The Freak Show

The story is about a man that is abducted one night after work. He is supposed to be part of a show where unspeakable things happen. Throughout the story he is thriving to survive and finally get rid of his abductor. Can he make it out of this alive?


1. The Mystery Man

I had just gotten out of work and it was around midnight. I worked at a restaurant two blocks away from where I lived. It was one of those very romantic restaurants that wealthy couples would go on a date to.

I live in a small, cute house by myself. On my free time I like to build model cars. I have a display case in my bedroom that I put all of the model cars that I've made into.

    It was mid Fall, so the air was cold and crisp.  Every time you took a breath you could see a miniature cloud rise from your mouth. You could hear the chirps of the insects in the night. I always thought this to be very relaxing. Walking, getting fresh air, enjoying the nature around me.

    I love nature. I love the way the leaves on trees turn so colorful in the fall, like a rainbow in your backyard. Sometimes I would just sit down on my back porch and stare at the colorful trees for hours.

    I was walking down a dark alley all by my self. The only light was of a lamppost at the other end of the frightening alley. The little light that there was, casts shadows that made me quite uncomfortable.  Every time I walk down this alley, I feel like I am being followed.  I shivered.  I wasn’t shivering because I was cold, but because of my nervousness.  Then, I heard it.  The sound of someone screaming. I heard of this before but I don’t want to fall victim to it.  Then, everything went still and quiet.  I stopped walking to try and listen.  That’s when I felt someone breathing down my neck.  The person’s breath smelled musty.  I turned around, and all I saw was a big hand flying toward’s my face.  Then, everything went black.


When I woke up, I was laying on a bed of straw.  I tried to look around, but my eyesight was still a little fuzzy.  I tried to stand up, but my legs were just not strong enough to hold my weight.  So I sat cross legged, and waited for my eyesight to come back to me.  Then I noticed this awful smell.  I could not figure out what it smelled like, but it was a very repulsive smell. 

     When my eyesight finally went back to normal, what I saw was something I wished I would never have to see in person.  I could not help myself, I threw up. 

     This was too much for me, I was not even fully recovered from when I blacked out.  Then everything came back to me like a giant tidal wave.  My heart started to race.  Seeing what was in front of me did not help at the moment.  In front of me were bones from humans.  There were also some human bodies that had not yet decayed.  That was what that horrid smell was.  It was the smell of rotten flesh.  At that moment, I started to feel dizzy, and the darkness started to overcome my senses.  I was not not mentally strong enough to fight it, so I let the darkness overcome me.

      When I woke up for the second time I was not in the same room that I was in before.  This room was warmer and there was no smell of rotten flesh.  Sitting on the other end of the room was a man in a black suit.  The man looked like he was about average height but it is quite hard to tell when someone is sitting down.  The man had black hair that was combed to the side.  He was caressing his well groomed goatee. He had a pipe sticking out of the side of his mouth.  When the man noticed that I was staring at him he took his pipe out of his mouth and placed it in an astray sitting on the table.  It looked like he had just finished eating because there was a plate that had some scraps of food on it. And some used silverware on the side.

    “I am glad to see that you are awake now” the man said to me, “I thought that you were never going to wake up.”

    “How long have I been asleep?” I asked the man.

    “about a day and a half.”  

    A DAY AND A HALF!  I was asleep for A DAY AND A HALF!  Then, I heard thunder rumbling, but I finally noticed that it was actually my stomach growling.  Only then, did I notice how hungry I was.  The man must of heard my stomach growling,

     “ I am very sorry, you must be extremely hungry.  I will have one of my cooks make you a full course meal.”

    “Thank you very much.  I am  really hungry.”  

    The thought of eating sounded so great at the moment, that I totally forgot about what happened to me in the alley that night. Also what happened in that room that I had woken to the first time I woke up.  I tried to stand up, and found that my legs were still very weak from not being on my feet for such a long time. The man stood up and walked up to me, offering to help me get up.  

    “Frederick!” The man yelled out, “ Frederick, come here right now.”  A few seconds later there were foot steps coming from behind the door.  When the door opened the person who walked in was a boy maybe about fifteen years old, and you could tell he was obviously a servant because of his dirty and torn up clothes. Frederick was towering over me. I had to look up at him when he spoke.

      “Frederick, can you get this young man a chair?” The man said to him sounding a little impatient.

