and I just nod. "Babe, give us a minute," she tells her and she walks away. "What?" She asks, clenching her jaw. "I'm sorry, I just wanted to be sure." I tell her and she sighs. "Yes Niall, the baby is yours. I have not been with anyone since that night, and you were the first guy I'd had...sex...with for over a month. So yes, the baby is yours." "I'm sorry, I should have used protection." She shrugs, "And I should have been on the pill. But what's done is done, and we cannot take it back."

As we're standing and talking Natalie loosens up, my accusation from earlier hopefully having been forgotten. "I have a confession to make," I tell her and she gives me a look of skepticism. "Okay," she says and I smile slightly. "I've thought about you every day since that party." She smiles slightly. "You know, same here."


-It's short but whatever...enjoy!(:-

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