The Freak Show

The story is about a man that is abducted one night after work. He is supposed to be part of a show where unspeakable things happen. Throughout the story he is thriving to survive and finally get rid of his abductor. Can he make it out of this alive?


9. Angela's Loss

     Finally, after all we had went through, we made it to my house. I was so happy to see my house that I literally scream out of happiness. When we pulled into the driveway, a sudden feeling of warmth washed over me. I was home.

     My house is green. The lawn is very well kept, and I always a some flowers in the front of the house to add a little bit more of a comfortable atmosphere. There was a front porch with a brand new porch swing that I had just previously installed. I also had an older porch swing on the back porch. Every morning I would go and sit on the back porch swing and just stare at the beautiful trees and flowers in the backyard. Sometimes I just needed a little bit of fresh air.

     Carl stopped the car and we all got out. "We are going in with you just to make sure that nobody is in there wanting to kill you." I thought that it was sensible enough, so I didn't care. I was just happy to be home.

     I walked up the steps that led to the door. I tried to open the door but found it locked. Of course. It just has to be locked. I walked over to a flower pot on the railing to the front porch. I reached into the soil and and found that the key was not there.

     "The key isn't here." I said starting to get nervous once again.

     "Are you sure. Is that the right flower pot. There are several flower pots. Maybe it is in another one." Angela said while bring her hands down to her guns. Thank goodness she took some time to reload her guns before coming out of the car

     "The key is missing, but the front door is locked. Do you have a back door?" Carl asked me.

     "Yes I do." I replied. The minute I said that Angela started to head around the house. Man, did I wish that Zayne was here. Then, out of nowhere, a man came running around the side of the house with a long cut on his arm. Then came Zayne. He had a sword in his hand and he was chasing after the man with the hurt arm.

     "When did you get here?" I asked Zayne.

     "The same time that you got here. I was in the trunk." Zayne answered me while still chasing the man. I knew that Zayne was just playing around with the person. Zayne could probably catch the man in a second, and could kill him just as fast. Zayne must have been getting tired of that game, because he closed the distance between him and the man and he killed him with the sword. 

     I was totally grossed out by that.

     "There are several men in your house Jake. I was going to go in, but I thought that I would wait for you guys." Zayne explained to me. Zayne, Carl, and I started to walk around the building. I pulled out the gun that Angela had given me, ready to shoot anybody that wanted to hurt me.

     I hear some gunshots coming from inside of the house. Angela must have went inside. Hearing those gunshots, we started to run to the back of house. When we got to the other side of the house there was a man who had been decapitated. Zayne.

      We ran up to the door and went inside. The minute we set foot in the all hell broke loose. There were people shooting at us from all angles. We dove behind the couch. The shooting stopped. I decided to take a peek to see what was going on. 

     When I looked they we not there. At least I thought they were not there. One of them stuck there head out out from behind the counter that they were hiding behind. The second I saw him, I pointed my gun at him, and fired. I missed him by about an inch.

     Then, another man stood up and fired at me. I was too fast though. Before he even shot I was already ducking behind the couch. I looked around from the side of the couch. Several of them were standing up now. Waiting for one of us to get up, so that they could us. There at least five men there. There was probably more than that still hiding.

     I noticed this was a perfect position to shoot at them. They had still not noticed that I was looking at them. I pointed the gun at one of the men. I took my time aiming so that I knew that I would hit him. Hopefully. I was very careful with making no sound or sudden movement to catch their attention.

     When I was finally sure that I was aiming correctly, I pulled the trigger. I got him. The man that I was aiming at went limp. Almost immediately after I pulled the trigger he went down.

     Zayne and Carl decided to finally jump in. Zayne made his way around the room. Thanks to his great agility he was able to sneak his way behind them undetected. Zayne stood up behind them, and in a silvery blur he slew the men with his sword.

     "Wow." That was all I could say. Zayne was just so fast. Zayne gestured for us to follow him upstairs. Together we went upstairs. There were gunshots coming from the top of the stairs. I could hear Angela yelling at the person she was trying to kill. Then, there was another shot, followed by Angela yelling at the dead person.

