The Freak Show

The story is about a man that is abducted one night after work. He is supposed to be part of a show where unspeakable things happen. Throughout the story he is thriving to survive and finally get rid of his abductor. Can he make it out of this alive?


8. The Journey Home

     Sandy was laying on the floor with blood pooling around her body. Angela was standing over her with a bloody dagger in her hand. Sandy had tried to slash Angela with her dagger. That did not come out that great for her. Angela had redirected the blow, so that the dagger stuck Sandy in the stomach.

     Angela dropped the dagger on the floor and walked over to a nearby table that had not been turned over. I walked over to her, wanting to make sure that she was okay.

     "Are you okay? That was some very good fighting." I said to her.

     "Yes I am fine, thank you. I learned how to fight from Zayne. He is my cousin." Angela said to me with a proud expression on her face. I heard someone yelling and turned to see who it was. It was Zayne as fast as he could. When he finally got to us, he went up to Angela and gave her a big hug.

     "Are you okay Angela?" Zayne asked with a concerned look on his face.

     "I am fine Zayne." Angela replied. Angela stood up, and started walking towards the ladders leading to the lower levels. "Are you coming or what?" Zayne and I started to walk behind her.

     "I am going to get ready." Zayne said to Angela and I. With that he walked off in the opposite direction.

     Angela and I made our way to the bottom floor of the warehouse. When we got there, there were several guards with guns in there arms. I was feeling very nervous about the guards with guns. I was afraid that they were going to shoot me. They were standing on each side of a big garage door. The door was opened, and on the other side there was a black car.The car was very shiny. It was almost like looking into a mirror, when you looked at yourself in the reflection of the car.

     "The car is bulletproof and there are a lot of other things that it can do. It can shoot bullets fromt the front bumper. Also, if the tires are popped, a new tire will automatically replace it. Pretty sweet right." Not knowing who the one that spoke was I turned around to see a mant hat was COVERED in grease. He was filthy. He was wearing a jumpsuit that had a name tag that read "Carl."

     "That is a very sweet car." I agreed "Is this the car that I am going to be going home in?"

     "Yes it is. Also, I am the one that is going to be driving it." Carl said. He seem very proud to be the one to be driving such an amazing car. Angela walked over to the car and opened the door.

     "Get in." Angela said to me. Before I got into the car, a man ran up to me.

     "Don't forget your wallet." He said to me while handing it to me.

     "Thank you." I said to him feeling grateful. "I had totally forgot about that." Eherm. Angela was leaning against the car, impatiently tapping her foot. Once I thanked the man again, I climbed into the car. Carl and Angela got into the front seats. Angela took out here two gun out of the her holster, and checked to see if it was fully loaded. She then checked her belt that went over her shoulder to see if it was packed with ammo.

     "I'm ready. Are you carl?" Angela said. Carl pulled out a gun of his own, and checked it.

     "Yes I am." Carl said to Angela in reply. Then Angela pulled a gun out of the glove compartment, and handed it over to me. 

     "Just incase we get into a little bit of trouble and you need to defend yourself." Carl then started the car and he started to drive up the road leading away from the Warehouse. I looked back, and I finally got a look at how big the warhouse really was. It really was HUGE

   I now noticed that Zayne wasn't here. When I mentioned it to Angela, all I got for a response from her was a small smile. I decided to put that concern aside for now. I looked out of the window and saw that this warehouse was actually in the middle of nowhere. There were trees all around.

     I started to look around at the beautiful nature surrounding us. There was a nice little pond with a few ducks swimming in it. There were several different kind of birds. I even saw a deer. After awhile, I started to get bored with looking outside and decided to try and rest my eyes.

     When we finally exited out of the woods, I recognized the road that we were on. I was closer to home than I thought I was. The minute we left the road to the warehouse, A car came out of nowhere and there was man sticking his hand out the window. He was holding a gun. He then started to shoot at us. Of course the bullets did nothing to the car. The man still kept on shooting at us.

