The Freak Show

The story is about a man that is abducted one night after work. He is supposed to be part of a show where unspeakable things happen. Throughout the story he is thriving to survive and finally get rid of his abductor. Can he make it out of this alive?


12. The Plan

     I had just woken up, and Angela and I were on our way to train. Zayne had said he wasn't feeling up to training, and that he wasn't going to join us. We were talking about training, when she brought up something that I knew was going to be mention sooner or later.

     "Jake. We're still planning on going after Aaron at the Freak Show. We were wondering if you wanted to join us since you have been trained?" Angela mentioned to me. I knew that they were going to ask me that. I knew what my answer was as well. I had thought about it the previous night.

     "Of course I'll join you. I know you guys will need as much help as possible. I'm also not as vulnerable. I know how to fight now." I replied to Angela, getting a very shocked reaction from her. I knew that she was probably expecting a no. I had said no before. The difference now, is that I know how to fight really well. I am more capable of protecting myself.

     During the rest of the walk to the training area, we talked about what her, Carl, and Zayne had been working on for a plan. I thought that it was very good. When she was explaining what they had so far, I tried to picture it in my head. I was trying to see if it would make sense to do something. The problem with a lot of plans is that most of the time they do not work out exactly as it is expected.

     There were a couple of details that I thought they should try and think about more. There were a couple of places in the plan that I thought something was missing. Angela was very open to suggestions. She thought that there were a few things that would need a little tweaking as well.

     "Why don't we see if we can get together and talk about the plan instead of training." I suggested to Angela. She thought that it was a great idea, and we turned around to walk to Zayne's room. We continued to talk about the plan on the way to there. We arrived at the Zayne's door.

     "Why don't I show you how to unlock the door. This is a very confusing lock." Angela showed me how to unlock it a couple of times. She was right. It really was confusing. After a few times of unlocking it, locking it up again, and then unlocking once more, I got it. Zayne heard the commotion that we were making at the door, and he opened the door.

     "What the..... Oh hey guys. What are you doing here. I thought that you were going to train." Zayne said.

      "We were going to, but we decided that we were going to see if we could talk about the plan. I  have decided that I am going to help you guys." I told Zayne. He nodded and stepped to the side, letting us in.

     "I'll call Carl, and ask him if he can come." Zayne said, walking to his phone. While he did that, Angela and I made ourselves comfortable in the sitting area. We waited silently for Zayne to finish.

      "He will be here shortly." Zayne said sitting in a seat across from me. "I am very happy that you decided to join us. I had a feeling that you were going to change you mind." 

      "I realized that you went through the trouble of teaching me how to fight.  It would only be fair if I helped you with this. Plus, I also want to get Aaron back for poisoning me." I explained to Zayne.

     "Why don't we talk about the plan while we wait for Carl. I'm pretty sure he won't mind if we talk about the plan without him." Angela suggested.

     "I think we should change the part where we sneak inside. We should have a few alternatives. There were probably a few options to chose from. I think that we should be prepared to go either way. Something might happen and we will not be able to enter the way we had been planning it." I made this suggesting wanting them to be aware of the fact that not everything will go just the way they planned.

     Plans like this hardly ever play out the way it was expected. They took my advice very willingly and we started to come up with ideas of how we could get inside other than the original plan. We were still talking about this, when Carl walked in. We hardly acknowledged him. We were too busy talking about the plan.

     "What are you guys talking about?" Carl asked totally interrupting our conversation.

     "We are talking about ways that we can get inside the Freak Show. I thought  we should come up with other options in case the plan we had to get inside failed." I said. Carl sat down, and we continued our discussion. We spent quite some time talking about this, because if we could not get in, then the whole plan would be ruined. We still had a couple weeks before the show anyways.

     After two hours of talking about getting inside the Freak Show, we had come up with several different ways we could get in. Angela had briefly gone over what the plan was after we get inside.. While they were explaining, I would politely interrupt them and give them some advice. Of course, again, they took my advice very willingly. It made me feel very important when they did that. They were a very easy group to work with.

     Our plan so far was Carl and Angela were going to get inside through a vent leading to a back room of the Freak Show. While they are getting in that way, I would be going inside through the main entrance. I would be disguised as one of the people who bought a ticket. We still have not decided who we were going to kidnap and take the ticket from.

     Zayne would be stealthily following Aaron around the Freak Show. He would have entered before us. Once we all get in, we will meet at a storage room. Then, talk about what we were going to do next. We will have a few plans for what to do next from there, but we will be meeting in case we would have to make some last minute adjustments to the plan.

      I thought that it was a very well thought out plan. We put a lot of time into it as well. When we finally started to get tired of talking about the plan, it was five o' clock in the afternoon. Carl got up yawning, and said that he was going to get something to eat for supper. We were all very hungry and decided to go eat something.

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