The Freak Show

The story is about a man that is abducted one night after work. He is supposed to be part of a show where unspeakable things happen. Throughout the story he is thriving to survive and finally get rid of his abductor. Can he make it out of this alive?


3. The Man With A Machete

     I looked around me. It was like looking into a dark and spooky cave.  You never new what you were going to find. And you have no idea where it would lead you. It was a long corridor with several doors on each side. I felt like at any moment now, someone was going to step out of one of the many doors, see me and then and tell Aaron.  Then I would probably be doomed.  I knew right away that this was not going to be an easy task, because there  were cameras everywhere.

    Then I remembered the the tablet that I had in the backpack Chef gave me.  I took it out and turned it on. On the screen was a map of a huge building. This man must really have a lot of money. I saw a red spot that was obviously me and there also a bunch of blue spots on the screen as well.  Those must be the blind spots that Frederick and Chef were talking about.  

    I scanned the map really quickly.  There was a camera right to the left of me, but it was not facing me.  So now I need to find the next blind spot.  I looked at the map and spotted another blind spot and it looked like it was possible to get there without being spotted by the cameras.  I put the tablet to sleep and put it into the backpack.  I put the backpack on to my back and turned towards the blind spot that I had to get to.

    From what the map was saying all I had to do was walk in a straight line until I got to the the blind spot.  I started tip-toeing towards my destination expecting something to happen but I got there without any trouble. I looked at the map once more and studied it once again. All I have to do is follow these blind spots and get to the end of the corridor and take a right.  Then there will be a door that leads to the kitchen.

    I followed the path that the map gave me and I made it to the end of the corridor without any mishaps. I took a peek around the corner so that I could see what laid ahead of me once I go right. There was no cameras there. Thank God!

    Since there were no cameras there, I walked around the corner and walked to the door that lead to the kitchen. I could hear lots of voices on the other side of the door. I knocked on the door and everybody in the kitchen went silent.  The the door opened just a crack.  Just enough so that I could get a good sniff of the delicious food that was cooking in the ovens of the kitchen.

    Once the woman saw that it was me she opened the door fully and I finally got a look of what the kitchen looked like.  It was quite large, with dozens of shelves packed with labeled jars.  There were several ovens against the wall on the right.

    “How can we help you?” the woman asked me.  The woman’s voice a little disturbing.  It was very high pitched but it was very scratchy.

    “Hi, I am looking for a man named Isaac.”

    “That is me.  Are you Jake?”  I turned to look at the source of the voice and saw a man that was quite chubby and was very short. He had a bushy beard and eyebrows.  

    “Yes that is me.  I assume you know why I have come to find you.”

    “ Yes I know, we are trying to get you out of here so that you do not have to go to that horrid and gruesome place.”  I could tell that just mentioning that gave Isaac the creeps because when he said that his face went white and he shivered.  It was almost  like a chain reaction because it seemed like everyone else shivered also. Everybody in the room also went completely silent for awhile like they were paying their respects to the other people that died because of the immensely cruel Aaron. I stayed silent also because I just thought that it was respectful and it just felt right. This also made me feel so heartbroken for the slaves here.  They were obviously disgusted with what the monster was doing and they are forced against their will to serve him.  That is illegal in the first place. 

    Once it seemed like everybody was done paying their silent respects I cleared my throat, trying to get their attention. They all seemed startled because several of them jump a couple of centimeters off of the ground. I could not help but to amused by that. Even though this is not a time to be amused. Then I looked towards Isaac and saw that his eyes were watering. It was my turn to be startled. Just by looking at the guy you see a tough man that it would take a lot to make him cry and there he was crying.  I don’t think anybody else notice though. I guess that was a good thing because now a days when someone sees you crying they automatically get the impression that you are some over emotional crybaby. If you ask me I don’t see anything wrong with that.  I was going to leave it alone but I felt really sorry for him and I was a bit curious of what was making him so sad. So, I walked over to him.

    “Are you alright Isaac you look you are crying, do not tell me that you just got a little bit of dust in your eyes because I have heard that excuse before and I am not that stupid.” I said quietly so that no one else could here me.  All I got from him was a very quiet grunt. I know how it is so I just left it be for now.

    “So are you going to show me to the secret passage so that I can get the heck out of here?”

    “Oh, yes, of course Jake.  It is right this way.” He said while he started  guiding me to the other end of the room where there was a dark wooden door that had a little sign on it that said “storage” on it.


He took out a ring of keys. There must of have been thirty keys at the least on that thing.  He tried about ten keys before he found the right one.  He unlocked the door and we stepped into the room. The room was packed full with all kinds of foods. There were shelves all along the wall that were so packed full with food you would think the shelves would fall off of the wall. He walked to the wall opposite of the door and he reached behind a box of rice and I heard a click. There must be a button behind that box of rice. Then all of a sudden the wall started to move to the left and after a long while of hearing the mechanism that opens the door screech, the door finally came to a halt and Isaac stepped into the tunnel with me following right behind him.

    The tunnel must not be used that often because there were cobwebs everywhere.  All of a sudden I imagined me and Isaac being chased by this gigantic spider. You never know what could happen to you here.  My day was already messed up enough as it is.

    “Ok Jake, grab one of the flashlights on the left wall and let’s get going.” Isaac said to me while grabbing a flashlight himself.

    I grabbed one of the flashlights on the wall and we started walking farther and farther into the tunnel. You could here the sound of our feet hitting the ground echo through the tunnel.  We went on walking for about maybe an hour.  A couple times Isaac and I thought that we heard the sound of a walkie talkie but we kind dismissed our suspicion of it, and we just kept on going.  But after awhile, we heard a really loud voice that sounded like it was coming from a walkie talky.  We froze.

    Isaac spun around with his fist held up. He was ready for a fight.  At first I was a little nervous being around him, but I am very happy to have him now. I turned around just in time to see a shadow of a man flash across the wall.  I put my fists up also expecting to fight.

“Jake lets go. If we hurry up maybe we can lose him. Hopefully!” Isaac whispered to me.  We spun around and started running down the tunnel. Trying desperately to get to the end of the tunnel before the man even had a chance to get to us. Then I heard the man running behind us.

    “I think that he has figured out that we noticed him.” I said still trying to concentrate on keeping my breathing even.  I put on a big burst of speed. Isaac was surprisingly fast also. For such a short and chubby person you would not expect him to be so quick on his feet.

    “There is the exit. Hurry up and he is gaining on us.  There is a gun in a cabinet near the the exit.” Isaac said to me.

We ran and we ran until we finally got to the end of the tunnel.  By the time we got there, my chest was hurting like crazy. Isaac was gasping for air.  Then I remembered the gun. I went over to the cabinet fully aware that there was a person running towards at a very fast speed.  I wrenched the cabinet door open and grabbed the pistol that was inside of it.  There was no bullets anywhere in the cabinet so I assumed they were already loaded in the gun.

    I turned towards the sound of the running footsteps and I finally got a good look at our pursuer.  He was a very buff man that had several piercings on his face. He had a big scar on his forehead. In his hand was a deadly looking machete. Once he saw me and Isaac he came to an abrupt stop.  For a second I met eyes with him.

    Then, he started running towards us again. I lifted the gun and aimed it right at the mans head.  Then, I pulled the trigger. Almost the second I pulled the trigger, I saw a red hole appear in the middle of the mans forehead.  The bullet made its mark. The man’s body went limp and it did not move an inch after that. 

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