    “Yes sir, right away sir.” The boy said in reply.  With that, the boy walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him.

    “The food should be done pretty soon.” The man said to me.  Then, as if on cue, the door opened and another servant walked into the room holding a platter in each hand.  He walked over to the table and placed all of the food on the table and another man walked in with a plate and silverware.  Once everything was all set, the two men bowed to the man, and left the room.  Then Frederick walked in with a chair and placed it at the table and quickly left the room like he had something important that he needed to do.


Once I was done eating, the man called on the cook that brought the food. After the cook cleared the table, he left the room.  

    “You never told me your name,” I said to him.

    “Oh how silly of me.  Where are my manners?  My name is Aaron.  What is your name?”  For a second I had to think about what my name was 

    “My name is Jake.”  I replied.

    “What a nice name that is.”  Then the Aaron was silent and he looked like he was thinking very hard.  Then I noticed that I had forgotten what had happened to me before.  That is when I started to panic. 

    “I have a question.”  I said trying not to panic, which was not very easy for me at the time. “I was walking down an alley one night, and I  got knocked out by someone.  And when I woke up, I was in a room with dead bodies in it.  And now, when I wake up, I am sleeping in a very comfortable room, and I am treated like I am some honored guest of yours.  Who are you, and what do you want from me?”

    “Why, I have no idea what you are talking about.  I found you knocked out in an alley and I brought you right straight here.”  I almost fell for it but then I had a flash back to that night when I was in the ally.  I remembered seeing a ring with some kind of birdlike creature engraved into it, on the person that  knocked me out that night. That same ring was on Aaron's finger.

    I did not want Aaron to suspect me  of knowing that, so I went with his story for then.  At that moment Frederick walked into the room and whispered something into Aaron’s ear.  Aaron’s eyebrows perked up, and he whispered something into Frederick’s ear in return.

    “I am very sorry for this inconvenience, but I am afraid that there is some business that I must tend to immediately.”  The man said that with a little bit of impatience in his voice.

    “Frederick, why don’t you stay here and keep him some company while I am gone.”

    “Yes sir, I can stay here and keep him company if it is ok with him.”

“Of course it is ok for you to stay,” I said to him thinking that this was my opportunity to try and figure things out. Aaron walked out the room saying something under his breath.

     Once Aaron was out of earshot, I turned to Frederick who was acting very weird.  

    “What’s the matter with you Frederick?” I asked him feeling a little bit of pity for the kid.

    “Nothing.  Why do you ask?  I am fine.  Are you ok?”  The boy said this so fast that I had to struggle to try and figure out what he was saying.  I knew right there that there was something wrong.

    “Look Frederick.  You can tell me what is bothering you. I can keep a secret. I told him this with the most calm and kindest tone I could muster, which was probably not the best calm voice in the world.

    “There is something that you should know Jake.”  After he finished this sentence he kind of froze and then he had a hesitant look on his face.  But he must of made up his mind because he took a deep breath and he started to continue. 

    “I was listening to what you were saying to Aaron, and what you said is true.  He has been following you for about a week.”  At that I got a big chill.

    “So your trying to tell me that everything that I remember, getting knocked out in that alley and waking up to that horrid room was all true, and Aaron is lying to me about that not happening to me?”

    “That is exactly what I am trying to tell you.”

    “ I knew that I was right, because I remember seeing the ring that he was wearing tonight being on the finger of the person that knocked me out the other night.”  Then I heard steps coming towards the door so we stayed quiet for a second.  I think we had the same thought.  Aaron was coming back already, but when the door opened, it was not Aaron that walked in.  It was one of the cook that brought me my food and cleared the table.

     “Excuse me sir I have come to tell you something very important,” The cook said this with a lot of nervousness in his voice.

    “What is it?”

    “I just wanted to tell you that he has to get out of here right away.”  You could tell that the more the cook said the more nervous he became.

    “Don’t worry chef, I will not tell the master about you telling Jake about this.  I am on your side.  Aaron is a very bad man, and he needs to be stopped.”  Frederick was saying this with hatred in his voice, like he wanted to strangle Aaron.

     “Ok. I know that I need to get out of here, but how am I supposed to do that?  I'm pretty sure Aaron is not going to let me just walk out of here.”  At the thought of being trapped in here for the rest of my life with Aaron I was really scared.  Forget scared I was petrified!

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