The Freak Show

The story is about a man that is abducted one night after work. He is supposed to be part of a show where unspeakable things happen. Throughout the story he is thriving to survive and finally get rid of his abductor. Can he make it out of this alive?


10. Where Can I Go?

     My arm was still throbbing like mad. It was still a little blue, but it was not as bad as it was before. Angela said that it might take about a day for the poison to totally go away. The antidote stopped it from spreading and it reversed the process of the poison by a little, but it was going to take longer for me to fully recover.     

     We were having an argument about where we should go next. They were not going to leave me alone. Especially, after what just happened. We were not going to stay here either. There was too much blood. There was also way too much damage done to my house. I was really upset, because I knew that I would not be able to afford to fix the house up, and I was not really up to doing all of that work anyways.

     Angela suggested that we go back to the warehouse, and try to figure out what to do next from there. We all agreed to that, and she called the one in charge of the warehouse to check if it was ok. The man said that it was ok for us to go back.

     We all started to make our way out of the house, trying our hardest not to step on any of the bodies. I was unlucky enough to trip on one and land right on top of another.

     "AWWWWWW!" That was the first thing that came out of my mouth. That was REALLY gross. Now I had even more blood on me than before. Angela helped me get up, and we continued down the stairs into the kitchen. When we went by the table, I noticed from the corner of my eye, that there was something on the table.

     I walked over to the table and noticed that it was a flyer. It was just like that one that the police had found before.  I picked it up and stared at it. What I saw on it made my heart skip. Right there, written in blue letters, it said: The Freak Show: Saturday, March 30, 2013.

     "Hey guys look at this." I said, not taking my eyes off of the flyer. The others walked over to the table, wondering what I had to show them. When Angela saw what it was, She ripped it out of my hand, and stared at it.

     "Can I see what you guys are gaping at, or are you going to stare at it until you are ninety?" Zayne said, anxious to get a look at what Angela and I were making a big deal out of.

     That got Angela's attention, and she said "Sorry" and passed it over to Zayne. When Zayne saw this he said nothing for awhile. Finally, when he decided to talk, he had an excited tone in his voice.

     "Maybe this could be our chance to finally get back at him for all of the harm that he has caused us, both mentally and physically." This was a very interesting idea, I had to admit, but It was really dangerous. As much as I really wanted to get Aaron back for what he has done to me, I still did not want to do it if it meant that I was going to put my life in danger. AGAIN.

     "I don't know. That sounds really dangerous. I hardly survived today. I don't know if I could handle being so close to death again." I said to them, wanting to make sure that they understood my concern.

     "Jake, you do not have to join us if we do this, but we could use as much help as possible. Aaron is not stupid. He will be very hard to outsmart." Carl explained to me. I did not say anything after that. They must have finally notice that I was not going to speak about this anymore, because they just turned around and we all walked out of the house.

     We walked over to the car, opened the doors, and got in, without saying a word. Finally after we were all in the car, Angela broke the silence.

     "So are we heading back to the warehouse now, or what?" After she finished asking this, my stomach growled, and it sounded like a bulldozer was driving by.

     "Is there any way that we could stop somewhere to eat? I am starving." I whined to Carl. He was the one driving us, so it was totally up to him where we were going.

     "I'm really hungry myself." Carl said, "So I don't see any harm in going to get something to eat. Is it okay with you guys?" Carl asked the other two. Angela and Zayne nodded there approval. I guess that settles it then. Carl turned the key in the ignition, and the car started right up. We drove away from the house, not even bothering to look back.

     We decided to just stop at McDonald's and get something to eat there. We were not in the mood to wait long for our food.  We just wanted something quick, cheap, and simple. 

     We ordered our food, and Zayne, Angela, and I went to go sit at a table, leaving Carl to wait for the food. A couple of minutes later, he walked over with two trays packed full with food. People were looking at us with all of this food. We were really hungry. It took us hardly any time at all, for us to wolf down our food.

     I ate so much that my stomach hurt. You would think that a man's stomach would explode from eating so much food. The other three must  have been feeling the same way as me, because they were low in their chairs and they had their hands on their stomachs. After we took care of the garbage, we walked outside and starting walking to the car. 

      When the car got into my sight, I froze right in my tracks. The others bumped into each other. "What was tha...?" Zayne did not finish his question because he then noticed what I did that for.

     There were three men trying to break into the car. They had not noticed us yet. They were too busy trying to break into the car. I reached for my gun. Carl and Angela did the same, while Zayne hid behind another car so that if he needed to, he would be able to attack them by surprise.

     “Can I help you?” Carl asked them loudly. They jumped, and spun around, grabbing their guns. At that, we all pointed our guns straight at the three men. 

     They must have known who we were because one of the men said, “Where’s Zayne, your ninja?” Zayne came out from behind the car with a gun at the ready.