     "Ha. In your face you creep." Angela said. I could not help but to be amused. Angela definitely was pretty weird but it seems like she is someone that you would want on your side during a fight.

     We reached the top of the stairs and saw Angela disappear in the door to my bedroom. I looked around me. There was blood all over the walls. Bullet holes were covering the walls as well. The floor was littered with dead bodies. I have definitely seen more blood in the last couple of days than I thought I would see in a lifetime.

     We started to head for the room that Angela had just went into. Zayne checked all of the other rooms for any remaining enemies. I could here Angela screaming at the man in the other room with her. Then I heard his voice. As cold and calm as ever. When I heard his voice I shoved Carl out of the way almost making him fall into the spare bedroom, and marched right to my bedroom.

     I was right. It was him. Aaron was standing on the other end of the room with Angela pointing her gun at him. Angela had tears in her eyes.

     "You killed him. You took him away from us." Angela was now sobbing like mad. "How could you take my father away from us and do such horrible things to him. I will kill you for what you have done. My mother lost it when he went missing. I was basically stuck fending for myself." The more Angela said the more my heart sunk.

     I was standing in the doorway frozen in my tracks. Zayne was standing behind me. He was breathing a little harder than normal. I think he was just as upset.

     "If it wasn't for Zayne I would be dead right now." Angela took a step closer to Aaron. Aaron had a blank look on his face. It was like he did not even care that he ruined a person's life so harshly. Then, Angela pulled the trigger. What happened was totally unexpected. Another man came out of nowhere. He pushed Angela's gun away from Aaron and he knocked Angela right on her butt.

     The second that happened, Aaron made a run for it. The man that was defending Aaron went past me and attacked Zayne and Carl. He completely ignored me. Zayne was caught off guard, and the man punched Zayne in the jaw. That did not matter at all. Zayne got straight back up and he and the man started to fight.

     Then, I remembered Aaron. When I looked over at Aaron, he was struggling to open the window. Oh no. I am not going to let this dude get away. A ran over to Aaron and punched him in the back of the head. Aaron sunk to the floor from the blow. That was a short victory. Aaron recovered almost immediately. He reached over to his ring and took the top of it off.

     "What in the world..." I before I could react, Aaron punched me in the arm. I then knew what he had done. There must have been a poisoned needle built into the ring. The second the needle punctured my skin, there was a burning feeling in my whole arm. The burning feeling was quickly traveling through my body. 

     Bang! There was a gunshot, and I had just enough time to look and see the man defending Aaron fall to the ground obviously dead. Then My vision started to blur. I fell to my knees. I could hear Angela gasp. I felt Angela grab me under the arms, in an attempt to lift me up. I was to heavy for her. 

     Finally, with the help of Carl, she got me up onto the bed. She ripped my shirt off and almost gagged upon seeing my arm. Wondering what it was that was bothering her, I looked at my arm to see that it was dark blue. She went to touch it, and I yelped in pain. My vision went completely black from the excruciating pain.

     She jerked her arm back.

     "He is poisoned. I think I know the kind of poison it is. I think that there is an antidote. It is a very simple poison but it is VERY deadly.I have the antidote in the car. Look in the trunk. There should be a black bag in there. There is a bottle of green liquid in it. Bring that." Angela said to Zayne.

     Zayne ran out of the room. My vision was now completely gone. I could still her what they were saying though. A little bit later, I could hear the sound of Zayne running up the stairs. He burst into the room holding a little vial with a green liquid in it. He walked over to Angela and she opened the vial.

     "Jake. If you can here me, I need you to open your mouth so that I can put the Antidote in it." I reacted right away. I could feel the antidote being poured into my mouth. I swallow it all forcing myself not to spit it back up. It tasted like crap.

     In no time, my vision started to return to normal. Then, the burning finally went away. This was to close to death than I would ever have hoped for.


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