The Freak Show

The story is about a man that is abducted one night after work. He is supposed to be part of a show where unspeakable things happen. Throughout the story he is thriving to survive and finally get rid of his abductor. Can he make it out of this alive?


11. Training

     I was woken by the sound of Zayne and Angela hammering on my door. Must I always have to wake up to someone banging on my door? I got up and opened the door for them. 

     "Good morning Jake." Angela said to me seeming very peppy at the moment. Wow I slept all yesterday afternoon, and all last night as well?

     "Good morning Angela, and good morning to you also Zayne." I said also feeling very cheerful this morning as well.

     "Jake. We have a question for you. Do you want us to train you so that you will be able to defend yourself better?" Zayne asked me. I will tell you what my reaction is. I am like wow. This would be the best opportunity for me to learn how to do martial arts by someone so good at it like Zayne.

     "I would be honored." I said very excitedly.

     "Ok then. Follow us." Angela said turning around and walking away, followed by Zayne. While I was following them, my heart was beating so fast that I could almost hear it. I was so excited. I thought about how many cool things that I was going to learn from these two. I have seen them fight. They are very skilled at fighting.

     The thought of learning to be as good of a fighter as them, made me yearn to start learning right away. We kept on walking until they stopped at a big iron door. Zayne walked over to a keypad. He punched in a code and a light on the top of the door turned green. There was a click, which was the door unlocking.

     Angela opened the door and we walked inside. Inside of the room was  weapons of all kinds. There were swords, guns, and all kinds of other weapons that I had never even seen before. What are we doing here?

     "We are here, so that you can choose which weapon you want learn how to fight with. Choose any one." Zayne said to me. I walked over to the area that had all sorts of swords. There were so many weapons, that I could not decide which one I wanted to choose. That is when I noticed a pair of swords that were curved and had something engraved on the blade. I walked up to it, so that I could get a closer look at it. It was very well crafted. I could see my reflection in the blade. Zayne and Angela noticed that I was staring at it, and they walked over.

     "Is this the weapon that you want to learn how to fight with?" Angela asked me. She seemed just as excited for as I was. I nodded my head and Zayne grabbed the swords.

     "Well lets go start your training shall we?" Zayne said gesturing over to the center of the room. In the center of the room there was  a huge training area. It had practice dummies and everything. We walked to the center of the training area and the training began.

     Since I had chosen to use swords, Zayne got his swords out and started to show me how to hold the sword the correct way and some other basic things.

     "Why don't you get up and try handling the swords. Be careful though, because it does not take much to hurt someone." Zayne was very serious now. I grabbed the swords and held them the way Zayne had showed me. It felt very awkward the way I was holding it.

     "Here, try moving you thumb here." Zayne pointed to a spot on the handle of the sword. When I moved my thumb to that particular spot it made my grip on the sword seem more..... Natural. The training went on for a quite awhile. He showed me all kinds of techniques. We would spar a little just to see how well I was doing. Finally after six hours of hard training, we decided to stop for now.

     "You are a lot better than I thought you would be Jake." Angela said to me, when we were walking out of the room. Hearing that really made my day. I smiled at her and got a smile in return. We were all very thirsty from all of the training we did, so we decided to go get a smoothie.

     While we walked to the Smoothie stand, Angela was giving me a lot of tips. I made sure that I remembered every one that she said. If I want to even get close to being as good of a fighter as them, I should probably listen to all the advice that they had for me. Occasionally Zayne would add a comment.

     When I we got to the smoothie stand we ordered extra large smoothies. We went to go sit at one of the tables. I took my swords off of my back. Zayne had given me straps that had slots for my swords. I placed my swords on the table right next to ours. We just sat and talked, taking sips of our smoothies between sentences. We hung around there for quite a long time. Finally we all started to get really bored. Be were all in the mood to train some more. I did not argue. I was very interested in learning how to fight with swords. 

     When we got back to the training area, Zayne took out his swords and gestured for me to do the same. I took my swords out and waited for his instruction. I waited for awhile looking me over, as if studying me.

     "How about you step aside, and I will show you some techniques. After, I will teach you them." I agreed, and I watched Zayne dueling with his invisible opponent. He was so graceful when he fought. His movements just flowed into one another. One strike led to another.