     “Here I am.” Zane said to them. The men must not have liked that Zayne was there, because they took a step back. “Now that I am here, why don’t you step away from the car, and we will not kill you. If you do not get away from the car, then we will have to shoot your brains out.” That sentence was probably something to add more of an affect to what he was saying. It must have worked, because they ran away, all in different directions, like chickens with their heads cut off.

     While we got into the car, we could not help but to laugh. Who would think that someone could be so feared. Zayne is definitely a unique guy. That is for sure. Once we finally stopped laughing, we started the drive back to the warehouse.

     We surprisingly made it to the warehouse without being shot at, or blown up by a grenade. The car that had been blown up before was not there anymore, but you could see clearly where it blew up, because there was a big black mark on the road. Carl turned the car onto the dirt road leading to the warehouse.

     I was mostly just paying attention to the nature around me. It was surprising to me that there could be a place that was peaceful. There were foxes running around, free. They did not have to be worried about being shot or poisoned.

     There was a mother bird that was feeding her babies the food that she had worked so hard to get. Seeing that just made me even more depressed. I knew what I wanted. I wanted my family. I hadn’t seen my sister in years. My mother and father died a few years back. to tell the truth, I had not spent time with family for quite a long time. I had been so busy, that I never really thought about family that much.

     Finally we reached the end of the road, where the towering warehouse was. We drove over to the garage area, that the car had been kept at before. Carl parked the car and we all got out. We all stretched because of sitting in the car for so long.

     Just then, a man in a black suit walked over to us and shook Zayne’s hand. I was wondering who this man was, until he introduced himself to me.

     “Hello Jake. I am Brian, the one in charge of the warehouse. I would be happy to let you stay here as long as you need to. I heard about how your house in such bad shape. If you would like, you could live here as long as it takes for you to find a new home.

     “Thank you very much. I really appreciate your generosity. It is nice to know that there is somewhere for me to go.” I said to Brian. With that, he walked off saying that he had some things that he had to do.

 We all decided that we were going to take a nap. I thought that taking a nap would be very pleasant right now. Especially, after I stuffed my face like I did. I started to make my way through the confusing maze of ladders. 

     A couple of times I would get lost and someone would point me into the right direction. No problems there. Until I got lost again. There was only one person on this platform. It was a man with a yellow shirt. 

     I walked over the man, wondering if he could help me find my way to my bedroom. When I got up to him though, what he did was totally unexpected and completely uncalled for. He looked at me with mad eyes and shoved me. He started to advance on me.

     I took that as a threat and I pulled out my gun pointing it right at is chest. The man froze. I took that opportunity to get up. I stood up, not taking my eyes off of him, and making sure that the gun was still pointed at him.

     “I have no idea why you just attacked me like that, but I am going to find out.” I said this to him trying to ignore the pain in my arm. When he shoved me somehow he managed to hit my arm. Trying my hardest not to wince I used my bad arm to shove him to the ground.

     When I did that, he tried to use the opportunity to disarm me, but I was too quick for him, and I got him to sit on the cold hard floor.

     “So why did you just attack me?” I asked, still not bring the gun down. All I got from him was spit on my shoes. That angered me, but I did not let it bother me too much. I have to stay under control. He did not answer me for a long time, but when he did his voice was cold.

     “I know what you did.” When he said this there were tears running down his face. “You were the one that killed my brother!” His body was shaking from crying so hard. “You were the one that shot him. You murdered him today.” I had no idea what he was talking about. I knew that I shot a couple people today, but I had to or else I would have been the one killed. I was supposed to know that one of the people that I shot would be related to this man.

     As confused as I was, I did understand that he had a very sensible reason to be upset with me. I was feeling sympathetic for the man. I knew what it was like to lose someone that you love. Although the people that I lost weren’t exactly shot either.

     “I am very sorry that I shot your brother. I had no idea that it was your brother. The only reason that I shot him was because he was going to shoot me. I had to shoot him, if I wanted to survive.” While I said this, I put my gun away and reached out, offering my to help him get up. He did not accept my help, and he got up on his own.

     The good thing was that he was not trying to strangle me or something.

     “I am sorry that I attacked you. I know that my brother was not a good person, but it still hurts to know that my brother was killed. I guess I thought that it would help me feel better if I took it out on you. Now I feel even worse. I now know that you are innocent and that you were just trying to survive.” After saying this he turned around  and started to walk away.

     “Wait!” I called out to him. “Can you tell me where Guest room 304 is? I am having a hard time finding my way to it.” The man nodded and pointed to the ladders to his left.

     “Go right down this ladder and it is the first door on the left.” He turned around and left. I walked to the ladder that he had pointed to and proceeded to descend the ladder. Once at the bottom of the ladder, I turned to the left and walked to the door of my bedroom. I walked inside, and walked over to the bed. I took of my shoes and pulled down the covers. I climbed into the bed, to fall asleep to a very pleasant dream.


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