The Freak Show

The story is about a man that is abducted one night after work. He is supposed to be part of a show where unspeakable things happen. Throughout the story he is thriving to survive and finally get rid of his abductor. Can he make it out of this alive?


5. The Face Concealed Behind A Cloth

Since I had no idea what to do next, I decided to go and explore the warehouse. There were plenty of platforms to explore and I had to entertain myself some way or another. I walked up to one of the ladders and started climbing it. Even now I could not get the image of the cold and dead body out of my mind. No matter how hard I tried to think of something else, that “something” was always the dead man that I killed.

    Before I knew it, I was up to the first platform. On this platform there were several tables and chairs. There were a lot of people there too, just sitting there, hanging out. There was a  snack bar to the left with a bunch of children waiting for there soda and there snacks. There are so many people here. I wonder why they are all here? 

    “They are people being targeted by Aaron also.” Startled, I turned around wanting to know who said that. When I turned around, there was no one there. I started to worry. Maybe I was going crazy. Maybe I was just starting to here things. Then, I heard someone chuckling behind me.

    Thinking that I had him I spun around.

    “Ah ha! What?” Again there was no one there. Getting impatient, I started looking around the platform. I was looking in every corner.

    “Whats the matter with you? I am right behind you.” 

    Already expecting to see no one there, I turned around once again. This time, there was a man standing there. He was wearing an outfit just like a ninja. Half of his face was concealed behind a strip of cloth. He had eyes as black as the midnight sky.

    He took a step closer to me holding out his hand.

    “I am Zayne.” I reached my hand out and shook hands with him. He had a very tight grip. “Ow.” I said surprised at how strong this person was. Zayne must have thought that was funny because he laughed. I could not help my self but to laugh also.

    After we got a good laugh, he gestured to me to follow him and I did just that. We went down the ladder that I had just come up from. Then, we went up and down some other ladders, until we reached a door that was locked with a huge padlock. The strange thing about the lock was that there was no keyhole.

    As if he could read my mind he said, “I got this padlock a couple years ago on a mission in a foreign country. This is the only lock like this.” Once he was done explaining that to me, he reached out and turned the lock around showing this odd mechanism on the back. Zayne did something to the mechanism and the lock made a click sound, and then the lock opened.

    Zayne pushed the door open and stepped inside, with me following right behind him. The room was very well decorated with all kinds of ninja weapons. There was not an inch of the wall that was not covered. 

    The floor was covered with an extraordinarily beautiful rug. It was like this was his home. There was a fireplace in the corner of the room. There was no fire in it but there must have been one not long ago, because there were still some embers. It was the only light in the room. The warmth radiating from the hot burning embers was kind of comforting to me. After all I had gone through that day I needed to be comforted. The minute I walked into the room I felt all of the tension in my chest subsided. I sighed. 

    Zayne sat down in a chair in next to the fireplace and gestured for me to do the same. I accepted his invitation to sit and I walked over to the chair across from him.

    “I should make a fire.” Zayne said to me. With that he stood up and went to work stoking the fire. Once he thought that he put enough wood to last awhile, he sat back down and did not say anything. I was starting to get a little curious. “Would it be a problem for you take your mask off?”

    “I am sorry, I wear it so often that I often forget that I have it on.” He reached up towards his mask and he took it off.

     He had a scar going across his right cheek. He must have saw me staring at it because he said 

    “I got this when I was fighting another ninja. I killed him, but at the cost of this scar on my face.” He brought his hand over to his face and traced his scar with the tip of his finger.”

    “Ouch.” I said almost feeling the pain in the side of my face.

    “I suppose that you are wondering why I had you follow me here.” I shook my head. “I have brought you here because I wanted to warn you about something you need to know.” He paused for a minute before continuing. “ There is someone here that is not supposed to be. We do not now who it is, but we do know that intruder is a woman. Make sure that you are very careful. We have a feeling that she is here to kill you.” Zayne said.

    “Come on. Again. I have already been chased around by some freaky maniac, and now there is another person here to kill me?”

    “I know. I am going to be accompanying you on the trip to get you home. We are making sure that nobody kills you.” Zayne reassured me. 

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