     " Now it is you turn Jake." I walked up to him and waited for him to tell me what to do. " The first thing that I am going to start with is how to strike properly. You were doing  good before, but you were not doing it good enough." Zayne slashed downwards through the air.

     "This is what you are doing wrong. Whenever you strike, the blade is not angled correctly." Zayne demonstrated how I had done it, and then showed me how I was supposed to do it. He had me practice it until I got the hang of it.

     We trained more for about two weeks. I noticed that I was getting better. Zayne and Angela noticed it too. Zayne and I would spar once and a while. Zayne would sometimes scratch me with his sword. I would just ignore it, and continue fighting. I even managed to get him a couple of times. Zayne was very impressed by that. I was was equally impressed by that also.

     I looked over at Angela and saw that she was putting on some protective gear. Oh great. That must mean that I am going to have to fight against her. As if on cue, Zayne tapped me on the shoulder.

     "Ok Jake. You are going to be fighting against Angela. Do not go easy on her. She plenty capable to defend herself." Angela walked over carrying protective gear and dropped it at my feet. She walked over to the center of the training area. She was holding a sword that looked very old. It looked like it had been used a lot, and that it was very dull. That did not matter when it was Angela fighting with it. If she wanted to kill you with it, she would.

     I got my gear on and walked over to where Angela was standing. We got ready for when Zayne was going to say start.

     "Start!" Zayne yelled. I pulled my swords out and Angela and I circled each other. I charged at her. I swung my swords at her. She deflected my blows like it was nothing. We are an even match though. I could deflect her blows very easily as well. We were both getting very frustrated that neither one of us were able to do anything to each other.

     We continued to circle each other, looking for any opening. Her eyes were scanning me. I decided to try and throw her off with a fake strike. I quickly went up to her and slashed with my sword, but before it hit her, I stopped the blade and I struck with the other sword. Since she only had one sword, she could only stop one sword. She went to stop my first strike that I had not gone through with, and I struck her with the other sword before she could react.

     Angela bowed to me respectfully. Fully acknowledging the fact that I got her. Zayne clapped and gave me a high five.

     "I am very impressed Jake. You are very good at fighting. I think that you are definitely ready to be finished with your training. I am pretty sure that Angela agrees with me." Zayne said to me smiling.

     "Not many people are able to beat the me way you did. That was a fatal blow." You should really be proud of yourself." I was very proud myself. I knew that Angela was not an easy to  opponent to beat.

     Angela and Zayne decided that they were going to treat me to supper at a restaurant to celebrate my achievement. We went to our rooms so that we could go shower and get ready. We met on the bottom floor of the warehouse. Zayne was dressed in a suit. Angela was wearing a red dress. I was wearing a suit as well.

      We left the warehouse and went to a very fancy restaurant. In fact, it was the one that I work at. At least I used to. When one the other employees that I had worked with saw me, he went to go get the boss. The boss was not happy. He yelled at me and complained about me not showing up to work and that I was fired. 

     I knew what the rules were at this restaurant, so I decided to say something to him as well.

     "If I am not mistaken..... You are supposed to treat your guests with respect. I am not here as an employee, as you know since you are the one that fired me just a short moment ago. I know that is part of your policy, so I think that you should follow your own policy." I said to him. This made him even more mad. Of course I was right so he just walked away muttering something to himself.

     We sat down at one of the tables and waited for someone to come take our order. Finally someone came.That someone was my friend. We had worked here together for five years. His name is Tyler.

     "Hello. What would you like to eat?" Tyler asked. Then he finally notice that I was there. He could be slow at times. "Jake. Whats up. I haven't heard from you for quite a long time. Then you never showed up at work. I was starting to get worried about you." Then Tyler remembered that he was still working and he took out a notebook to write down our orders.

     Once we had ordered all of our food, Zayne bought a bottle of whine. He poured us each a glass and placed the bottle of whine into the pitcher of ice.

     "Toast to the hard work that Jake has put into becoming a great fighter." Zayne said raising his glass.

     "Cheers." Angela and I said together in response to Zayne's toast. There was a clank from us tapping our glasses together. A little while later, Tyler came out and gave us our food. We ate in peace. We talked and enjoyed ourselves.

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