The Freak Show

The story is about a man that is abducted one night after work. He is supposed to be part of a show where unspeakable things happen. Throughout the story he is thriving to survive and finally get rid of his abductor. Can he make it out of this alive?


2. The Information

Chef took a very long and deep breath. “Listen to me Jake.  Aaron thinks that all of his servants are loyal to him, so he will not suspect anyone if we do this right. Am I right Frederick?”

    “That is completely true chef.  Jake if you do not get out of here he is going to try everything in his power to make you go insane.  Once you are insane he will do something really awful to you.  He will put you in a show that he owns.”  Oh my god I was right about this all being part of the “Freak Show!!!!

“What is the name of the show called?”  I asked him this hoping that it was not what I was thinking.

    “The name of it is “The Freak Show.”  Why do you ask?”  Frederick asked me.

    “I have heard of this before.  There had been news that people have disappeared without a trace and at one point they eventually found a clue about what might have happened to the people that had disappeared.  The clue was a flyer that they found at the scene.  The flyer said something about a show called The Freak Show.  It said that in The Freak Show they would take insane people and they would treat them like they were some kind of animal. They would torture the person in front of people that had paid to see that.  They could never find any more clues about what happened to the people and they never figured out where The Freak Show was.

    “That is definitely the freak show that we are talking about.”

    “Then I definitely need to get out here right away.”  As I said that, I thought of how awful it would be if I didn’t get out of here in time.  “How do I get out of here?”  I ask.

    “It won’t be easy but it is the only way you can get out of here.” After stating this, Frederick stopped for a long while. Then finally he continued.      “What you are going to have to do is make sure that you are not seen by anyone. That is a very important thing if you want to be able to get out.”

    “He has cameras all over the place but there are some blind spots.  You will need to use that to your advantage.” Chef added.

    “Okay.  This is what you are going to do.  Jake, you are going to dress up as one of the slaves here.  When I tell you to run, you run as fast as you can to the kitchen.  Aaron is never there.  Aaron is at the freak show sorting a problem out anyway.  Once you are at the kitchen. there is a servant there named Isaac.  Find him and he will lead you to a secret passage that not even Aaron himself knows about.  That passage will lead you to a warehouse.  There will be some guards on the outside of the trapdoor that gets you out of the tunnel.  When you get to the trap door knock three times and then six and then nine times.  If you do not, when you get out of the tunnel they will kill you without any hesitation.  So when you knock they will do the same thing but they will knock two times, then four times, and then six.  Then you will know if the person out there is a guard on your side.  I will notify them and tell them to drive you to your home.”  Frederick explained this with a very pressured expression.  I could not stop my self.

    “Why do you do that?”

    “What?  Frederick expression immediately changed.

    “You always have some look on your face when you say something.”

    “Oh that.  Well I am just really, really nervous.  If Aaron finds out that one of his servants are not loyal to him anymore he will send them to the Freak Show.  I do not want to be sent to the Freak Show that will definitely be the end of me.”  I could tell that he was petrified.  Aaron is more cruel than I thought.  And to think that I thought that he was a good guy when I first saw him.

    “Okay well I am going to try my best to get out of here without getting caught.  If I get out without getting caught you have maybe even less than one percent of a chance of getting in trouble with Aaron and getting sent to the Freak Show.”

Then there were three knocks, and then six knocks, and then nine knock 2and knocked two times, four time, and then six times.  Once he was done, the door opened and a servant walked in.  He was African American and he had a huge mole on the side of his face.  The servant walked up to Frederick and told him that they are ready.  I knew what that meant.  They were ready for me to escape. 

     “Jake, are you ready?” Frederick asked me.

    “I think so, but I have one more question.”

    “Sure whatever you want.”

    “Where is the Freak Show located?”  Frederick and Chef looked at each other like they were having a silent conversation.  I knew right away that they really did not want to talk about the Freak Show anymore. I didn’t either, but I just have to know.  That was the only way there could be an end to this horrible nightmare.  I thought of all of those other people that had to go through this just like me and how they did not get a chance to escape from Aaron, and had to suffer more than any one should have to.  That just made me really angry and it made me more determined to get the information from them so I can stop people from being put into the Freak Show in the future.

    “The Freak Show is located inside of Mount Katahdin.”  Frederick replied.

    “Are you talking about that big mountain in Maine?  Because if you are, then you should know that there is no cave or hole inside the mountain.  At least not one that big.”

    “That is where you are wrong,”  Chef replied.  “Not many people know about this but we do and we are telling you in hopes that this could finally end. Promise that you are going to report it to the police.  It is awful that he puts those people through such dreadful things.”

    “I don’t know how that is possible, but okay, I will report it to the police.”

    “Jake good luck. Also, be very careful, do not trust anybody.  He has many friends and he has them all over the place.  I just do not want anybody to end up like all of the previous people.”

    “Okay.  Can I get going now. I do not want to spend anymore time in this place. This place just gives me the creeps.”

    “Sorry, we just wanted to make sure that this will be put to an end.”  The African American Slave stepped outside of the door and walked back in carrying suitcase.


“The slave clothes are in that suitcase.  Once you have them on get ready.  Oh here take this tablet.  It has the map of the Mansion and it has a tracking device so that it will show where you are on the map.  It will also show where the blind spots are for the camera’s.” Frederick said to me.

    “Thanks Frederick.”  I opened up the case and I took out the clothes. The clothes looked like filthy old rags. I put them on without saying anything. They were a little snug but they would do. I had more important things to worry about at the moment. Then I went up to the door and got ready.  Frederick tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around.  “I wish you the best of luck.” Frederick said to me.

    “Thanks Frederick I really appreciate the effort that you are putting into helping me get out of here.”

    I turned around and braced myself.  This was it. There was a big chance that I was not going to make it out of here alive. If I got out of here, I would be free and I would live. If I do not make it out of here, I will not survive. I will be put through the most awful things you could think of.  My heart was beating so fast it hurt. It was like drums were being played in my chest.  My mind was racing.  No matter how hard I tried I could not stop thinking about the possibility of me not making it out of here.  I could see all of the awful things that could happen to me if I failed to escape, flash through my mind.  It almost seemed real. I could almost feel the pain of being tortured and the sorrow from knowing that there was no way to escape it.  

    I could not afford to think like that, because I just had to get out of here. 

    “Okay Jake you can go now.  Good luck and don’t forget to report to the police.”

    “Okay Frederick, thank you for all of the help and I hope that everything turns out for you.”

    I turned around and walked out into the hallway...And so the game begins...

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