     Angela rolled down the window and started to fire at the man shooting at us. Carl started to pick up speed. Angela was firing bullet after bullet. The other car started to speed up as well. My heart was racing. I was freaking out. I knew that the bullets wouldn't do anything, but I was still afraid. We continued to speed to my house. 

     Hey Jake. This would be a very good time for you to use that gun I gave you." Angela said to me. I was flabbergasted. I was not very good at shooting guns. I did shoot the man in the tunnel, but that was just pure luck. I also knew that I would definitely  be even worse shooting from a moving car that was going 120 miles per hour.

     "I do not think that is a good Idea. Our job is to make sure that Jake does not get hurt. If he sticks his head out of that window, there is a big chance that he can get hurt." Man, did I felt relieved.

     "I suppose that you are right Carl." Angela admitted.  I looked behind us and saw that Angela finally made her mark. The man shooting at us, grabbed his shoulder and slipped back into the car. Only, to be replaced by another man. He had something small in his hand. I then noticed that the "small something" was actually a...... 

"GRENADE!!!!" I screamed. Angela immediately yanked her head back into the car. Carl slammed his foot on the gas pedal, and we went zipping down the road. We barely missed hitting another car. When the man threw the grenade, it did not hit our car, but it hit the car that we just barely missed hitting. "NO" I yelled out feeling really bad for the person.

     The car exploded into the air and slammed back on the road turned upside down. It rolled several times, before it finally came  to a stop. As I watched helplessly, my heart sank. All because Aaron was after me, the people in that car most probably just died.

     Angela did not waste a second. She stuck her body out of the window once more and continued to shoot at the other car.

     "Ok. This is getting old." Angela exclaimed. She stopped shooting for a second to take better aim. She then shot. She must have missed because swore under her breath. "Carl, can you please try and drive a little bit steadier? I am trying to bust their tires." Angela yelled at Carl from out of the window.

     Even with Carl driving as steady as he could, Angela was  still not able to shoot the tires. Frustrated Angela shoved her hand in her jacket and pulled out some spikes. She threw them in front of their car and the tires busted. The car went flying off of the road and we were finally safe.

     "Why didn't you do that before?" I asked Angela.

     " I truly have no idea why." Angela replied. Everything went well for awhile, until we got caught for speeding. Of course. We were just driving, when all of a sudden, we saw red and blue lights flashing from behind. Then, there came the siren. I have always thought that the sound of a cops siren was really annoying.  The cop walked up to our car with a very angered expression on his face.

     "May I ask why you are going 100 miles per hour when you are only supposed to be going 60?" The cop asked. He said this with a very rude tone to this voice. Great, he's one of those jerky kind of cops

     "100 miles per hour?" Angela screamed at Carl. "Ya. Why were you going 100 miles per hour Carl?"


     "Well answer me" The cop spat at Carl. That was the last straw. I opened the car door and stepped out. The cop quickly changed his attention to me. I was silent for a second, glaring at him with the most angriest expression I could muster on my face.

     "Listen here Mister." I began. "You have no idea what I have been through lately. I have been knocked out my some crazy idiot. Then, I was chased by a dude with a machete. THEN, I could have been killed by an assassin today." I was so angry right now, that I didn't even care if he was a cop or not. "If you think that you are going to prevent me from getting home anytime soon, then you better think again!!" I said these words like a snake spitting venom.

     "Uhhhhhh." The cop had an astonished look on his face. Only then, did I let a triumphant smile cross my face. I had gotten him. He had no idea what to say. "Well I am very sorry for doing whatever I did wrong to you. You may pass. BUT. Because you were so rude I will give you a speeding ticket." The cop pulled out a pad and wrote us a ticket. He handed the ticket to Carl who handed to Angela.

     The cop walked away to his car, and drove off. When I looked at Angela and Carl, They had such an amused expression on their faces that I began to laugh. They joined in, and we laughed for quite awhile. Finally, we stopped laughing and I climbed into the car, and we drove to my house without anymore mishaps.

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